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  1. Chris

    My guess is that this means Jungle Cruise is close to reopening. Since they have been using the queue for Jungle Cruise for Indiana Jones, they need to figure out another way to handle the Indiana Jones queue before Jungle Cruise reopens.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t like the idea of a virtual queue because as people wait for these rides, they will go stand in other lines making those difficult to access due to long wait times. The fact that Disney could be limiting us to riding each of these main attraction rides only once per day (and maybe none of you can’t get in the queue at all) makes the high price of admission far less appealing. If I want to ride one or two rides all day long, for $150, I should be able to.

    1. Chris

      I doubt the virtual queues for other attractions will limit you to one per day.

      Once Jungle Cruise opens, Disney will have two choices for Indiana Jones as far as I can see: Use a virtual queue or shut down the ride because there isn’t enough room for an outdoor physically distanced queue. Now, if they could also use the indoor section of the queue, it might be a different story, but current state guidelines don’t allow for that.

      So would you rather have the ride use a virtual queue or shut down completely?

  3. Douglas Vitrano

    I hope it’s not so difficult to do and use.

  4. MF

    Hopefully this only while the social distance crap is in place. Having a line to wait in line is stupid.

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