Comments for Gideon’s Bakehouse Warns Cookie Resellers That They Must Stop


All images credit Gideon's Bakehouse


  1. Chris

    If they really want to stop the resellers, they should open a location out here on the west coast, perhaps at Downtown Disney.

    It wouldn’t eliminate the problem and there would be some issues to resolve out here as well, but it would help.

    But, overall, I am not sure if they legally can prevent resellers and as for shipping requirements, I believe the resellers could repackage them in a way that complies with FDA requirements, looking at the rules, it really wouldn’t be that hard to do so.

    They might be able to prevent resellers from using the preorder system, but I don’t think they can stop them from standing in line and ordering within the applicable limits that applies to everyone.

  2. Jo Warren

    First, Congratulations on your success. I’ve not had a chance to go to your shops, but they look incredible. There is always going to be wannabes, but they will not be the same. I’m 85 and have baked a lot, which I love.
    I wish you continued success.

  3. Darth Litigates

    There is nothing illegal about somebody reselling a legally purchased item that now belong to them.

    That’s like buying a chair, and the maker of the chair says, “You can’t sell that at your garage sale! That goes against my user-purchase agreement.” Well, okay, but it doesn’t go against the new owner’s user-purchase agreement.

    Read their statement carefully, Gideon’s phrases nothing about legality, but more about why they really don’t like it and pretty please.

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