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  1. MR2

    That is great news!!

    1. Joe

      Bring back fastpass… C’mon Disney….

      1. Sam

        OMG. Why does every discussion turn political? Just comment on the story and leave politics out of it.

  2. Csnba

    Use of common sense of staying home if sick and wash your hands is all that we need, bye bye to masks, they don’t work anyway in preventing covid.

  3. Kimberly Cole

    Thank god… mask outside is the definition of insanity… it is absolutely ridiculous. Masks don’t work. Even if they did, no one wears them correctly and the homemade ones definitely don’t work. Kids need to be free from this bs of 2020…

    1. Stefan

      All the people saying they dont work actually die from covid nigga ill be laughin my ass off!!

      1. Ha

        You’re an idiot

      2. Sue

        All the people I know go got covid19 and died all were avid mask wearers. So masks don’t work

  4. Mask dont work and Trump won the election. Haha. You probably shouldn’t get the vaccine either

    1. Ron

      This article had nothing to do with the election… Trump lost, move on.

  5. Cathy

    No more masks!
    If vaccines are effective like they say then don’t worry about your neighbors. Live your life. I want to see people’s smiles again!!
    This is an experimental vaccine and people should not be forced to take it.!!.

  6. N/A

    No more masks!! They are making healthy people sick and are useless. We are the American people if we say no mask, there should be no mask!! I haven’t been to the park because I don’t want to suffocate in a stupid mask! Vaccines are killing people and Trump is our president!!!!!!!

  7. Lisa

    We go in july and hoping for no masks at all then
    We r celebrating our daughters HS graduation
    Its her senior trip

    1. Maskless Mike

      So nice, you had to post it twice. Congrats to your daughter and have fun. Just so you know, SeaWorld has made the entire park maskless both inside and outside.

  8. Lisa

    We go in july and hoping for no masks at all
    We r celebrating our daughters HS graduation
    Its her senior trip

  9. Kimberly Caudill

    We are coming june5 thru June 13, when r they opening up more ticket sales or reservations. Coming down but just Epcot??

    1. Jean

      They released more tickets May 14th, they were grabbed up in about 2 days.

      1. ChrisY

        Here now. The parks are crowded and the lines average about an hour. Very few people are wearing a mask unless they go into the original queuing area where a cast member tells you. The restaurants are almost impossible to get into so have reservations before you get here. Mobile order is required at the counter service even if you just want to buy a drink. For the most part it’s okay. They need fast passes back really soon if they intend to expand attendance. Lots of waiting, lots of people. Stay away from Cape May Cafe, yuk.

  10. I Want Hugs Back With Characters. Take Off The Face Masks. & I Will Rip It Up & Burn It Up The Fire.

  11. Candace

    Yahoo!!! No more masks please!!! People get COVID even if they wear a mask all the time, so it’s obvious they don’t work.
    Can’t wait to breath fresh air in Disney! I miss the smells and ALL that Disney has to offer

  12. Tamara Dowd

    Take off the masks but leave reservations. This way won’t have loads of people breathing down your backs and are assured of entry to the parks. Not fun driving to Disney just to find out parks are full and get turned away !

  13. Jean

    They released more tickets May 14th, they were grabbed up in about 2 days.

  14. Sue

    The governor of the state of Florida lifted all covid19 restrictions weeks ago. Local leaders cannot enforce anything. Full capacity was restored to all businesses on January 1. The governor has pardon every single fine or jail time imposed by local leaders on residents and business owners.
    It time that Demings realize he has no power to enforce any covid19 restrictions and more on.

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