Comments for Another Disney Park Will Not Require Vaccine Passports

Valentine's Day Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney


  1. Discover The Magic


    1. Ilovefrance


  2. T.K.

    Relieved to hear this.

  3. HR

    Honestly, The Disney Company only cares about making money. If they can get their guest to provide proof of having the vaccine and guests aren’t throwing huge fits, they’ll do it. If it means they can open the parks up to more people to spend $130 each visit, they’ll do it. If it means they can let go of Cast Members that can not get the vaccine or will not get the vaccine, they’ll do it. They don’t care. They have used the opportunity of this Pandemic to let go of their CMs and hire them back 4 months later at a lower pay.

  4. John Drawdy

    This illusion of “safety” is driving me crazy. No “health passports” and no masks! Stop living in fear. My family will not go back to Disney until no masks ate required.

    1. Walter

      Good. Don’t come back.

      1. End the tyranny

        Why don’t you stay home then and wear your mask

    2. Agree with John Drawdy! Masks and the experimental mMNA gene therapy – NOT a vaccine – are only a means of control and to see how much the public will tolerate before saying NO.

  5. Kevin Mogford

    How can you ask children for a vaccine passport if they can’t even get the vaccine yet. With most of the families there with children, I don’t see how the would work.

  6. Not a sheep

    No they shouldn’t be required and neither should masks, people should grow a pair and go back to living normal lives. If you are scared stay home and let the rest of us who aren’t scared live our lives! Coronavirus is all a government scam anyway! Why do you think they are trying so hard to get people to take the vaccine? Offering scholarships and lottery tickets! Open your eyes people!

    1. Tony

      I agree! Your post is right on!

  7. Scott Bradley

    hell no…stop demanding liberal nonsense …masks and vaccinations dont do a thing

  8. Tony

    Stop calling it a vaccine! It is an experimental mRNA gene therapy, and all of the animals died in their studies of safety. The world at large are the guinea pigs. Wake up and refuse the frankenshot, and anyplace that requires admittance with one.

  9. Angel C.

    Absolutely not the vaccine should not be required!

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