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  1. Vina

    We would feel safe if Disney increases their capacity. They have done such a great job keeping the magic alive and keeping their guests safe!

    1. Tinks mom

      I hope they have lifted out of state restrictions by July We are visiting family from Texas. I would even be willing to show I’m fully vaccinated. Just want my 6yr old to be able to have a great time when she visits her dad.

      1. Diana Castro

        I hope they don’t allow people from other states period! It has been great without the big crowds!!!

  2. Mom

    Just waiting for them to allow out of state visitors!!!

    1. Kathy

      Yes me too!

      1. Kate

        Same here! Do you think they’ll lift that restriction if they move to yellow?

        1. Jenn

          From what I saw on the Anaheim covid website, the out of state restriction still applies at the next level. I’m hoping that with the June 15th ‘Beyond the Blueprint” date is is where they’ll actually announce allow non-Californians in.

  3. Kristen

    We felt very safe this weekend! We will safe if capacity rises and they continue with the measures they have in place.

    1. Kate

      Did they check your ID as you went in?

  4. Leeann Jacket

    No, yellow still says California residents.

  5. Leeann Jacket

    I’m hoping they increase capacity when they allow out-of-state guests. We’ve been waiting to use our tickets since March 2020. They’re saying you have to make reservations 60 days prior but I can’t. I’m starting to lose hope.

  6. Teresa M Bowen

    Governor announced today “No more masks as of June 15th” So happy I am visiting park next week. Even happier it wont be crowded.

  7. Christo Cleare

    I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyland in June of next year. I’m from Maryland so maybe all the people should be vaccinated before 2022.

  8. Alex

    “No more masks as of June 15th” except in “in those settings that are indoor, only in those massively large settings where people from around the world, not just around the country, are convening and where people are mixing in real dense spaces.”

    Which is Disneyland. How is Disney going to work this out? No masks while it’s still CA- only, then reinstating masks when they open to everyone else?

  9. GG

    Disneyland is about children and children need to be protected. Children under age 12 cannot yet get vaccinated. Children now account for 22% of new covid-19 cases. They should keep capacity limited until everyone is eligible to get vaccinated.

    1. Frogget

      For children under 12 the flu is worse than Covid. If you don’t feel safe for you unvaccinated kids don’t go.

  10. Joshua

    We bought tickets for June 15 months ago when they said they’d operate at 25% capacity. Now it looks like CA will re-open June 15. Does that mean they will increase ticket sales? Seems like we purchased tickets under an explicit understanding of smaller crowds. It doesn’t seem OK to take our money, and then change the deal. Anyone know if June 15 date means larger capacity? The website won’t tell us.

  11. I agree with Joshua. We bought our tickets with the understanding that the park would not fully open during the dates available at the time of purchase. They should open fully in August when those dates weren’t available before CA opened up.

    1. Maria Montalvo

      I completely agree with Joshua and Sandy, we bought our tickets with the understanding that the park wouldn’t fully open, so bad.

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