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jack sparrow

Credit: Disney (left) ITM (right)


  1. Yvette

    Why wouldn’t they? He’s the victim of domestic violence not her. She abused her partner before him and she’ll abuse her partner after him. To continue to slander a man whose been nothing but kind to people in Hollywood and the people who’ve worked with him on sets is a travesty. Being a woman doesn’t stop amber heard from being who she is: a monster.

    1. We need jack sparrow roll on jhonny deep

  2. Elaine Wardell

    And they should. I do not believe his ex….the movies are great and I have no ill will against Johnny Depp. I still believe in him and love his movies. Leave him alone.

    1. Kelly

      There will be no better jack sparrow then Johnny Depp. If they remove him I will not buy any other Purstes of the carribean. I love Johnny Depp and all his movies he has done. I

  3. Diane Lipson

    You are reporting nonsense that has already been discredited and we all hope Disney and Depp SUE YOU.

  4. Maggie

    Leave Johnny alone, his ex is a lier, a man abuser and trying to scam Johnny’s money so she is set for life.

  5. Skitmom

    It’s incredible to me that a handful of “woke” ppl & cancel culture are seemingly out to ruin any fun left in life (as well as ruining ppl’s lives in the process). Do they not understand the difference btwn fantasy/fairy tales and real life?!
    I don’t know enough about the Depp/Heard case to give an informed opinion about it, except it hasn’t been finalized nor settled. Accusing someone and ruining millions of dollars in theme park attractions,
    as well as outraging their guests, does not seem an intelligent way to go. Just my opinion…

  6. Shel

    If you consider Economic Abuse, defined as preventing from getting or keeping a job by the Nat. DV hotline, the public is aware the only DV victim is Mr. Depp. Who would ever punish a victim?

  7. I love you Johnny depp as captain Jack sparrow i want you back

  8. Joyce

    It seems that Disney is:
    #1 winning as being “woke” and cancelling Johnny Depp’s part in “Pirates 6.” Which I will not be watching nor buying the DVD if Captain Jack Sparrow isn’t in it. I will also boycott Disney + and spent my last dime at the parks.
    #2 and yet they are also winning because they are using Johnny Depp’s fame to promoted their theme parks. Captain Jack Sparrow might be a character originated by Disney, but the character has become famous due to Johnny Depp. If I were Johnny Depp I would sue Disney to either (a) remove all Johnny Depp resembling figures at their theme parks, (b) pay Johnny Depp royalties for using his resemblance, mannerisms, etc., or (c) apologize in writing and publicly (InterNet, YouTube, Twitter, Instraqram) and rehire him. Let the woman pirate captain be a “spin-off.”

    1. Brant

      What’s even funnier is when you see the drawing of what Disney WANTED Johnny to look like, and hear about all the things they hated about his performance, and then you see what Johnny created and the phenomenon it became. If it wasn’t for him they would have NO Pirates franchise at all. They SHOULD be forever in his debt.

  9. Ariel

    Thats because Disney knows they screwed up! DEPP was the one who gave them all their billions in PotC merch etc so now that they dumped him because he was WRONGLY accused of abuse. They know that if they got rid of him around the park it would lose them more money so why not keep him? They are trying to cover up the fact they screwed up and to save face (if only a little) this is how they remedy it.

  10. Brant

    AS THEY SHOULD!! CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is the heart and soul of Pirates of the Caribbean. Had Disney gotten their way with how they WANTED Johnny to play the Captain there wouldn’t have been a franchise at all.

    Not to mention he is the victim here.


  11. Leave Johnny and Capt. Jack alone. He has not done anything but made billions for Disney and others. Disney execs are screwing everything Walt had planned and envisioned. They are listening to groups who are nothing more than organized hate groups. Disney execs are jokes and wussies.

  12. Marla Hooper

    Disney jumped the gun too fast and cut and ran instead of waiting for all of the facts to come to light, and in doing so, cut their own throats. Shame on you for tarnishing not only Mr. Depp’s career but you put Disney in a disgraceful position.

  13. Barbara Ervin

    Pulling Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean means I won’t be watching any more of the ‘Pirates’ movies. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow and without him they may as well save their money and simply drop the franchise!

  14. Jason

    Disney’s next venture will be titled ‘The Wokaholics’. It will be based on real life idiots who run Disney who do nothing but have knee jerk reactions to Liberal Fearmongering and Cancel Culture. It should make a mint.

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