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Disney Springs

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  1. Chris

    This is just a personal issue I take with this, but we forget there are a lot more people than just first responders and educators that stepped up during all of this, such as grocery store workers and what about the engineers, construction workers, etc. that in many cases have had to go in full hazmat suits into hospital wards filled with COVID infected patients to figure out how to fix ventilation systems, etc. that were overloaded and/or failing?

    Yes, educators and first responders have been important, but without the grocery store workers, none of us would be here right now and without these engineers, construction workers, etc., many of the first responders would have no where to work. Yet, we ignore these other professions.

    I am sure there are more examples, as every job is indeed essential, but why do we ignore all of these?

    1. Arr

      I agree! I work in data storage and information processing. I’ve been at work every single day – we work with information from hospitals and banks. I have been an essential worker the whole time with none of the recognition.

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