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  1. Nancy

    I think Disney should follow whatever the govenor decides to do! So if he says no more masks then they should stop the masks but if they still want to keep 3ft apart I’m all for it.

    1. Candace

      I agree. At this point anyone who wants a vaccine can get one. Time to get our lives back. Those who don’t want a vaccine can certainly continue to wear a mask if that makes them more comfortable. As for me, I am vaccinated so I can have my life back!

      1. Barry

        Kids can’t get vaccinated. So no, not everyone that wants a vaccine can get one, and probably won’t be able to until Winter. Last I checked, there were still a ton of kids at Disney World.

        1. Van

          This is not really a kids disease any more than the flu. The numbers show that.
          Kids wearing masks can’t hurt but it is a personal choice.

          1. Parents

            Tell parents of a child who died of covid or covid related childhood illnesses or have long term lasting effects from covid – rare yes, but what chance are you willing to take with your child – we are willing to do all we can, in every situation to keep our children safe – thank you Disney for all the precautions – if you don’t like Disney’s rules – don’t go to Disney – it makes Disney safer!

          2. Critical thinker here

            i like how people think the measures in place protect you in a THEME PARK
            A very very crowded place.

        2. Linda

          Good on Disney making the choice to protect their employees and the people who cannot get vaccinated yet. (kids) While it is rare there are cases of children dying and that alone should be enough to understand why mask policy should stay. Its morality and if you can’t grasp that concept go elsewhere.

          1. Jo

            it not a moral choice. look that one up. no one wants there kids to die but they take that chance everyday they get on a school bus or ride bike to park or eat a McDonalds happy meal. We have to live our lives and pray for the best. The human race is at risk of death every day. Ultimately its the end result.

          2. Spencer

            If you really think that this is so fatal and you take your kid to a theme park – then you are amoral. But you probably don’t think it is all that fatal – and just want to control others, take away their freedoms and act morally superior.

      2. E

        Also there are some that cannot get the vac due to allergies, history of anaphylactic reactions and so on. Those with depressed immunity such as with cancer, fibromyalgia and so on.

    2. Ted

      I believe that Disney World is a company which has the right to impose any guidelines and restrictions that it chooses to enforce on it’s property. So if they say they expect certain behavior to be admitted then people need to understand that they will be held accountable. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

      1. Jodi

        They can’t impose any guidelines they want….

        1. BW

          In regards to requirements to enter and remain within their property, they certainly can,
          It’s no different than a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy you see all over. They can even enforce a no vaccine, no entry policy if they wanted. The joys of being a PRIVATELY owned company.

          1. brian

            So, as a privately owned business, Disney could require people to visit the parks naked? No, obviously not.

            Governor De Santos could require that businesses allow vaccinated patrons the right to go mask less, and Disney would have to comply.

          2. ChristineChr cstaskie@gmail.com

            It’s very different than that. It affects you breathing and there have been lawsuits because it is considered discrimination.

          3. Debby Rusovick

            Well said.

        2. Van

          Yes they can. They need to get the profit up or face the wrath of stockholders.

        3. Mickeba

          Yes they can Jodi. They are a private company. Isn’t that what right wing klowns like Trump and Disatrous are always saying when they want things their way? And they convince their supporters that companies can do anything they want cos their private. But now, because you don’t want to social distance or wear a mask and you want to “hug Mickey” you don’t think the private company can “impose any guidelines they want.” Sorry, but yes they can.

    3. Mickeba

      Why? They are a private company and can do whatever is best for them in their eyes. Just because people want to get rid of masks and think social distancing is cramping their style…. too bad. Trips to Disney World are not essentials in life and if Disney wants restrictions they should have them. And I agree. I think it’s irresponsible of the state to lift all the restrictions. Gov. Disastrous is only doing it because he’s facing reelection, he doesn’t give a damn about public health and safety. All he wants is to show everyone a good time and grift his way to another term.

      1. dis fan

        ive read thru all the comments here, wear the mask dont wear the mask, blah, blah, blahif your scared even after the vaccine, dont go to WDW, everyone if still freaking out over covid, save the old, save the young, save the children, do you people realise that the southern boarders are wide open and immigrents are pouring in and alot are covid positive, in a few months there is probably going to be a spike in covid again, do what you need to do, i hope the capacity goes back to 25%, this way in july when myself and family go to DW, i wont have to deal with so many people, as for the vaccine, ill donate mine if someone wants it, we had covid in Oct 2020 and recovered and glad we had it, its one less thing to worry about, so to all stay safe and stay away form Disney, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Joe

      I’m sorry if you trust Ron DeSantis and think he is actually looking out for your safety and the safety of anyone in Florida, you should really do your research. He is in if for the state revenue. He’s all about money and has no concern for public safety. That is why Florida had some of the highest numbers of cases and deaths. He wanted to open the state back up when thousands of people were dying everyday. He’s the worst governor the state has ever had. And as for Disney, they have to show a semblance of safety but they are in it for the money, as well. Anyone going to Disney or any other theme park for that matter during a pandemic is a moron.

  2. Cathie

    And this is why I will be going to Universal next year not Disney. Universal is planning on changing whatever the Governor is doing they have been waiting on this. Disney is ridiculous I understand that they want everyone to be safe at least lift the face coverings keep the social distancing. If the Governor of the state of Florida thinks it’s safe to lift all restrictions then Disney should follow. Florida was hit hard with the virus if the Governor thought it’s not safe he wouldn’t do it. Unlike Inslee in the state of Washington he is a piece of work and is taking Washington down with him.

    1. Mike

      Please take every like minded person with you to Universal because that park is for losers… If you are crying because of wearing a mask and social distancing then maybe after you our your loved ones catch Covid you’ll be singing a different tune… entitled people like you are what has ruined going to Disney!

      1. Wut Zach

        The only loser here is you, dweeb. Libtard scum go live in your COVID bunker for the rest of your life while the rest of us move on.

      2. Aurora

        What people are forgetting is that Disney isn’t just a place for residents of Florida or citizens of the USA. Disney gets visited by tourists from all over the world

      3. MrsWeasleysTwin

        My family did have covid. We all recovere.
        Won’t be taking a vaccine. And I’m going to Universal …again. won’t be living in fear. If you want to Mike, that’s fine, then you don’t go to the theme park.

      4. joseph kaiser

        Ive had it. Whole family had it. Yeah its tribble people died . But its evolution these dieses come along and kill off the weak. There is no way of knowing the fact. Thanks to MSM. And government propagandas

        1. Kelly Hutchinson

          Given that you can’t even spell terrible or diseases, I have to assume you’re pretty uneducated. Let’s let the billionaires at Disney decide what is best for them and their profits. Clearly it’s working.

      5. D

        Mickeba…I’m getting tired of your comments. Go preach to your libtard buddies.

    2. Connie

      I believe it is also about fear of being sued if someone gets sick and wants to blame someone for a profit. Disney needs leadership with different values than who is in control; people more with Walt Disney’s mindset and values

    3. Mickeba

      Stay away from Disney World Cathie! And if you and your family contract it at Universal, you have yourself and the other “pieces of work” like you to blame. Don’t be so blind. If Disatrous wasn’t running for reelection and didn’t need to con you into thinking life was back to normal, you wouldn’t see restrictions lifted. One school of thought is that Gov. Disastrouos has concealed the truth about vaccines and virus infection in Florida, to take care of his own political future. While you’re partying it up at Universal next year, you’d better hope the truth was really told.

    4. mike

      It’s a multinational company that has shareholders to answer to. It’s ALL about legal liability & the bottom line. Their new “inclusiveness ” policies are a bet on the rising up of the lower classes in the future. Like the Republic of China they think not in terms of the next year, they think in terms of the next 50 years !They could be inclusive now by lowering prices so the lower classes could afford it but where’s the profit in that lol !

    5. Debby Rusovick

      Washington is one of the hot spots right now for Covid!

    6. Christina

      DeSantis is not a health official and not qualified to say if it is safe to lift mask mandates. He did it simply because he wanted to. I expect Disney will look to the CDC for its mask policy.

  3. Melissa Grindle

    It’s time to reopen everything back to pre pandemic. If someone is concerned about covid then get a vaccine or use whatever precautions you think YOU need, not the rest of us. Had my vaccine and ready to get back to parks. Planned a trip to Disney 2 years ago for daughter’s college graduation and it is unfortunate that we are still going to have inconveniences. All the kids asked for was trip there is no way she wanted to reschedule. WAKE UP PEOPLE GET OVER IT!!

    1. Matt

      OMG you sound like a little baby.. You can go to the parks, and do basically anything you want… All there is still is wearing masks, and social distancing… What more do you freakin want right now?

      Entitled white ladies are the worst (barf emoji)

      1. Bye

        You’re racist.

        1. Rich

          And that’s how you get Disney to change it’s policy. Just call them racist for requiring masks and see how fast they’ll change. They shake in their boots for not being PC.

      2. Van

        How do you know this lady is white? Can people of color be entitled too?
        Don’t become a biggot.

      3. John L.

        “White ladies are the worst”?

        Um, no, bigots are the worst. Please take your hate somewhere else.

      4. MF

        Ugh no you can’t. I don’t want to wear a mask. But I have too. I want drink as I walk but they don’t let me. I can go on.

      5. Jo

        parades, fireworks, meet and greet, disney dining, dining with characters. pictures with characters. Not paying $$$$$ for rides and a boring meal.

  4. Richard A Caskey

    I think Disney is wise in following CDC guidelines.

    1. Nicholas SMITH

      Ya… because the CDC has shown to make wise decisions this past year. Look up the report in how the teachers union forced the cdc to change language in their recommendations. Yaaaaw

    2. Sue

      They aren’t following cdc guidelines. Cdc says gaiters are okay. Cdc also allows mask exemptions.

  5. CH

    I agree and support this. Anyone can get the vaccine if they want it, if you don’t then wear a mask. I am fine with 3 ft distancing, it’s time for normalcy.

  6. Warren

    Disney would have fought DeSantis over the COVID restrictions mainly to avoid the bad press from the media that would have come with lifting all the restrictions. But now that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced the lifting of most COVID restrictions in New York by May 19th, look for Disney to start likewise gradually lifting restrictions. Because with New York lifting the restrictions, the media won’t treat lifting restrictions as such a big deal. This is good news for former Disney employees because now with opening up of the parks, Disney will be hiring them back to work in the shows and restaurants.

  7. Denoard Lemoy

    Usually the safest thing to do is the opposite of whatever Desantis says. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Good job Disney on doing the correct thing.

    1. Bye

      😂😂😂😂 You’re an idiot.

    2. Suzy

      Gov De Santis has been brilliant through this covid mess. So unlike the democrats who put sick people back with healthy folks.

  8. Chris

    Maybe if DeSantis bothered to permit private businesses to request a vaccine/testing passport, they’d be able to reopen with fewer restrictions.

  9. Cheryl Songee

    Thank you for continuing with safety measures. There still aren’t enough vaccinated and many coming from out of state still are in the midst of pandemics and many cases of corona. I, for one, do not want to see regression because of foolishness and have the parks close again.

    1. Andre

      Precisely. Nice to see intelligent comments added to the discussion.

    2. Tara

      Thank you for using common sense! I’m surprised there are so many people in these comments bashing Disney. I understand wanting some normalcy. But people don’t seem to see the good parts that have come from the restrictions. I went to Disney in February and was over the moon happy for the all the social distancing in the lines. It was so refreshing not to have strangers breathing down my neck or to be shoved into pre ride show rooms, elbow to elbow, with strangers. That has always been my least favorite part about visiting the parks, so I personally would love to see them keep that distancing around forever. (unrealistic expectation, I know.) And I am vaccinated.

    3. MF

      Why do people make it so hard. If you think you will die from COVID, then get the vaccine and wear the mask if you want on top of that. You are safe.

  10. TB

    I’m sure Disney already has a plan to roll back their COVID protocols, but they probably won’t go at the State of Florida’s pace. It’ll be slow, but with them at least allowing masks off for outside pictures, the rollback has already started.

    But don’t expect quick movement on Disney’s part. They’d rather be safe than sorry.

    1. MF

      No it is political. In a red state in a blue country. If Biden said the same thing they would go back to normal tomorrow

  11. Nicholas SMITH

    The obvious thing to do is limit mask regulations outsides. There is no good argument that pushes for people to wear masks outside especially in the summer. Even their entire Sturges narrative of spread was false.
    Its getting silly and a bit concerning… especially when we see 3 year olds in 95 degree weather with their face covered up. Masks have become the new AIDs ribbon. You have to look bo further than Biden saying to take the masks off outside… then him walking around with one outside… or safely tele conferencing world leaders and him being the only one with a mask on.

    But hey… this pandemic is the most interesting thing to people who dont want to get back to their boring old normal.

    1. Mary L

      There were other people in the room with Biden during the teleconference, and he had put the mask on outside AFTER he was going back in. Do your OWN research instead of just listening to whatever media you choose.

  12. Christy

    Lift all the restrictions immediately! Bring the magic back! Governor DeSantis is correct….

  13. John

    Masks should be an option, but not a requirement. I will not be visiting WDW until I can walk around without a mask. I tried it once and it sucked the fun right out of the day.

    1. Susan

      i CaNT hAVe fUn wITh A mAsK oN!

  14. Desantis#1

    Desantis is the best governor in this country! I wish we lived in Florida. Disney needs to take its restrictions and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine!

    1. Connie

      I so agree

    2. MrsWeasleysTwin

      I agree. Wish we could move to Florida. If people are so worried about it then don’t go to a theme park. I guess I don’t mind standing three feet apart but other than that I don’t think there needs to be restrictions anymore. There’s always been a risk of getting sick at a theme park. I say we just do what I’ve always done and bring your own hand sanitizer and have fun!

      1. Stan

        We did move to Florida to escape the death governor in NY and more and more are following. Hope you get lucky enough to do the same.

  15. Ruth Short

    It should be a personal choice if kids can’t get vaccinated and they or parents are scared wear mask or don’t come. Quit pushing this nonsense mask junk on everyone else. Quarantine the sick not the healthy. We should not have to suffer in the heat for no reason because of the ones that are wrong about masks! I am ready to have a burn the mask party! Write Disney about it boycott them until they change I won’t be back until they get rid of masks.

  16. SG

    Thank you Disney for continuing to follow the science and not the almighty dollar. 35% capacity is still very crowded! I hope Disney considers reopening the Fast Pass system so everyone can ride at least one popular ride with a short wait time.

  17. gjd

    Kudos to Disney for standing their grown. There are still too many people contracting Covid-19 and until the numbers get better, I have to agree with Disney.

  18. Mags

    Considering that children still can’t get vaccinated, and children have gotten sick and died from the disease, it would be irresponsible of Disney to lift their restrictions. There simply isn’t a legitimate argument for doing it and anyone fighting for masking, crowd limits, and distancing to end is being unconscionably selfish.

  19. ev

    As a health care professional, I applaud Disney’s decision to take a conservative approach to lifting Covid restrictions. We can’t assume anyone is vaccinated. Better to be safe than sorry. Keep the mask wearing and social distancing in place

    1. Let’s face it, anyone who didn’t get vaccinated by now, made the choice not to. kids 11 to 15 are now allowed. Was announced today. So let’s open up and get back to normal. If u are vaccinated and STILL worried about the virus, ask your self when u will ever be comfortable in public and why u got the vaccine in the first place.

      1. Bren

        Incorrect and false Judy. Children over 12 to 15 will not be vaccinated until at least the fall. They are requesting approval, but have not received it. Only 16 and up can get the vaccine.

  20. Json.L

    Whatever Disney wants to do, they will do. It doesn’t really matter what Desantis says, they aren’t following him. Which I cant blame them, he’s not a doctor or any type of medical professional. i wouldn’t go to a politician for medical advice just like i wouldn’t go to a doctor for advice on campaigning. so they are following the professionals, dont worry, they will eventually lift more and more rules as time goes on and more people are vaccinated. but when you have a place that is all about tourism and disney being the cultural melting pot that it is, you should take whatever precaution you deem necessary. they have already lost a ton because of this mess, they could easily lift everything and jam that park full to regain some loss but they obviously believe the safety of its consumers are more important. and to that, i applaud.

  21. Json.L

    Whatever Disney wants to do, they will do. It doesn’t really matter what Desantis says, they aren’t following him. Which I cant blame them, he’s not a doctor or any type of medical professional. i wouldn’t go to a politician for medical advice just like i wouldn’t go to a doctor for advice on campaigning. dont worry, they will eventually lift more and more rules as time goes on and more people are vaccinated. but when you have a place that is all about tourism and disney being the cultural melting pot that it is, you should take whatever precaution you deem necessary. they have already lost a ton because of this mess, they could easily lift everything and jam that park full to regain some loss but they obviously believe the safety of its consumers are more important. and to that, i applaud.

    1. Bebrave

      Oh, please. Disney doesn’t give a rip about safety. None of the “restrictions” are about safety. It’s about FEAR! Fear of getting sued. Fear of being attacked. Fear of being canceled. Fear of discrimination. Fear of getting shut down. Fear of getting sick. Fear of dying. Fear. Fear. Fear! Thank goodness Governor Desantis doesn’t buy into the fear. Disney would be smart to follow his example if they expect to stay in business and recoup their financial losses.

      1. Sue

        You are so right! People need to wake and realize Bob Iger is part of the problem and the overblown fear of a virus that has a proven track record of a 97% recovery rate.

      2. Json.L

        im sorry, but your comment makes no sense. if he lifts the restrictions… they wouldnt have the fear of over half the things you listed them being fearful of. in fact, from face value, them not following Desantis’ guidelines is subjecting them to more discrimination, more fear of being attacked, more fear of being “cancelled”.. also, wouldnt anybody be fearful of being sick and/or dying?

        andd yes, of course they wwould love to recoup their financial loss, any business would. but a place that is dependent on attendance… a second shut down or even more strenuous restrictions would be even worse for them financially.
        and dont worry, something like this wouldn’t put disney out of business. they have so many different streams of income, some of which have skyrocketed in popularity during this pandemic, this park alone wouldnt be the nail in the coffin.

        1. Bebrave

          Ummm, no. Just…..no.

  22. Paul

    DeSantis has never understood or followed the science. The pandemic is dragging on because of behavior such as his. If people had actually followed the CDC recommendations, even as they changed as more was learned about COVID-19, and everyone who can get the vaccines did so, this pandemic would effectively be over. But no.

    Variants are continuing to evolve, exactly as predicted. Now it’s the 50 and under group that are driving the pandemic and filling the hospitals with those variants. Florida’s approach will only cause this to continue, get worse, last longer, and cause more grief. What a sad, sad statement about us as a society.

    Remember: Science doesn’t care what you believe.

    1. Desantis#1

      Are you God or something? You can’t prove that Desantis is responsible for things “dragging on”. You can’t prove that “Florida’s approach will only cause this to continue, get worse, last longer, and cause more grief.” IN FACT, If you’ve really been following the data, you would know that states which have imposed the harshest restrictions are reporting the same numbers as states like Florida.

      Remember: Truth doesn’t care about your ignorance.

  23. joseph

    Ive had it. Whole family had it. Yeah its tribble people died . But its evolution these dieses come along and kill off the weak. There is no way of knowing the fact. Thanks to MSM. And government propagandas

  24. Mickeba

    “Don’t make me wear a mask anymore at Disney World! And let me smoke in the bar too! WAAAAAA!!!!!”

  25. Sue

    You are so right! People need to wake and realize Bob Iger is part of the problem and the overblown fear of a virus that has a proven track record of a 97% recovery rate.

  26. Andrea

    The question ultimately are you willing to wear a mask in order to save a childs life. If you say no then why the hell are you going to Disney World which is supposed to be a safe haven for children. Take your politics or beliefs out the window. Its about the safety of the children.

  27. Yvonne

    Disney has done a comendible job of following the advice of science and been highly successful in doing so. I feel strong”y that DISNEY continue its current policies and protect cast members and guests. If people can’t wear a mask because it’s inconvenient, then maybe they should wait a while longer before returning. Money is not the only thing to consider. Stockholders can wait for their reward while Disney continues to protect human lives.

  28. Sue

    Disney needs to get up to speed. 1) The CDC reduced social distancing to 3 feet at the beginning of 2021. 2) Florida has been at full capacity and mask free since last September (this new mandate to enforce local governments to stop issuing fines to businesses). 3) DeSantis has already put into place a NO vaccine passport law directly in response to Disney announcing they would require it. 4) Disney has been overly discriminatory against handicapped people (especially handicapped children) who have a variety of health reasons as to why they cannot wear a mask (in fact, Disney has ignored ADA laws for years; I’m in a wheel chair and I get better service at other theme parks). 5) ACA has determined that forcing your child to wear a mask is just short of child abuse.
    It is NOT Disney’s responsibility to protect everyone’s health; you enter the parks at your own risk. Disney is only responsible if something happens to you because it is directly the fault of Disney such as a ride malfunction, food poisoning or whatever that is a direct result of something Disney could prevent.
    If it makes you feel better, wear a mask, get a vaccine, do what you have to to protect yourself – it is your responsibility to take care of yourself – NOT everyone else.

    1. Christina

      We actually do Sue. We do need to take care of everyone else. How heartless is it to not care if you spread a new, highly contagious virus to people. We have a civic duty to care about those in our community. We need to care about each other and and stop thinking it’s all about ME, ME, ME all the time. It’s really become sickening.

      1. Ha

        What’s sickening is people like you who force others to do things against their will in order to make you feel better. What’s sickening is the virtue signaling that people like you embrace. What’s sickening is people like you who think your health and well-being is everyone else’s responsibility instead of your own. Talk about heartless.

  29. Kenneth c Latta

    I hate masks I love DeSantis.

  30. Walt

    As a private company, Disney is under no obligation to relax any restrictions just because the state has said they can or should relax them.

    I think they should rely on their own experts and do what they think is appropriate to protect their guests and employees.

  31. Mason

    PLEASE Disney remove the tyrannical COVID-19 protocols! Y’all are becoming Woke Disney World not Walt Disney World! Seriously these protocols are psychotic.

  32. Richard Torres

    I believe that Floridians want their cake and eat it too. I haven’t seen many mask wearing Floridians . The heck with people I want my freedom! They are selfish and ignorant! I hate to see them drive ! After all look at what kind of freedom they take away from you! Which side of the road to drive, how fast, when to stop ect. To bad we can’t make a special place for all Floridians?


    The pandemic is not over yet and allowing more guests into the park prematurely and not wearing a mask not only jeopardizes the employees, but also the guests who are at higher risk. Disney is being considerate of others. Nobody likes to wear a mask but if we stop wearing them before the pandemic is over, there will be another outbreak. I know this from experience. My church had signs at first to wear masks, however, many people decided not to wear one. There was an outbreak of Covid. Still people do not wear masks in church and two weeks ago, there was another outbreak in the church. I admire Disney for putting people first.

  34. Jo

    Its time to get back to basics of living. I am in the health care field and had to work from home for a year. Thats hard. Finally opened office and went back this week. We can’t hide from dying. Disney has done a good job of protection. I think its time to fully open with all the fun so I can come with a kid and trick or treat in Oct, I missed is last yr.

  35. Ha

    Are you willing to give up driving to save a child’s life? More people die from car crashes than covid. How dare you travel in vehicles that put ALL of us in mortal danger! Walk, don’t drive, and you can save a life.

  36. Cole

    I just don’t understand….. Why cannot we make the decision to wear or not wear a mask personally and have people respect everyone’s decisions? Why must everyone argue about what’s right or wrong. If you don’t want to wear one, don’t, and if you do, do wear it. How hard is that?

    1. Ha

      It’s not hard for us smart people.

  37. Dan smith

    I feel bad for the Disney crew when all the stupid Magat Karens and snowflake Kens try to push back on the mask requirement.

    Still, it should make for some really funny You Tube videos watching these losers finding out.

  38. Kenr

    It’s just appalling how many people are still so afraid due to the media hype and the Fauci flip flops. Just crazy that after a years worth of statistics showing a very high survival rate, that children under 24 are at very low risk, and with 3 very effective vaccines available to everyone over 16 that people are still frightened. It’s long overdue that everything be opened up with no more government restrictions (local or state). People say “follow the science” then follow it. There is no reason for masking up children, vaccinated adults, or anyone who is reasonably healthy. Those who are at risk should probably always be wary of theme parks, crowded places and other situations. Come on people. Time to get over this. And as for Desantis, his way of governing is far better than Michiigan’s, New York’s, and crazy California’s. Those three states are a joke.

  39. Stacy pot

    Disney needs to either allow free people to choose whether they want to wear a mask or not otherwise they should close their doors…I hardly think they will do that. Get with the program Disney and stop pandering to left wing politics.

  40. cj

    More virtue signaling from Disney

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