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  1. Nc mom

    I’m glad Disney is using a reservation system to control capacity and hope they continue to keep capacity limited. Our trips prior to covid were miserable with the crowds! It’s a lot of money to stand in 2 hour waits for a ride

    1. Bridget

      I hate the system and won’t go back until it is 100% capacity that system makes it impossible to just wake up a d decide which park to go to that is how we always did our trips

      1. Patricia Gunther

        Love it hated the big crowds!! So much easier to see things and ride rides?

      2. Deborah A Denton

        I do not like this system we reserved in hollywood and then didn’t get to ride the star wars ride and it was my sons birthday and that’s all he wanted to ride we can’t get a season pass so we can just decide one day to just go

      3. Courtney

        They said the system is here to stay though. So even at 100% they are still going to use it

    2. Tina Boyle

      The ride lines are just as long and getting a reservation often times is impossible and you can’t go to the park you want. It has ruined the magic of Disney

      1. Trish

        I agree Disney has lost it’s “magic”

    3. Kathy Skipper

      When they go back to full capacity the crowds will be back regardless of the reservation system! The reason crowds are less is the fact that they are operating at reduced capacity.

    4. Kathy

      Yea! Agree totally. The local pass holders hate the reservation system because they can’t just go anytime they want. It will reduce the crowds from locals jamming the parks because they could go every day if they wanted to and many did. That was the whole problem with the horrible crowds.

      1. ME Downey

        As a local, and an annual pass holder, and a DVC member id like to remind you that we pay handsomely so we can go whenever we like. It wasn’t the locals jamming the parks it was (and will soon be again) the flood of folks from across the nation and the world that swamp the system during special events, holidays, and spring breaks. We’ve been going to the parks since 1998 and they were never jammed with “locals” . Put the shoe on the other foot and consider that it might be the crowds from outside the area that storm into the area as though they own it causing many of the crowds of which you speak. In a way the COVID has helped awaken Disney to what had been an increasing problem for the past 10 years; crowd and volume control. They’re trying to be fair to everyone. Give them a chance to work out the wrinkles in a new system.

    5. Duncan

      Imagine paying thousands on a holiday from the uk then not being able to go to Disney I can’t wait till they stop it

      1. Steve

        people from the UK have a Disney in Paris they can go to. we dont want you here on your vacations.

  2. Sam

    I hate the system. As a local AP i cant get in unless i an 3-4 weeks in advance. Open it up already!

    1. Joe

      Totally agree. And bring back fastpass

    2. Tammy McWhorter

      I hate this system as well! Just one more issue guest have to deal with! In my humble opinion once parks are at full capacity the park
      reservations mandate should be removed!!!

      1. Kristina Pezzato

        I’ll let you know tomorrow being my reservation is tomorrow, truth be told tho if it stops lines from being 2.5 hours long I’m all for it. We went to universal was there 8 hours got on 4 rides…was not happy n not worth the $$

      2. Vicky

        Could disney stop making visits a headache where we live with a phone in our hands instead of enjoying the experience, that the creator Walt Disney intended it to be.

      3. Linda

        You all need to stop whining about the system. At least it’s open and y’all can go. If y’all want to do nothing but complain, don’t friggin’ go at all. That will solve all your problems and criticism.

        1. Desiree J Daniel

          I agree fully. It clear you all are a bunch of spoiled people complaining about first world problems. Let me know when you got real problems like wondering where your next meal is coming from or how you are going to pay your electric bill

  3. Sue

    They need to end it and bring back fast pass. People pay to much money to have to make park reservations. If you don’t like the crowds don’t go. The the lines are longer Bc of no fast pass and so is getting into the parks. You pay good money only to find out there r no reservations available. Bad idea. Now that things are getting back to the way they should be so should Disney. This is Florida. If you are scared of getting sick stay home.

    1. Mitchell

      You keep posting the same thing everywhere. This has nothing to do with people being scared to be sick

      Disney doesn’t have the workforce right now to open at full capacity. This allow them to control capacity to what they can handle.

      1. Pete

        Yeah, they don’t have the workforce capacity yet, but they have done a ppor job ramping up cast members. Now they are playing catch up. They should have been planning the DCP restart months ago. They could have even hired some extra DCP students than they normally have, they have extra housing capacity now for it. This is a problem Disney shouldn’t be having, but poor planning is keeping them behind the 8 ball. A little bit of planning and some extra cash outlay would have solved their ramp up problems and they would be able to capitalize on a faster ramp up of attendance and thus bring in more $$.

        1. Michele

          For Pete’s sake, are we to believe Disney management has a working crystal ball and could accurately predict when restrictions and mandates would be lifted so they could begin increasing staff levels? Disney mirrored the CDC and federal mandates, not Florida or Orange/Osceola county restrictions which would have given them a head start to normalizing operations. Right after Biden held his press conference changes started. Hiring, re-hiring and training involves a little more than bringing in bodies. But what does Disney know about HR, the WDW Parks alone employed 77,000+ people pre pandemic.

        2. KayKayka

          Amen Ms. Vicki

  4. Donna

    As a local AP holder with 6 Platinum Plus tickets at the tune of $1k EACH, we have tried to get reservations and cannot. It is disgusting how Disney executives have treated Locals and passholders. It seems they want the daily ticket purchasers and resort guests in because they spend more money per day. But if they would just open up like other parks and let people back to work, this would not be an issue. I will gladly go for a day, buy lunch and have dinner maybe even snack a bit. Possibly a souvenir too. But blocking out so many people and catering to a select group is becoming a bit much.

    1. Eric M

      Disney has been working really hard to show their customers how little respect they have for them.

      Looks like it’s time to cancel the APs and take your business elsewhere

      1. Jimmy

        Bob Chapek is to blame for this. He cares more about penny pinching than he does about providing a great experience. Chapek MUST go!!

  5. Herbert

    I think it’s crazy you buy a ticket then get permission to use it. Of course if the locals would stay out more often there would be room for others. I’m not looking forward to standing in long lines to ride the rides. What ever they did in the old days seemed to work. I don’t remember standing in long lines back when they first opened.

    1. Eric M

      I am unspeakably glad that Disney management showed how terrible they are before my and my wife bought DVC

  6. Eric M

    I am unspeakably glad that Disney management showed how terrible they are before my and my wife bought DVC

    1. Evan

      I am unspeakably glad that Disney management showed how to manage a multi-billion dollar company during a global pandemic taking the stock I purchased in March of 2020 from $85.76 a share to $176.55 yesterday, and climbing. Maybe it’s time to use a little of that profit to buy DVC and renew the annual passes so we’re ready to roll when Disney management decides to open EVERYTHING back up? Won’t be a long wait.

  7. Anna

    AP here… I checked yesterday (5/24) around 2 pm and found that all the parks except EPCOT had park passes available. We got there after school around 4:30, left around the park about 8:30, and rode 9 rides & had dinner in that time. Least busy day we have experienced in 2021. 5 of those rides were walk ons with no wait. It was a great last minute Disney day for us! I was not intending to go yesterday when I checked the schedule, but as I didn’t see any available days until my passes blacked out for summer we decided to go for it, glad we did!

    1. Mitchell


      Pro-tip. Animal kingdom becomes available at 12PM day of. Magic and Hollywood Studios at 1pm.

      It’s a great way to head to the parks in the evenings. Magic Kingdom at 7PM with 5-20 minute lines is amazing!

  8. Tamara Dowd

    Not sure how I feel about the reservation system. Glad I can get in when I drive to the parks and don’t get turned away because they are already full but hate that I can’t get a reservation for the days I want to go. Just have to plan a little better.

  9. Michelle

    We pay for park hoppers and yet there is no guarantee we will get to use them. So why should I shell out the astronomical amount it costs for a possibility. Some of us can not afford to not get every pennies worth.

  10. Alfred

    The best thing that Disney has done to reserve parks many people do not like but for me it works I could make reservations since March and I have everything ready to enjoy my vacations, I know that many people do not like it because they want to buy tickets at the last minute but the COVID changed the world and Disney also only now organize their vacations better with time. And Disney park reservation and control of people the best. Many of us have children and we want them to enjoy themselves and in good health

    1. Pam

      We don’t all go just for vacation. If you’re AP and local you go when you can

  11. Michelle Marie Dock

    Actually the park pass reservation system worked at first but it’s horrible now…more ppl travelling more demand. Disney is not raising capacity as fast as they could to meet demand. I have tried to go to Disney but there are no hotels available in my price range and zero park passes at all for April may or June…so I have to plan far ahead but it doesn’t always work like that for us…sometimes we only know 3 weeks before we can go…which makes ppl mad about this…also the lines for rides are getting very long again fast pass needs to come back…again more ppl are traveling parks are getting more crowded do ride lines r more crowded. Aph are now useless with the reservation system. It’s time to fully open. Hotels restaurants fast pass dining plan and drop the park pass reservation system

  12. Linda

    You all need to stop whining about the system. At least it’s open and y’all can go. If y’all want to do nothing but complain, don’t friggin’ go at all. That will solve all your problems and criticism.

    1. Tammy

      I agree Bridget 100%! I hate it!! Just wanted me more thing they’ve taken away from guest more magic gone the park pass system makes it absolutely impossible to just truly relax and enjoy the parks. I understand why they did it for the pandemic but once capacity is 100% it should be removed!

  13. Kathy Skipper

    I am not overly fond of the reservation system but have been dealing with it. We usually have gone to Disney as a last minute decision which we can’t do now. They do need to bring back fast pass but it needs to be more like it was when they started it only allowing you to make them while in the park that day! The people making them weeks in advance made for long waits on rides that never before had wait times!

  14. Anne Folds

    Pre booking makes it a lot easier to plan everything. Hope Disney carry on with it

  15. Janice Stroud

    I don’t mind reserving a park. But I hate short park hours and no fastpass. Everyone talking about short lines is lying like rugs. The wait times are as long as pre covid when we had unlimited capacity and fastpass availability. You know what is longer? The length of the line due to social distancing. So the 1 hour wait is no 1 mile distance instandvof 1/4 mile distance

  16. Regina

    The new system is great. I hope Disney continues the reservation system. It’s great that there are smaller crowds. If you make a reservation for the rides via the app you get a time to return and don’t have to wait in crowded lines. It’s so nice to have fewer people there so you don’t have to fight through the crowds.

    1. Kathy

      Agree completely. The local pass holders jammed the parks because they could go at will, and they did. That was the problem. The reservation system limits that so hopefully the crowds will continue to be less than they were in the past even when capacity is completely open.

  17. Mark

    The people that love the system are the people who have things planned five months in advance. Found out I will have an off day for work. Only park I could visit is Epcot on my off day from work. I did Epcot last time I was there. So much for the increased capacity Disney was talking about. If you have an annual pass tons of availability. Someone who just wants a day pass, not so much. Hello Universal Studios.

  18. Trish

    I personally hate the reservation system. I’m a central Florida local. If I want to go on a whim I can’t! Yes I enjoy the less crowds but that’s why I usually only go in the “off season”. And if I don’t I know what to expect.

  19. Linda

    I think park passes are great and am so glad they are keeping them! So tired of people complaining and winning about it. You don’t like it, then don’t go. Very easy solution ?

  20. Yvonne

    I went to Disney World in April with my daughter and granddaughter. I love the new system and lower capacity and hope they keep it. The parks were so much more fun with less people. Dont get me wrong, there was still long lines and a lot of people at the parks.

  21. Matt M.

    Just got back from a week long trip at Disney World. It was great. Our longest wait was 55 minutes. Most waits were under 30 minutes. This was a great trip!

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