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disney world fireworks

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  1. Hobie1kanobie

    Already have been to Disney World 3 times and had no issues. People are just to scared and the media doesn’t help.

  2. RD

    Unfortunately the workers are treated like dirt from many paying guests, due to Covid restrictions. A grown human should NEVER be spit on be a fellow human.

    1. Debbie

      Bring back the fireworks, parades and drop the masks. We have been vaccinated and want to come but have friends that came spring break and was very sorry the wasted their money to stand in lines!

    2. TamaraL McLaughlin

      My husband and I will be coming to Disney Mid to late June. This will be our first time. We’ve both have our vaccine and ready to go. Just not crazy with the parks reservation cuz all of the family won’t be able to go to the same park same time

  3. John

    Can confirm this as we live behind MK and recently heard and saw firework tests in the middle of the day.

  4. Kenr

    Bringing back the entertainment, dropping the masks, and ending crazy policies like wait times to use a resort pool will all bring people back. With vaccines available to all and children at very low to non-existent risk, these restrictions should be gone. If people don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s their choice. They can mask up if they want. But vaccinated adults and children should not be dumbed down because of them.

    1. Lory

      I won’t be returning until the remove the ridiculous mask mandate.

    2. Debbie

      Bring back the fireworks, parades and drop the masks. We have been vaccinated and want to come but have friends that came spring break and was very sorry the wasted their money to stand in lines!

  5. Jill

    Canceling my trip in August if they don’t bring the fireworks back. Just not the same. I heard this from many people also.

    1. Rich

      Fireworks? How about fast passes and early park admission that they did away with? I’ll wait until I don’t have to stand in line forever to get on a ride.

  6. Amy

    I LOVE Disney World. As a matter of fact my family and I are headed back home after a week of Disney and Universal Studios fun. I will say that Universal Studios trumped Disney on COVID safety measures . At Universal the workers made sure each rider sanitized their hands before boarding the rides. At Disney World (all 4 parks) many of the workers looked miserable and scolded guests for slipping down their masks to take a drink yet many of their hand sanitizing stations were empty. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an outbreak in Disney guests.
    I know this won’t be a popular comment but it’s truth and it pains me to tell it. I love everything Disney but it was a bit disappointing and not so magical.

    1. Janelle

      We just returned from a family trip to Disney. I am a Disney fanatic and I was so disappointed with Disney. We did not see one character, staff was not friendly, and the magic was gone. Definitely will not return until things go back to normal. SeaWorld definitely trumped Disney for sanitation, wait times, and overall enjoyment.

      1. Eric M

        Disney is now acting like rent are doing you a favor for demanding full price for delivering a substances product.

      2. Julie

        My daughter and I just returned from spring break there and you’re right. The casts members are very unfriendly now and act like they hate their job. The only one we had a pleasant interaction with was a MK security guard as the park was closing. She saw us taking empty park pics of the castle and we thought she was coming to ask us to hurry up and leave. Nope…she told us where to go for even better photos and views at night. Will definitely not be back for awhile til things (hopefully) return to normal.

  7. Larry

    I have a family trip in June and I’ve given up hope of seeing any nighttime entertainment. It’s understandable the new Epcot show isn’t ready, but MK and HS shows could easily start up. My favorite was River of Light in AK, but there hasn’t been a hint if that show will return. All-in-all, the value of your park ticket has diminished and when all the entertainment returns you can bet the ticket prices will soar. Fireworks should return now, in time for the Memorial Day crowds. As people gather to watch the shows, social distancing improves in other areas of the parks.

  8. Paola

    Only the return of fast pass will have all guess back in the park.

  9. Sharon

    Once the mask mandate is lifted is when people will return. FL DOES NOT HAVE A MASK MANDATE BUT DISNEY DOES? As of Friday mask are not required outdoors.

  10. Merry

    Fireworks are a big draw for nighttime. I would also like to see the light parade return. These were both big draws

  11. Keita

    Yes I think bringing back the fireworks and light show would help since they have down played alot of their other Attractions!!!!

  12. Jeff

    Looking to plan for May 2022 but if fastpass,fireworks,meal plan and face mask requirement not lifted we’ll be spending our money elsewhere!

    1. Candice

      I feel the exact same way. Want to celebrate my daughter’s birthday in May but won’t until meal plans and fireworks are back!

  13. Gary

    Get rid of mask mandate and go back to normal

  14. Sherrylynn

    Require proof of immunization (don’t want to show it, don’t have to go to Disney) and then get rid of mask mandates since children can’t get the vaccine.

  15. Sam

    Literally not planning a trip until:
    1. fireworks are back
    2. Parades are back
    3. mask mandate is lifted and 4. fast passes are back.

    I didn’t even know about the wait to get into resort pools until reading this thread of comments, but that’s another major drawback.

    I would have gone last summer and this summer if they would just lift the restrictions. If you’re scared of COVID, don’t go to Disney. Let those of us who want to live our lives freely do what we want at our own risk.

  16. Gerry

    TJ is back at T of T!!!!

  17. Bobbi

    I’m so tired of hearing people whine about having to wear a mask. What’s the big deal? Ethan off you are vaccinated there are different strains El covid-19 and who’s to say that you are 100% protected? I live up in Michigan we wear our masks every day when we go into stores and things and we just learn to deal with it if that’s the way things are and that’s the way to keep people safe. There are all kinds of different strains out there and just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you’ll get and not going to get one of these strains and get sick we know that the vaccines protect against most covid-19 people but medicine is a science and it’s not a certain protection. As for the fireworks and the Parade’s yes I’d like to see them come back and soon but you need to help protect yourself and your fellow man by wearing those masks and I know the governor of Florida has rescinded that rule I think he’s a little ahead of what is going on and how to protect the entire population and United States of America. I wear a mask so you don’t get anything for me MP a stand-up person and where one to help protect somebody from you!!!

    1. Nick

      There’s so much wrong with what you posted. So much.
      By the way. How did those regulations work in Michigan? Off rhe chart cases
      Texas meanwhile continues to do great with none.
      So keep pretending that mask is a bullet proof vest.
      Also keep thinking that 2 year olds in masks when it’s 90 degrees isn’t cruel.

    2. Eric M

      I think the world is just too dangerous for you and you should just hide in your house

  18. Keith

    Planed on going to Disney the last week of June for the first time but there’s no way I would go to Disney having to wear a dang mask inside the park with that type of heat and humidity ! No one wants to go and spend hard earned money and only get a quarter of the experience.

  19. Janelle

    We just returned from a family trip to Disney. I am a Disney fanatic and I was so disappointed with Disney. We did not see one character, staff was not friendly, and the magic was gone. Definitely will not return until things go back to normal. SeaWorld definitely trumped Disney for sanitation, wait times, and overall enjoyment.

  20. Steven

    I took my family for spring break, the lines werent bad , the magic was still there….is it different now? Yes 100% but i’m not going to let having to wear a mask stop me from going there… def would love for the fireworks shows and the parades to come back which i am sure in time they will

  21. Kim

    Disney is awful now. Has been getting progressively worse the past few years. The restrictions, lack of transportation, shutdowns, limited dining, lack of staff, small parades, no fireworks, absence of characters, etc. Also, they are taking away the family experience. There is a noticeable difference in the level of customer service and today’s cast members. It’s SAD!!!! I’m glad my children are grown and experienced the “old way” at the parks. I feel bad for anyone with littles as it’s not the same. The ticket costs are outrageous for what you get.

    1. Nick

      The problem is so much of the change has been ushered by the people at the top.

      Having people make min money… while wearing masks outside in 90 degrees… while remind people not to take a sip of water when walking….
      It’s all ridiculous and so are the people who defend it. The people who made these rules sit in their AC office building counting their millions. While the regular person suffers.

      1. Jajames

        Bring back the fireworks and the meet and greets how can you have masks in the park when FL had no masks outside Disney your going to lose more money because of keeping it inside the park. I guess I’ll have to be prepared for the worst on my daughters 1st trip smh disney smh

    2. Eric M

      It’s because Disney has an abusive relationship with its fans, Disney continuously charged higher prices while delivering less and less all the while acting like they are doing people a favor by deigning to take their money.

      Nothing will change as long as people keep drinking the Kool-Aid

  22. Nick

    Here’s the thing people. You want things to change. Stop complaining here and email Disney. Tell them that masks outside are pointless and that they need to bring back fireworks. Every day… write a new email. Keep bombarding their inbox. It’s the only way things change.

  23. Big D

    It’s not that hard Disney. Less masks, more money. I’ll guarantee anyone interested in going to crowded amusement park does not want to wear a mask outside in the blazing Florida sun.

    1. Jeff

      I just checked and there are zero park passes available for Magic Kingdom and Disney Studios and only a couple of days of availability in Animal Kingdom for the entire month of June. Sounds like people are voting with their wallets that masks are okay.

  24. Eric M

    Disney stopping the policy of charging more for less will get people back into the parks.

    Disney is way too accustomed to people throwing money at them no matter what they do and it shows.

  25. Michele Razee

    I suppose if you are a real lover of fireworks it would make a difference but for me I could care less whether they have them or not. I’m there for the rides.

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