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Ron DeSantis Disney Cruise

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  1. Interesting. I read how they got around it with the UK in your article. I imagine they will do the same in Florida–take a covid test or show your vaccination card. Either way they get what they want. The big question is how long are they going to require a covid test? When will this be in the rear view mirror? when China or another country invents the next biological warfare weapon and unleashes it on the world

    1. G.G


      1. Nicole

        Whether or not vaccinated, I would not give money to any outfit requiring I give them my personal medical information. It is a step too far. We don’t do it for flu, measles, etc. Treating those who decide not to take an injection of something that is NOT, by their own words, properly tested, as second class citizens is disgusting and discriminatory in my view. Never liked this governor before but I have a new found appreciation for him.

        1. Excellent choice of words

        2. Jeffrey Hersh

          Many countries require proof of vaccination for various diseases before you are allowed in. Your children are required to be vaccinated before attending school. This is common practice.

        3. Carol Rea

          The flu and the measles are not as highly contagious as COVID. More than $600,000 people have died from it since the pandemic began. I don’t think there is anything wrong with showing a card as proof that you were vaccinated. It is like showing your driver’s license. I want to know that the people I am traveling with are vaccinated so that I would be safe from dying of this terrible virus.

          1. Randy E Ferrell

            If you get vaccinated then you will be safe. Don’t worry about what others are doing. If you are scared go get vaccinated!

          2. Connie Meng

            Totally agree…..it is a safety issue for all those on board. I see absolutely nothing wrong with providing proof of vaccination for Covid. You have to show proof of vaccinations for other diseases for traveling to a lot of other countries and no one balks at that.

    2. Michael

      WRONG! A Vaccination Card is a PASSPORT! So NO THEY WILL NOT GET AROUND IT! FL can also BLOCK ACCESS to the PORTS and there is NOTHING the CRUISE LINES CAN DO! FL LAW is LAW it is not “APPLY TO ONLY THOSE THAT WANT IT” The Cruise Lines will lose! Because NEWSFLASH off the SHIPS the Ports and all that Land is under the STATE OF FL! FL can also take away all the CRUISE LINES LICENSE to Operate in FL! Do you think DeSantis and the FL Legislature passes Optional Laws?? Any Business operating in Violation of FL Law can be Closed or Blocked from Operating in the State!

      DeSantis can destroy the Cruise Lines! They are based in FL as well! Check the Headquarters for Carnival, Royal and others!! All based in MIAMI! Under FL LAW!

      The Cruise Lines have NO RIGHT to ask for Vaccine Proof! Then ask for HIV Negative Proof! STD Negative Proof! You want to open Pandora’s Box then get ready!

      The CDC has NO AUTHORITY off those Ships! The State has all the Cards and I would love to see Celebrity, Disney and others dock their Ships with NO PAX able to board!!

      Stay out of People’s Medical Records! Once you Open they can turn that against YOU as well down the road!

      So NO the UK provides NO ROADMAP!! Learn the difference between Feudalism and State Rights vs the Parliamentary System in the UK!

      1. Roberta

        It is an invasion of privacy to access a person’s personal health record! Cruise ship’s will lose big time if they do this!

        1. LZ

          First – this isn’t “accessing” a health record. Second al- care to share exactly what privacy law this violates?

          1. NicoleN

            Well it violates the Geneva convention for starters. As a lawyer I also think we have a right to privacy under the constitution on the same my body, my choice grounds, especially when it comes to an admittedly experimental drug.

      2. Mindy

        Wrong. 99% of cruise lines are based outside of the US. They will simply add more ships to Galveston or Georgia. Florida isn’t the only state on the coast. Get your vaccine, ya scared snowflake.

        1. David

          Texas is right behind Florida..so there goes Galveston!

          1. Nicole


        2. Julie

          I love our Governor but not on this!! We have every right to know whether the people we are sailing with took the precautions to eliminate Covid!!!

          1. brooklyn

            no, you don’t have a right to know who is or isn’t. just like I don’t have a right to ask you to show me all your past medical vaccinations.

          2. Candace

            Actually no you don’t have a right. I don’t have a right to know your medical records and you don’t have a right to. Know mine. However, why aren’t you putting into account those that already have had COVID? Myself and others already have a natural immunity to the virus. When did you all throw out real science?

          3. KenG

            Well then do you have that same “right” walking into a Target or Walmart or at the restaurant that reopened? NO!

            If you are concerned about any of those places (and I understand that) then it is you right not to go! Wait a year.

      3. LZ

        You must not understand any laws what so ever. Cruises fall under federal law, so to suggest CDC has no authority even though there are several laws decades old and reaffirmed through court cases is quite cute if you. Wrong though still.

        1. NicoleNicole

          CDC regulates but Florida controls what it allows in its ports.

      4. Paul

        Yeah, the Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly for over a hundred years disagreeing with you. But what do they know about Constitutional rights?

      5. One would have to be a total f k g moron to board a cruise ship that does not require that all crew and passengers be vaccinated!

    3. Cynthia DeMaio

      Require when the book the cruise to show the documentation

    4. Pixie garcia

      This COVID-19 PANDEMIC may have started in China, but it was not a weapon! Knowledge of the Virus was first received in December 2019 and tRump decided to LIE and call it a Democratic Hoax. tRump continued his LIE by first saying it would disappear as soon as the weather heated up. tRump then LIED saying Hydroxychloroquine would prevent it being gotten. tRump then said we should injest bleach to prevent getting it. When tRump got COVID-19 he was given a drug that was created with using fluid from an aborted fetus that no one but tRump was allowed to get. Any more lies?

  2. -K

    I’m glad to see Florida enforcing this! Absurd to think they are asking people to provide proof of something that is a) personal medical information, which is against the law & b) asking them to provide proof they took a “vaccine” that isn’t even FDA approved which means it truly isn’t a “vaccine” it’s a “trial”! Our country have lost their minds!

    1. ACM

      I hope Florida follows through on this. Why is COVID being singled out. Do the cruise lines make you prove you’ve had the MMR vaccine or any other vaccines? No. TB is contagious in close quarters, yet we don’t have to get a PPD. When we start requiring vaccines for any entrance onto a cruise or amusement park we will be sliding down a slippery slope. Are we going to start doing background checks to be certain we are not allowing sex offenders on cruises or into theme parks as they are more dangerous than COVID, which if we would wash our hands more frequently and use a little more common sense we could avoid. Why would I take a non FDA approved injection(not a vaccine) that I have seen kill off 80% of the elderly that took it? No thanks!

      1. LZ

        People like you have lost their minds. How isn’t this a vaccine; and do you even know what a trial is? You don’t. Period.

        And how is asking against the law? You’ve confused things that don’t relate. Curious too what your excuse will be when these vaccines do get approved; which they will shortly.

      2. LZ

        It is a vaccine. Maybe take a health class before making idiotic comments like that. Curious what stupidity will be said when the vaccines are fully approved in a few months…

    2. RedHead0186

      It is not against the law to ask for someone’s personal health information. Schools ask about vaccination status all the time.

      1. michael

        Children are under AGE!! Adults are Not!! Read HIPAA!! You cannot deny BUSINESS to someone because of Private Medical Info! If so lets KEEP anyone with an STD out of all Businesses!! They are contagious and dangerous and deadly! And spare me the Privacy! You Open Pandora’s Box then be ready for the Consequences!!

        Oh and the State can also BLOCK a BUSINESS that is Based and Operates in FL from INQUIRING about Vaccination Status…because it is NOW FL LAW!!

        1. Q-slayer

          If you think a business asking for proof of vaccination in violation of your rights and HIPPA laws, think again. That would not be considered a HIPAA violation.

          HIPAA applies to health insurance providers and other healthcare-related industries. That would be your physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, dentist, physical therapist. Most healthcare providers would fall into this class.

          Essentially, HIPAA does not apply to the average person outside of healthcare. So, businesses have the right to ask you for proof of vaccination. Even your employer can ask you for proof of vaccination. Whether you tell them or not is a different story, but they are within their legal right to ask.

          1. Nicole

            Doesn’t matter. It’s a violation of the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. Signed your friendly neighborhood civil rights and constitutional lawyer. First person to ask for mine gets a none of your business and a lawsuit.

        2. If you had read HIPPA, it isn’t a violation of it for a business to ask for proof of vaccination. As per the Privacy Rule, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers are all bound by HIPAA. These entities all fall under the umbrella of “covered entities,” and they are bound by HIPAA to the privacy standards it establishes, even if they employ contractors to help them. A business can decline to serve anyone they want as long as they aren’t discriminating against a protected group. Florida can have their law and cruise lines have a right to find other ports for their ships and take the thousands of jobs with them.

        3. LZ

          First – you need to read HIPAA – it doesn’t apply here as a cruise isn’t a “covered entity” under HIPAA law. Also, HIPAA is federal not state.

          Also – cruise ships are their own legal entity, and are not based on FL – they are foreign flagged and operate largely under federal or international laws, not state.

      2. Zil

        Yes and you
        Can opt out and not have vaccinations. This is not giving you that option

    3. G.G

      I agree.

    4. Michael

      Amen! I agree and the Cruise Lines are in deep trouble! They are based in FL and the State can take away their License to Operate in a Heartbeat if they Operate in Violation of FL Law!!

      As well, the State can block any Access to the Ports!!

      CDC has NO AUTHORITY off the Ships!! Amen to Desantis!! These Passports are Garbage! Total Intrusion into Private Medical Records! It is against HIPAA as well!

      1. LZ

        1) ships aren’t based in FL, they are foreign flagged and essential always under federal jurisdiction when in any US water – look at the laws.

        2) CDC has full authority over the ship itself if it is either in or will touch US waters. So “off the ship” as you say may be roughly correct, but is effectively pointless.

        3) states don’t license or give operations to cruises / that is literally CDC who gives certificates to operate under decades old VSP laws.

        And…4) No this isn’t a violation of HIPAA at all – you should read it if you think otherwise. HIPAA only applies to medical providers who fall under covered entities. And ironically, this is also a federal; not state law.

    5. Mindy

      Yeah? Then why do foreign countries require certain shots? Even out own schools require immunization records. You people are delusional. Don’t like it, stay home. That’s what you told the mask wearers. Now it’s our saying.

      1. Nicole

        We have exemptions in many states to the childhood vaccine record requirements, including in my state personal belief exemptions. Apply the same to this one. Isn’t nearly as deadly as the other things we vaccinate against.

    6. Lisa


    7. LZ

      People like you have lost their minds. How isn’t this a vaccine; and do you even know what a trial is? You don’t. Period.

      And how is asking against the law? You’ve confused things that don’t relate. Curious too what your excuse will be when these vaccines do get approved; which they will shortly.

  3. Deborah

    I am tickled to death that the cruise ships will require vaccination proof. I will not go on ANY cruises unless there is some guarantee of vaccinations. Look what the lovely Deathsantis did when that ship full of COVID infected people was turned away from docking in Florida last year. And anyone without proof of a vaccine could/should be turned away at every port. You can’t even visit the Bahamas without proof of vaccination OR getting tested before and during your stay there. Those countries are not beholden to Deathsantis and they make their own rules. The cruise ships could fly their passengers to the Bahamas or Puerto Rico to get on their ships. And our airports are Federal property so too bad Ronnie.

    1. P

      Agreed ?

  4. K

    De Santos is an idiot. Vaccine status on all ships please! And this will be FDA approved shortly – love how people question this but nothing else (cosmetics, cleaning products, what’s in their food). This vaccine has been developed over years and years amongst scientists who’ve dedicated their lives and careers to this – covid just gave it specificity.

  5. Elle

    I absolutely support a private business having their own requirements. There are no federal laws against private businesses requiring vaccinations so any state law is in opposition to legal hierarchy. You can’t even board a ship if you have suspected symptoms of norovirus, does anyone think it’s truly unreasonable for a private business to require this? It’s simple—don’t like, don’t go.

    My bet is that there are enough people willing to pay to go on a vaccine-required cruise line. Tell you what, I’ll continue to pay for my cabin, and anyone’s cabin on my sailings that say they cancel because of vaccine requirements—I’ll move my family of 9 from 3 staterooms to 9 in the blink of an eye and not think twice.

    1. Yass Girl

      You should like, totally just buy the ship! If 80 families cancel, you could like, pay for all of their rooms too and then you could spread your family of 9 across 80 staterooms! Everyone could sleep in a different one for their 3 naps a day while fighting off mRNA generated autoimmune symptoms. Great feedback across the board, thank you.

      1. LZ

        Oh geez – one of those.

        There are no autoimmune symptoms from mRNA vaccines. This is pure BS from fake sources. Hundreds of Millions of people worldwide have received safely.

      2. Gloria

        What is wrong with you people? Desantis is ridiculous. Let him close down Florida cruise ship industry. Wait until he sees how much $$ the state will lose and he will be making amendments to his ridiculous law. A private business can have any requirements they want. You don’t like it, don’t go on a cruise. Plain and simple. Immunizations are required for schools. Are you using the same ideology? That’s your so called private medical history (which no one is asking for by the way)

  6. Scarlet Bromley

    Absolutely they should not be able To ask for Covid vaccine information!!!!

  7. Chelsea

    Since the Flu is more deadly than covid will they start requiring proof of the flu shot as well? Just sayin…

    1. Can you refer me to the site that indicates that this is true?

    2. LZ

      Oh geez – one of those.

      There are no autoimmune symptoms from mRNA vaccines. This is pure BS from fake sources. Hundreds of Millions of people worldwide have received safely.

    3. LZ

      COVID-19 has been at least 10 times more deadly than flu, and much higher infectious rate.

      But to your (stupid) point – yeah, I actually hope they require flu vaccine too. Makes everyone safer, not just your (selfish) self.

  8. Cindy

    This guy is such an idiot. I won’t go on a cruise unless the ship IS asking if you are vaccinated. I WILL NOT if they allow anyone on that isn’t vaccinated or tested right before the cruise. I have a ten year old that isn’t vaccinated yet, so he would be at risk.

  9. Godvaxxedme

    They should have different cruises: vaxxed and non-vaxxed. Problem solved?

  10. G.G

    Hell no, we do not have to show proof of a vaccine to sail. If they force it I hope they will not be permitted to sail in Florida. Last I checked we are still a free country and don’t need papers.

    1. C

      Which part of the millions of laws that you must abide by everyday makes you believe your country allows for freedoms? America is not free, it’s simply a vessel that others are using to monetize their country’s needs and grow. Florida will never ban these ships they bring in revenue and tourism. Call this guy’s bluff.

  11. Robert Lewis

    Good teach these clowns a lesson, their job is to transport people not to be a medical liaison so stupid let it go cruiselines you will lose your shirt if you continue this stupidness!!!

  12. Laura Johnson

    I think the cruises should be allowed to ask for proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test. If people don’t want to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test, then they don’t need to go on a cruise. It’s a way for the cruise lines to protect their guests and crew. I think the governor of Florida is an idiot.

  13. Keith Rhone

    Yes they should ask if you are vaccinated I would go back on a cruise unless I knew most of people were vaccinated. I was a person who went on a lot of cruises.

  14. Marc

    I work in the curse ship Industry and have been out of work sense the ships have been grounded. DeSantos is an idiot. On one hand he’s fighting to get the ships back to florida and on the other he’s fighting with them to stay. That’s problem with this country government have controlled so many aspects of our life’s . You can fight and die for our country at 18. But can buy a beer ?‍♂️ Let the ships do what ever it takes to get them back to business and get the people back to work

  15. Ben

    The Florida law is unconstitutional. Private businesses have the right to ask for whatever information they want, and customers have the right to not do business with them if they don’t like it. I personally don’t care. This Florida law won’t last long. Especially if it continues to hit Florida’s pocketbook.

    1. Even though this law is anti-business and impacts safety, I don’t believe that it is unconstitutional.

  16. Tammy

    They should absolutely require vaccination records. If someone develops Covid as a result of the cruise, who do you think they are going after? Disney has lost enough money, they need to safeguard against unnecessary future losses. After all, eventually that loss ends up costing those of us who enjoy everything Disney!

  17. Diana

    I think Cruise Lines should be able to ask for proof of vaccine. There is no other way for them to comply with the CDC guidelines. This ability to require vaccination prior to cruising should only be a temporary measure however, until it is determined that the threat of COVID spread for those unvaccinated is gone. Taking a cruise is a choice, not an essential and passengers who choose not to be vaccinated make that choice. So if you want to cruise get vaccinated or don’t take a cruise.

  18. A. Gnall

    I would like the vaccines to achieve full FDA approval first. I don’t see how it’s legal to require it prior to full FDA approval.

  19. Ellen

    I will support any cruise line that enforces the vaccine proof. Desantis has over reached, again. Ships are licensed in foreign countries not the U.S. If you don’t want the shot, stay off planes, trains and ships.

  20. Chris

    This policy should be throughout the entire country.

    Asking for proof of vaccination is absurd.

    I am not opposed to the vaccines, but I am definitely opposed to making the mandatory or requiring proof. It is a very dangerous, slippery slope to go down and if you don’t believe me, then you don’t know history well enough.

    1. Star Burst

      Yes Chris exactly! This “show me your papers” mentality is very disturbing. It didn’t work out very well the first time around. Let’s not let that step be taken again.

    2. brooklyn

      Exaclty! Here’s how slippery a slope it’s becoming across other countries. In Australia, they are trying to implement police legislation that if you do not get the vaccination, then you will not be promoted and will not receive a pay increase. Only vaccinated people can. And yes this is true! My source is my best mate, a detective in Sydney, NSW.

  21. Nicolle

    Yes, absolutely require vaccines! Desantis is a moron! If you don’t want to share your personal health information that is your choice but then you don’t get to cruise. Taking a cruise is not a “right”, it is choice and a privilege. It’s the same as saying a restaurant can’t post no shirt, no shoes no service. You have the right to refuse and they have the right to not serve you. Cruises with unvaccinated people will be super spreaders and then ports won’t let them dock. You want to be stuck out at sea for an extra 2 weeks stuck in a tiny room because
    Half the cruise has Covid?? Plain stupid!

  22. Hell no it’s a HIPA VIOLATION

    1. LZ

      What is HIPA!?

      I assume you meant HIPAA – but given you can’t type it correctly, you may be shocked to know HIPAA doesn’t cover asking for information only transmission. Even if you can claim asking is covered, it only applies to covered entities (ie medical facilities) anyway.

      Maybe try reading about it more before making that claim.

  23. Chas

    We should be required to show proof ic everybody got their vaccines we would bd whole lot better off

  24. SkippingSweeper

    I don’t think it matters at this point. With bulk of states not requiring masks and stores not being able to ask about PHI, going on a cruise is no different exposure than going to the store in the rest of the USA. You can’t ask personal questions and people will lie anyways. Just follow the guidelines of the state.

  25. Mindy

    Time to drop Florida. There are other coastal states cruise ships can go to. Either that, or simply require proof online 72 hours before departure like Hawaii does, since many come from outside Florida. Disney will protect their brand name before they’ll allow a ship to become the next Princess stuck in port.

  26. Spencer

    looking at this comment section was a mistake.

  27. Sarah

    They can ask
    All they want to. This law makes sure that your answer doesn’t matter.

  28. Jeanne

    If Hawaii can require you to have a retest before arriving then any cruise line should be able to also. I have no problem showing my card so tberefore I shouldnt need a retest. Vaccine booklets were used ages ago for travel so what is the big deal?

  29. Dj02184

    The state of Florida has no right to meddle in the affairs of a private enterprise. That right is reserved for the Federal government in the US Constitution. The state is risking fines and sanctions if they were to collect $1.

  30. David

    It’s none of anyone’s business when and if someone has the vaccine. If you have the vaccine then you should be safe. So if it makes you feel better get the vaccine..don’t worry about me! I hope they get massively fined for every brake of the law.

  31. I think all states should follow his lead . There has been a lot of loss already . Loss of jobs , housing , security of living in a free county . We need to get back to normal . Kids need back in school , people need back to work . Business need to be fully open . Enough is enough .
    No vax .card no more mask . Stop the fear .

    1. Rick

      All states don’t have a governor whose only goal is to get the next nomination for president and will do whatever it takes to make him look like he knows how to take charge.

  32. Kirk

    Remember when a Baker refused to take an order for a gay wedding cake. The state of Florida filed an amicus brief stating that businesses have the right to refuse to accept. Why DeSantis thinks that a business refusing to allow to accept a passenger for not showing the bare minimum of protection against the pandemic.

  33. Keith

    It’s pretty simple really. You can shout all you want about your “freedom” but Disney’s position has (and will) always be about guest safety above everyone else because the first person that contracts the virus will sue them. This minimizes the risk. If you don’t like it don’t sail. It’s their call and frankly it’s in their best interest to err’ on the side of caution.

    But If FL wants to keep this half-arsed attempt at quasi-patriotism to appease the tin foiled hat crowd then if I were Disney I would say “screw you FL” and sail out of another port. The money that company brings into that butt-backwards thinking state believe me they’ll cave. Money talks and BS walks

  34. Julie

    I love our Governor but not on this!! We have every right to know whether the people we are sailing with took the precautions to eliminate Covid!!!

  35. Joan

    According to my travel agent, who talked to a cruise line agent (not Disney), the lines think they’ll be able to ask for vaccination status without penalty, because the ports are federal property, and thus under federal rather state jurisdiction.
    I hope so, because I want to start cruising again!! I have five cruises scheduled between late October and Christmas.

  36. M.

    The more I hear about this governor, the more I wish I could trade our horrible Herr Governor for him.

  37. TLB

    No, I don’t think anyone should require proof of vaccinations. If you’ve been vaccinated then you don’t need to be worried about whether someone else has been vaccinated or not.

    1. MaxPower

      What a moronic and selfish statement. Not everyone can get the vaccine (young, immunocompromised, etc), so not everyone can protect themselves.

    2. LZ

      You are right, you don’t think. The comment above explains one of many reasons why, but wanted to reaffirm your statement 😉

  38. Steve

    The cruise industry should up and leave Florida. Construct new facilities in Georgia or South Carolina. Use NO and Galveston more.
    All that lost revenue will cause DeSantis to squeal like a stuck pig

    1. Susan Anstett

      I totally agree!!!!

  39. Roberta Murphy

    This is crap! Every cruise asks for proof of shots even before Covid! We had to show proof on our cruise to Alaska in 2019. Why wouldn’t you want to keep everyone safe? If you want to go on a cruise, get the shot… if you don’t want the shot then don’t go on a cruise!

  40. Brooklyn

    Way to go! I have been against asking for proof or implementing such procedures from the beginning. I think it’s crap as well that HIPPA does not extend to private enterprises. They should be covered entities too!

  41. Van Hamlin

    Okay, small thinkers! If you have had your shots, it is immaterial if others have had their shots. You are protected. If you want extra protection, then you wear your mask. It doesn’t matter if others have been vaccinated.
    If you did not choose to be vaccinated, I wouldn’t go on cruise to some place where you might be exposed. The other unvaccinated travelers may infect you. Wear your mask.

  42. kelvin

    I’m waiting for a class action law suit! Not legal here in CA to ask. They can and people can always BUY a fake vaccine card on-line…

  43. Mickeba

    Let Floriduh enforcer their law and don’t sail out of Floriduh! Find. A port north of Floriduh to sail out of, or run west coast cruises and to hell with Floriduh. I love how GOP thugs like Gov. Disatrous think private business is free to do whatever they want in cheating their way out of taxes or abusing people but when it serves their needs, these thugs are the biggest bullies around.

  44. Jesse

    Ugh do all of y’all want some cheese to go with your wine? Seriously private enterprises aren’t run by state laws, plus I firmly believe that the greater good of people’s health goes above peoples privacy when there is still uncertainies that people are not going to get infected even if they are vaccinated. What happens when the virus mutates again and becomes stronger than what the vaccine can handle? Are Disney’s cruise ships just going to become like the plague ships of old?

  45. Jan

    They will not get around it. I would prefer to travel with vaccinated people so that we would not be required to wear masks, as required by the CDC.

    1. Susan Anstett

      Me too!!! Cruise ships should offer a deep discount for vaccinated people, I bet those non-vaccers would line up in a heartbeat!!!

  46. Rroe

    I’ve got nothing to hide and I personally want to make sure I have peace of mind in who I’m traveling with.

  47. Castle Knight

    The more I hear about this governor, the more I like him.

  48. Rapscallion

    None of this vaccine paperwork! Time to get back to normal and we can’t do it while everyone continues to live in fear.

  49. Candace

    I love DeSantis and Florida for this. This experimental shot should not be required. It is still in its testing period, not even FDA approved. It is only approved for emergencies. However, people have forgot true science. Those like myself who had COVID, built up an immunity to COVID. Does that mean I can’t get it again? No that means my body knows how to fight it and I won’t get as sick as I did before. Same thing this so called shot is supposed to do. I call it a shot because it was formulated a bit different. Research it.
    Also, passports should not be required, as someone pointed out why is COVID only being singled out, what about all the various viruses we have? This is a very slippery slope we should not go down.

  50. This vaccine was for emergency use.SORRY but some people don’t want to be the governments lab rats. REMEMBER HIPAA LAWS?? GOVERNMENT needs to stay out of American citizens medical history.

  51. SG

    Vote DeSantis out the first chance we get! And

  52. Susan Anstett

    I believe Disney should be a leader in this request for vaccinations to be a requirement!!! Also, I’ve read Norwegian Cruise lines will not sail out of Florida if they continue with that law. I am fully vaccinated and will only sail on ships that require it. Once Florida losses money they will remove that law. I hope!
    Stick to your guns Disney, require proof, keep your staff and guests safe ☺️

  53. Let Disneys Lawyers Handel The (fool) of a Governor and do what they need to do to keep EVERY passenger safe. If this is a problem for some,then don’t go.

  54. Jeffrey Hersh

    This “law” is an obvious violation of free speech rights. Disney needs to seek an injunction from a Federal Court.

  55. Brie

    Totally love DeSantis. If you want vaccinated, go for it. If you don’t, don’t. But limiting access to society based on a personal medical decision is sick. Funny how “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply here. I will spend my vacation dollars elsewhere (have enough for three to four vacations a year) rather than support the Un-American practice of requiring vaccinations for entry.

  56. Joe

    Definitely agree with and applaud Florida for protecting people’s privacy. If people want to get the Covid vaccine that’s great. If not that’s their business.

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