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One of the most exciting news college students have heard over the past few days is that the Disney College Program (DCP) was returning!

After many DCP participants had their 2020 program cut short, and many hopeful College Program participants wanting to work for the Walt Disney Company were left unsure of their future opportunities, Disney finally decided it was time to bring back the program. The Disney College Program typically brings on over 10,000 participants as Cast Members, which makes up a very large portion of their staff, so to see the program return means that Disney is ready to get back to normal!

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Disney College Program
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2020 Disney College Program participants had the upper hand during applications and were able to apply for the program once again if they wanted to first, and now, it seems that acceptances have already begun to go out. If we take a look on Twitter, we can see that DCP applicants have begun to celebrate their acceptance.

Fenn (@btxt_gays) said:

I just got accepted to the Disney College Program!! I’m so excited 

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Tatiana (@TatianaBuford) seems to be one of the many 2020 participants that had their program end very early, but is now returning!

Nia…I got accepted into the Disney College Program again after covid cancelled my initial program last April

Daniel (@dhohman99) explained that he would be returning to make some magic in one month!

Last year I got into the Disney College Program only for it to be canceled a month before I was scheduled to go.

Funny how life goes sometimes, as now I find myself once again a month away from arriving to participate in the Disney College Program.

I’m so excited!!!

Although it was unfortunate many DCP participants had their programs cut short due to COVID-19, the ability for them to return now is almost a blessing in disguise because the new College Program housing is ready! Flamingo Crossing Village is the new DCP home and it is truly stunning. With brand new appliances, modern looks, game rooms, pools, common areas, and more, participants will be living in luxury for an affordable cost.

Flamingo Crossings Hotel
Credit: Screenshot Hilton

Plus, Disney has also just offered gender-neutral housing, where participants can pick who they want to live with, regardless of their gender.

Flamingo Crossings Village
Credit: Flamingo Crossings Village

If you plan on applying to the Disney College Program in the future, be sure to take our tips and tricks, which you can find here.

As time passes, more acceptances will continue to go out, and we wish the best of luck to all those applying! Inside the Magic cannot wait to see you all create magic once again.

Did you apply for the Disney College Program now that it has returned? Do you plan to in the future?

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