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Kilimanjaro safari line

Credit: @Kryptonlogic


  1. The Clever Carny

    Interesting how you misspelled “The Clever Carny” twice, both in the formatted name and the @handle.

  2. Bob

    Current “wait times” are a clear indication that current Disney Park Management has no interest nor plan to reduce guest “wait times”. Currently, a guest goes to a Disney Park and needs to stand in-line, with their entire family, for most if not all of the park day. The message needs to get across to current Disney Park Management that this is just not acceptable.

    1. Rob

      Noone atands in lines all day. Part of the buisness is waiting in line. Thats just how it is. If an attraction is that popular and you wana ride it then suck it up and wait like everyone else. “Unacceptable “ dont make me laugh. Aggravating, boring, annoying are the adjectives Id use for sure but “unacceptable”? What are you a princess?

      1. LisaP

        Have you been lately? I’ve been many many many times at ALL times of the year and it was ridiculous last week!

    2. Lisa P

      I agree! They should bring back fastpasses even if it’s just to distribute people through the park! I was there last week and EVERYONE runs to the most popular ride in each park! (Except me) Fastpasses help distribute people through out the park so everyone doesn’t have to run to the same attraction all at once.

  3. DatMonkey

    Still not time to bring back fastpass? The lines are not going to get shorter.

    1. Rob

      Fastpasses dont make the lines shorter. If anything they make them longer for those that dont have one for a certain attraction. Ive waited just as long for soarin and FOP with a fastpass as others waited in standby. Disney is in high demand and people need to get used to it and stop whining

      1. Cheri

        Or just bring back fastpasses and people that don’t care to plan ahead can all stand in rediculously long lines and waste a good chunk of their day.

        1. Elizabeth Cavallaro

          Fast passes, more shows more stores and more restaurants.

    2. Elizabeth Cavallaro

      Fast passes, more shows more stores and more restaurants.

  4. TraceY

    Wait time was 25 minutes per the user who posted the pic

    1. Janice McGrath

      Only 25 minutes? I’ve waited in lines at the grocery store longer than that.
      Granted, we’re coming down the second week of June after all the schools get out, so I’m expecting longer… for both!?

  5. Johnathan S Collins

    Lol people in the comment will cry about everything. Just left with the family and when we went on the safari ride we got in the line on the bridge going into Africa and it is a steady moving line you don’t stand in one spot long at all it was 55min wait but it was bare able. Some people just gotta get off their high horse. And before anyone says anything we sat in the line with a 12, 7 and 1 year old. Just be patient and wait your turn. They also have an awesome rider swap for the parent with smaller children so that one parent can wait outside the ride then once the other gets off you get to go thru the fast pass line and bring up to 2 people with you so if you have 2 bigger kids they get to ride again

    1. LisaP

      It sounds like people don’t know what it was like just in 2019 pre-covid. I was there last week and the lines were crazy ridiculous and most people were NOT social distancing so that wasn’t a factor. They haven’t even got to there busy season yet! I go every year, sometimes twice and I’ve NEVER seen lines like that!

  6. Amy K Gaskin

    Good things come to those who wait. Teach children patience. You are not entitled to not stand in line. You have a choice to come back later or not get in the line.

  7. Of course there are long lines! They cannot let 100% of people in the park as it is. Plus, I never complained about waiting in long lines! It’s Walt Disney World! As far back as I can remember, there were always long lines. Did anyone think they were going to be shorter after the Pandemic? Get a grip!

    1. Patrick

      They are definitely at least back to 50%

  8. Pamela Dixon

    While the waiting can be ridiculous, my hope is virtual queues. Still a wait but at least some of it can be spent doing something else.

  9. Shawn

    I would rather wait an hour 6ft from people than wait an hour cramped together I kinda hope some sort of social distancing stay forever I’m tired of people I don’t know being on top of me in line.

  10. Jennie Duncan

    Waiting is part of the Disney experience! It teaches both children and adults patience!
    I hope to God they DON’T make virtual queues a thing!

  11. Patrick

    We were just there days ago and the line went into the village. Moved fairly quickly with very little social distancing in line. November everyone stayed on the marker. This last week no one in any park seemed to pay attention to them.

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