Rumors Swirl of Depp Wanting to Return to ‘Pirates’, Will it Happen?

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When Disney fans think of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, one character instantly comes to mind, and that is Johnny Depp’s, Jack Sparrow.

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If you are a fan of both Depp and his quirky pirate character, you may have already heard that he will not be appearing in Pirates of the Caribbean 6. From what has been said, it seems Depp received the boot from Disney due to the current legal controversy surrounding both him and his ex-wife Amber Heard (Aquaman). The two are locked in a $150 million legal battle in which Heard has depicted Depp as a domestic abuser, while Depp continues to refute those claims.

johnny depp as jack sparrow
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After losing his libel battle against U.K. tabloid The Sun, Johnny Depp also lost the role of Jack Sparrow. Although we do not know too much about Pirates of the Caribbean 6, we do know that Margot Robbie is stepping in, in what will be a female-led version of the franchise where the actress will be portraying a Jack Sparrow leading role. That being said, Depp’s fans have not faltered standing by his side, and fighting to have the character reappear in the franchise.

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A petition has been circulating for quite some time that fans created to bring Johnny Depp back to Jack Sparrow, and it has since surpassed its 500,000 signature goal by more than 100,000. #JusticeforJohnnyDepp has also surged plenty of times on Twitter from supportive fans of the actor.

johnny depp as jack sparrow
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Now, we have heard a rumor that hints Johnny Depp hopes to return to Pirates of the Caribbean, but let’s take a look at if that would make sense.

We have seen Disney remove actors in the past who were seen in a more controversial spotlight such as Gina Carano being removed from the popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Disney has also made a point to rid racial elements from their theme parks including reimagining Splash Mountain into Princess and the Frog, as well as reworking the storyline on the Jungle Cruise.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that Disney did choose to forgo Jack Sparrow in their upcoming film, considering he has only been proven guilty in court at this point. Considering the film is taking an all-female route, his personal life accusations which are highly publicized would not mesh well from a public relations standpoint, even though the official court case has not yet been had. Considering the steps Disney has already taken, it seems unlikely that the company will take the actor back until his name has been cleared.

He has also reportedly been ban from Netflix, and Warner Bros. removed him from Fantastic Beasts, so Disney is not alone in their decision.

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Plus, as we have previously reported, Johnny Depp has said that he does not miss Jack Sparrow, as Jack Sparrow is loyal to him. From this, it does not seem that Depp even feels like he lost the character, as he always has the costume on him and the character in his back pocket. For him to say this, and then to say that he wants back in the film as the rumor states, would be a little juxtaposing.

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That being said, his fan’s love for him in the franchise is overwhelming. If we search “Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean” on Twitter, the amount of love that fans are still pouring out to the actor is immense.

Pancake (@nos3um) said:

If Johnny depp isn’t in the new pirates of the Caribbean movies I simply will not watch them

Kota Litefoot (@KotaLifefoot) Tweeted some advice to Disney, sticking up for Depp:

Word of advice #Disney. Don’t make a 6th Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp. Regardless of what’s going on with him, you can’t make it without him. Taking #JackSparrow out of pirates is like taking Indiana Jones out of Indiana Jones. It’ll never work.

Beb Loves Loki (@hometoharryx) shared a similar sentiment saying:

don’t bother making a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, if you’re not gonna have the heart of the franchise that is Johnny Depp in it.

that man IS Pirates of the Caribbean. he built the franchise with his unique character. he IS Jack Sparrow


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Lexi Rockwell is another “Depphead” who wrote to Disney:

@Disney made a huge mistake firing #JohnnyDepp from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. We Deppheads want Captain Jack Sparrow back.

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In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Jack Sparrow is still alive and well, and it seems the film ends with Davy Jones coming back. Keeping Sparrow around for the next film to battle it out with Jones would make perfect sense, so if Disney did change their mind, it likely would make more sense story-wise to bring Depp back. Plus, with the fan love Depp possesses, the film’s success would be guaranteed, whereas, without him, many may choose to boycott the movie. 

That being said, this is all speculation based upon a rumor, and as it stands, Depp will not be in the film.

Do you think that Pirates of the Caribbean can stand successful without Depp?

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