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  1. Nick

    You mean, do I want disney to follow the science and admit that mask wearing outside, especially with young children… is ridiculous and stupid? Well… duh.
    There is no transmission outside and forcing guests and forcing workers into confrontations over this stupid rule… is well… stupid.

    I’m fine with masks inside even for vaccinated people. On buses. Rides. Lines. But outside as you walk around in 90 degree weather. It’s stupid.

    1. Sam

      Keep the masks and social distancing. It doesn’t hurt and you don’t know who is or isn’t vaccinated

      1. JESS

        There is science that it DOES HURT. Lower quality air, heat exhaustion, decreased ability to communicate, and 3x more likely to touch your face which causes increased risk of disease transmission.

      2. Me

        It does hurt. Your health is your responsibility. YOu can choose to vaccine or not. Stay home or not.

  2. Peter k

    Article should be corrected. Cdc stated that fully vaccinated don’t need to wear masks Indoors or outdoors, even in crowds, and dropped the social distancing rules with exception of hospitals and public transportation. Article just mentioned outdoors. I wonder what disney will do with this and how long it will take for them to change policy

  3. Mike

    While the Governor of Florida has stated he will not allow “vaccine passports” there might be some wiggle room with the parks as long as they do not make it mandatory to visit the park… i.e. if I, as a vaccinated person want to visit without my mask on I can volunteer my vaccination status (card?). I can still very much “participate in society” and enjoy the parks should I decide not to show my vaccination, I would just have to do it with my mask on.

  4. Sandy

    I hope that Disney World and the other parks start to follow CDC guidelines regarding mask wearing. If the park is at 35% capacity, and outdoor masks are no longer required, and I am fully vaccinated, why do we still need to wear one? I don’t want to visit the parks until I am no longer required to wear a mask. Disney needs to get on board… soon!

    1. Sue

      Why do you need to wear one Bc there is no proof the vaccine works. Why do you think they told you to still wear one. It’s all a bunch of bull with this mask shit already. If you are that scared wear one. If not don’t. This is not China. But then again that’s what they want. They want to scare people. And Disney will kiss there ass no matter . As long as people say it dosent bother them to walk around with a mask on in 90 plus weather Disney will not change. Universal and sea world will sooner

  5. Mikedamaskless

    Come on Universal, follow the science.

  6. Carlos

    Important reminder to everyone, the new guideline is for fully vaccinated people, and I would say over 50% of the people who attend Disneyland are under the age of 12 and can’t get vaccinated, I’m almost positive either masks on everyone or a proof of vaccination will be required to enter the park. I’m perfectly OK with this. For some reason anti vaxers think they got a free pass today when all its going to is force them to wear masks in the parks .

    1. Amy

      Asking for vaccine status is illegal in Florida, and are you really going to have adults not wearing masks with kids wearing masks?

      I think the likely path is masks not required outdoors, but required indoors. For everyone.

      1. Jeff

        Incorrect. They can ask for vaccine status, they just can’t deny you entry/service if you don’t want to show it. As far as theme parks, what that could mean is a change where if you want to be able to go without the mask, you have to be willing to provide proof of vaccination. Otherwise, you don’t get denied entry, but you do have to continue to wear the mask…which can be enforced with wristbands like they did for temp check proof at Universal last year.

        1. Sue

          Not in the state of Florida. Governor immediately banned vaccine passports and any requirement to be vaccinated to go anywhere directly in response to Disney. We are in this mess about masks and temperatures due to Bob Iger NOT SCIENECE! There is NO science that can conclusively confirm that masks prevent the spread of any known disease or virus. That is the science. You enter the park at your own risks. If you want o wear a mask go for it. BUT DO NOT PUSH YOUR IDEAOLOGY ON OTHERS.

          1. ditchthefacediaper


        2. jo

          U got it jeff. I am vaccinated. Give me a wrist band. If you don’t have a band, wear a mask and bring back all the entertainment already. Fireworks, parades, meet and greet and hug, dining, fast pass, all the magic that make 4-5 thousand dollars worth it.

          1. I agree! They have taken away so much. I was on the phone for 40 minutes trying to pay for our trip! It is all so out of whack!

        3. Ric

          Actually HIPAA laws apply here. Disney does not have the right to ask for your medical information.

        4. Laura

          Since… once past tge gate they cant tell WHO is vaccinated or not…everyone will have to be masked until this mess is over. I wish temp checks became permanent…. for the next batch of “non-vax” folks coming in with measles or flu or whatnot. No more “Disneyland Measles epidemic ” feeds! Disneyland didn’t cause that, selfish people did

  7. Laura Denk

    I believe Universal & Disney should follow CDC guidelines.

    1. Sue

      NOTE: the CDC offers guidelines – ONLY guidelines – there is littler science nor medical backing to their guideline. We under NO obligation to follow these guidelines.

  8. TacoCat

    Where is the proof someone has been vaccinated without showing a card, which you don’t have to? People have been known to lie. So, How are you supposed to really know who has been vaccinated or not? Lots of wiggle room here.

    1. Sue

      Because it is against privacy, HIPPA and ADA laws not to mention how unconstitutional it is.
      You enter at your own risk.
      No mask no vaccine no social distancing has ever been needed. Remember it was Bob Iger who first introduced these ideas NOT Dr. Fauci NOT the CDC.

    2. Light Wing

      TacoCat, why would anyone need to lie? If someone chooses to not be vaccinated at this time they are comfortable with whatever level of risk they have. If you are vaccinated, why do you care. You can’t get it, correct? If you are scared you could get it, then what was the point of being vaccinated to begin with? This whole “show me your papers!” mentality is very disturbing. Let us not forget our history, lest we repeat the mistakes of the past.

  9. Discover The Magic

    The easiest thing to do is to just shutter all of the theme parks down permanently, forever. Problem solved. They are not that important anyway. Life goes on. Lol ?

    1. Sue

      PERFECT! Love it.

  10. SG

    Thank you Disney for being conservatwhen our Governor is being too liberal!

    1. Bryan

      If I go to a theme park it will just be Water Parks for now. You need to just wear a mask for less than a minute just to enter and exit and the rest of the day you don’t need to worry about it.

      Any place like Disney forcing you to wear a mask all day isn’t getting my money

  11. jo

    All this time Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Six Flags, all other theme parks, Dollywood, have claimed CDC says…. We are following CDC… Well name we will see if their words have backing or are they just making excuses and using CDC as a crutch.

    1. K

      Technically, if they were following CDC guidelines prior to this news, they wouldn’t be open to even the capacity at which they’re operating presently. I feel most places have come to the point of only following what’s convenient. I think the whole CDC guidelines thing is just a blind statement of “we don’t know wha the heck we’re doing, but we’re just going with it enough that angry people won’t shut us down”.

      A theme park isn’t a necessity, thus, they should just operate as normal and if people want to voluntarily wear masks, they can, if they don’t want to, go for it. A year ago, it made sense to mask because our bodies were still newly exposed to an unknown virus. 12+ months later, even with micro-exposures, our bodies have begun to create its own defense. If you’re too concerned about exposure to the point of making everyone wear a mask at a theme park in 90+ degree weather, maybe YOU should be the one staying home.

      1. jo

        Maybe it’s time to let people get back to normal and show vaccination card to get in places. Maybe the rest of the slackers will get on board with vaccine or stay home. I have been vaccinated and I want my vacation back.

      2. jo

        Let us guess K. you aren’t vaccinated. LOL

  12. jo

    Its not just loosing the mask. Disney needs to get back to normal. I wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars and go Disney now even without a mask. They need to return to parades, fireworks, dining, character meet and greet, fast passes, shows. Halloween. Normal Disney. I have never been to Universal. Maybe I will try it without masks. I don’t know what their normal is.

  13. Tico

    One would assume these guidelines would apply to those who have had Covid and recovered as well? After all, there is no protection conferred from a vaccine that isn’t already conferred by having had the virus and having fought it off on your own.

  14. Shelley

    I’m spending thousands of dollars to take my 13-year-old granddaughter to Disneyland in two weeks…
    NO Phantasmic, NO World of color, NO Blue bayou café, NO Parade, NO Fireworks, NO Carnation Café,
    !!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!
    COME ON DISNEYLAND…. let us make our own choices and take our own chances with our own bodies.

  15. So much for following the science Disney. Even the CDC has stated that cloth and paper surgical masks do nothing to block the coronavirus. Disney your full blown woke at this time.

    1. Wokenessisdestroyingus

      You just now realizing this. Them canceling the classic cause someone stated Prince Charming was sexually harrassing the princesses a while back didn’t clue you in.

  16. Tamara Dowd

    As long as people are still willing to pay the high prices for low entertainment, Disney will do and charge whatever they want.

  17. Laura

    I wear glasses and masks have been a pain in that regard. Otherwise I don’t even notice it. CDCsays 8% of fully vaccinated people have CAUGHT COVID-19….. that is a 100% HIT for the family involved.
    I dont like masks….BUT I want them continued while we ease things like social distancing and indoor ride cues.
    Masks are a top protection after immunity …. so wear the darn things a couple of months longer so we can continue to enjoy reopening the parks. Don’t get selfish and stupid

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