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  1. David Kinsman

    I was not impressed with how the parks were operated under Mr. Chapel. Have not seen much improvement in the operation of the entire company.

    1. Joe

      Just bring back fastpass… .. and park hopping at anytime!!!

  2. Btannen

    That’s because they have too much white privilege

  3. J

    After the announcement of the new “loyalty “ program, I’m not a fan of Chapeks.

  4. Jay

    Iger allowed woke-ism to alienate half the Disney fan base. Chapek is nothing but a dullard following in Igers footsteps. He looks like my thumb.

  5. BlueFairy

    Chapek is horrible. He’s not personable, at all and reads his video messages like a scripted robot. You can’t just direct-to-consumer everything. DPEP is the company’s bread and butter and he’s running it into the ground.

    Promote Josh D’Amaro to CEO. He has a heart and took the fall for the furloughs when Chapek played chess and reorganized twice in 3 months.

    If you want a good product, you need happy guests, Cast Members and a great business model. Chapek has tunnel vision and only wants $$$. Hardly holistic.

  6. Glen

    I don’t think Bob Chapek understands Disney magic at all. His philosophy towards the parks and hotels seems to be “give the people less, and charge them more!” It won’t be too long before my annual Disneyland vacation will be unobtainable, and ONLY for the super rich.

  7. Gerald Pearson

    I believe Bob Chapek is terrible CEO for Disney! He only cares about charging as much as he possibly can and giving you less. I don’t feel valued customer only someone with money in my pocket that he wants.
    When Bob Iger was CEO I felt important and valued. Under Mr. Igers leadership I believe we received a high quality experience for a fair price and I never felt gouged. I also felt like a Disney family member but that no longer exists.
    We are Disney Vacation Club members also and will continue to visit the resorts but will try to avoid the parks as the price and structure for park tickets are ridiculous. Thank goodness a few years ago we bought many park hopper tickets with no expiration dates that we treat like gold today.
    I will be glad when Disney replaces Chapec and starts to rebuild the mess he created.

  8. Dorothy Gasparro

    Bring Iger back. Disney needs a CEO with a soul, Someone who understands the product as well as the loyal customers. that’s what impacts the financials. Chapek is not that guy.

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