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black widow cast poster

Credit: Marvel

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  1. Robert Szemeti

    Well, i think the clue to taskmasters identity is simply how marvel generally pits their heros or heroines against a similar villian, looking at black panther for example, killmonger in the Jaguar suit, vs T’Challa’s Panther suit, generally a mirror villian. that sort of thing…
    I don’t think its O.T Fagbenle, its way too obvious, i feel its someone more close to nastasha,
    The subtle hints of Dreykov’s Daughter in the past movies, makes me think its Florence Pugh, there isn’t a scene in the trailers that pit yelena vs taskmaster, probably because taskmaster is both yelana and dreykovs real daughter, not a real blood relation to natasha.
    Dreykov seems to be very involved with taskmaster basically mind controlling.
    It would seem to fit the marvel studios twist factor, that yelana is the villian

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