Comments for Amber Heard Reportedly Probed By LAPD, Facing Years of Jail Time

amber heard as mera (left) and johnny depp as captain jack sparrow (right)

Credit: Warner Bros./Disney


  1. Kim

    Mr. Depp should not have been fired. Rehire him Disney

    1. Exactly!!!!

      1. Loren Halbersberg

        This is no surprise these women for whatever reason make up lies to destroy these men and its sick and sad .they need to be punished and learn a lesson themselves as to all the damage their lies have caused.same with mm and the me to idiots .enough is enough these women need to be taught a lesson

        1. God Himself

          This is one woman, not “these women,” and the vast majority of them are telling the truth. And “taught a lesson?” You are a psychopath, dude. Only punks hit women.

          1. Camron T Shelton

            It’s actually a lot of women, since I’m personally a victim of worse than what Depp has faced, and being the field of Psychology, I assure you that Borderline Personality is a serious disorder that many women have. Some are extremely abusive, so the statement that THESE women should he punished is extremely ACCURATE. They’re extremely manipulative and destroy people’s lives, just as Heard has done to Johnny, and they should be punished for their crimes against humanity.

        2. God Himself

          This is one woman, not “these women.” The vast majority are telling the truth. And “taught a lesson?” You are a psychopath. Only punks hit women.

          1. Runningwolf

            It’s as if you read his comment but comprehended %2 of it….shame on you “God” ?

          2. Runn wolf

            Really? Smdh

          3. Savage Lynx

            Wo/men who marry for money are one thing, which seems meek compared to “these wo/men” who I think we’re calling con-artist wo/men that target a love interest to take all they can and ruin them. How dare he not let her divorce him years later and get half. He GAVE half to Vanessa when he left her. I think that’s how he really lost most of his money but he’s not blaming her for it! She is making a cause out of it, but she is well aware early into the relationship that the relationship has become abusive. They both come from abusive families. She took advantage of what she knew she could provoke him to do to make a cool 7 mils. Once he insisted she sign a post-nup.

        3. Sarah

          I think she has made up quite a bit of false allegations just to get back or get even with him for whatever the reason but ruining someone’s life by lying about something so serious as this, she deserves to be punished and go to jail for perjury!

        4. Lairen

          You sound like you have issues. “These women need to be taught a lesson?” The hell?

      2. D.Hitswater

        It’s just another example how unfair all male/female interactions are. Doesn’t matter what the truth is…just what the woman says. Even now with this evidence the the woman was lying….the man lost his job – not the female… even though they have the same employer. And all this “woke, me too, cancel culture that the press keeps alive is to blame.

        1. Joy Davis-squires

          She is a disgusting excuse of a human being and the sun newspaper are as much to blame for ruining a mans life! the only time anyone should buy that rag is if they are out of toilet paper

        2. Anne Adams

          Right on, right on!

      3. Lisa Evans

        Women, please stop lying just because you know that a lot of the time you get away with it. We know there are some guilty men out there, but this is not one of them. Stop trying to ruin this man’s life.

        1. Debi Lackey

          I agree. I heard conversations that Johnny Depp taped between the two of them and she admitted wrongdoing. She admitted that she had a bad temper and was violent at times. I think Heard should be held accountable

      4. RLee

        If Heard lied it is an injury to women /men who are abused and I hope she will be held truly accountable

      5. Michele L Bogle

        She should be fired and black listed for the lies she told.

    2. I stand against abuse. However, this?? Is outrageous. No abuse no damage no injury except to the world and Depp. She should never have gottwn away with such a story and claim
      ..the attorneys and courts that dragged this out for their own gain should also be held accountable in my opinion but then i wasnt there and dont know details so this is just a guess..

      Honestly do believe tho thay No pirate movie of his series will ever succeed without him in it. If there had been abuse then yeah but no damage seriously?

      1. BrainsAreImportant

        Nome of you half wits know Depp.
        He is not his roles. He is not his public appearances.

        If you knew anything at all about him in reality, youd know far better. Everyone who knows him knows he’s a ln all around piece of garbage human. Fact.

        1. DJ


        2. Ransom Noble

          Really? His exes that are coming to his defense know him pretty well. He may not be like the characters he plays but he’s probably not a POS as Heard is known to be.

        3. nibs

          I suggest that you proofread your comments before you post them. Amber Heard and her Lawyers hired Hollywood Investigator Paul Barassi to research Mr. Depp’s coworkers over the past thirty years, and he could not find one who would say anything bad about him. Mr. Barassi interviewed over one hundred people. When he went public with his findings, Ms. Heard was not pleased. I enjoyed your inclusion of “Fact.” at the end of your comment, to lend it credibility.

          1. Cash

            Nibs…. I’ve heard the same. Even Depps ex’s couldn’t say anything bad about him! I completely agree with everything you’ve said!!

          2. I agree with your statement 150%

          3. Kells

            correct spelling: Paul ‘Barresi’ …for anyone who wants to research this.

        4. Kari

          LMAO!! And we’re supposed to believe you know him? Everybody around him testified he’s an extremely nice person. AH is so high of herself and so delusional that she can’t believe her little ploy didn’t work and that the world turn on her. She dismisses all the bad comments towards her as bots lol. She clearly is the real human garbage(sorry garbage) and you clearly are a paid moron to try to convince us that all the facts and proofs are wrong.

        5. Shel

          Good thing we can form our own opinion and don’t have to follow brains! Imagine all the people I would never know if I listened to other people’s opinions.

        6. Christopher Tyndall

          Is that you amber? ??

        7. s mike foley

          video and audio prove that claim wrong. chances are you don’t know him either; but people who have LIVED with him, for years, are calling this bs as well. those that have known her for years are saying she’s lying. go read their interviews as well. she even tried to push her own (former, because of it) friend/assistant under the bus to try to get away with breaking a country’s law. I appreciate you think you’re standing up for the right side, but I ask that you take blinders off; look at it from a ‘you don’t know names but are looking at recorded evidence’, as I have done. I’m not even a fan of JD; I’m a survivor that is very angry at ANYONE that claims DM and is in fact the abuser.

        8. TIPHTuphanie

          I mean, yes, Depp has a colored past but if you know anything about this situation Amber Heard is way worse. No matter what Depp has done in his past, no one deserves what Amber has put him though.

        9. Savage Lynx

          No, you are making that up to hear yourself talk! Everyone who knows him personally or has worked with him expresses only the love and respect they have for him. It is one more thing on top of ten others that makes her accusations suspect. She is an unreliable witness who is building herself up with lies and tearing him down with more lies. Lying is all she is about. She is NO role model, she is fit to serve time in jail for perjury, as reported that the LAPD is investigating her since the release of the police bodycam footage! TUG reports info that Australia is coordinating with the FBI and two American witnesses for her perjury there!

        10. Michele L Bogle

          Really?? Is that why two of his ex gf’s are standing by him claiming he is not an abusive person? They are both quite famous in their own right so have no need to do so except to tell truths about him from personal experiences.

      2. Jenny Smith

        Free Johnny

        1. Plus, Amber Heard has not just hurt Johnny Depp, but all the true women and men that have been truly abused.

    3. Alicia

      Amber needs prison time more than just jail. First of all, she lied under oath. She’s pure evil and an opportunist. The divorce settlement money never ever was donated. Another great lie! She slept around with other men while she was still married to try to nab a wealthier husband. This is somebody who will stop to nothing until the story goes her way; which constantly changes. The truth doesn’t change. Making up lies do! Amber should retire! Her acting isn’t even good! It’s time Hollywood hit the recycle button and let’s get better actors! Adios!

    4. Pamela Alvarado

      Save Mr. Depps career. It’s so unacceptable what happened to him.

    5. Kim Dawson

      I agree Disney Please reconsider

    6. Mila

      I agree with you 100%. He took Captain Jack and made him his own. Disney the huge corporate industry had a bunch of board members that were astonished by his character but it ended up making them a lot of money and now they want to take that away from him fuck them I don’t care what actor you bring back from the dead No one can do the pirates of the Caribbean like Johnny Depp and that’s final in my eyes anyway Thank you for listening

    7. YESSS!!!! WHY >> does it seem as tho all legal aspects are slanted towards her. In her favor !?!? Now here’s VIDEO EVIDENCE, of what many of us knew all along. She’s a LIAR !!!

    8. Normaly I am for the Women. I have seen abuse to many times in my life. But she seems like a gold digger to me. I hope that if they find that she has been lying. That they charge her with every crime they can. And the Judge finds her guilty of them. It is tiring to see Women get away with this. When there is actually abuse happening to Women. And the Man is to slick to get caught. I wish Johnny Depp the best. And Disney was wrong. Innocent into proven guilty beyond a doubt. Not he said she said stuff. Is the way it should be. Not bowing to the Public. Exspecially since most of us believe she is lying. Political correct or Witch hunt. Which is it Disney ?

    9. Anne Adams

      For some reason I always felt she was lying

  2. Sue

    Never believed her from the start of this saga. I understand him wanting to clear his name, but in this corrupt world was it wise. Depp has always been credited for his generosity and consideration. Too kind obviously the nicer you are, the more you will be trodden on by the Cretins of this world. I know from experience, unfortunately.

  3. Molly Robertson

    Thank you for the article. You might be interested to know that Australia is currently investigating her for perjury, as well. There is so much that the media hasn’t reported. I am @_Mz2u on Twitter. Come have a look.

  4. Pirates be rowdy!

    Well, what do you expect? According to the pictures he is a swashbuckling pirate and would be reasonably expected to act as such! The wench should have known what was coming!

  5. Chris

    Really, there are always three sides to every story that involves two people:
    Person A
    Person B
    and The Truth

    The truth usually, but not always lands somewhere in the middle.

  6. Kathy

    Johnny Depp made pirates of the Caribbean’s without him as Jack sparrow there is no show. We love you johnny hang in there . She will get what she deserves for the wrong she has caused you. That .oviedo is nothing without you . You hang in there fight for justice we your fans back you

  7. Robert P

    This is quite possibly the silliest article I have ever read. She is only be being investigated because a complaint — by Johnny Depp or his reps — has been made and they are obliged to do so. The “evidence” (video) is suspect at best. And it might take months to complete. We may never hear another peep about it — unless this author decides she needs some more hits. Johnny Depp is a horrible person and more than a bit off a wierdo. I have worked with him personally. I know the the person whom he punched on set. The guy is whacko. That is not to say Ms. Heard is not as well. I just haven’t worked with her. And birds of a feather… But it is OK for you all to like his characters and films. You don’t need to defend him as a person or his character based upon your love of Disney. Or to write a slanted article with little facts and lots of speculation. I understand “Inside the Magic” is not journalism but fandom. But it is a shame that its fantastical headlines make there way into my — and I assume others — google news feeds.

    1. Wow

      Who paid you to write that comment. You’re a liar just like she is. Amber deserves prison. Johnny deserves his career.

      1. Jo

        It just sad how Amber has resorted to leaving comments with more lies.

        1. Robert P

          I would love to introduce you all to Mr Depp. he is pretty boring in real life and a pain in the ass. Once he gets drinking — and snorting — he awakens. And then he becomes a real handful. Lovely man to have over for Christmas Dinner.

      2. Robert P

        Thank you for proving my point.

        1. Mai

          *Person disagrees* “Thank you for proving my point.”
          What a witty comeback no one has ever use.

    2. Savage Lynx

      Really! AS IF this is just somebody making a phone call! People must have made millions of “phone calls” but it just so happens the LAPD’s own body cam footage is what sparked the new interest. Everybody is well aware of what her ridiculous accusations along with her little staged photos look and sound like? FICTION! And it’s been out there for years, all her BS! This is long overdue!

      1. Shelly myers

        Now it’s time to cancel Amber

    3. nibs

      Very interesting — but where were you when Amber Heard and her team of lawyers hired Hollywood Investigator Paul Barassi to look into everyone that Mr. Depp had worked with over the course of thirty years… and he could not find a single person who would say anything bad about him? He personally interviewed over a hundred people. Ms. Heard was less than pleased when he made his findings public.

    4. Shel

      For Robert: If you had such an issue working with him then you should’ve addressed it with him directly. If you’re going to announce it to the world under a presumably false name then own it! If your opinion should cancel his career then, when people form an opinion about you, they can cancel your career. I’m started to form an opinion right now. There are a lot of different personalities we work with in every job. Some we like and others we dislike, but it’s not a reason to cancel a career. Don’t create a hazardous workplace because you don’t have the balls to address issues directly!

    5. Mr Robert P, that is not how the law works. Most People on the recieving end cry “No Justice” If the DA opened a case on everyone the Courts would be crazy. No the DA needs enough of evidence to start a process for something to be investigated. IT DOES NOT GO BY THE WORD OF AN ACCUSED.

  8. nibs

    Ms. Heard’s 2016 TEMPORARY restraining order, was an emergency order obtained WITHOUT evidence. When Ms. Heard had to provide the evidence, and Mr. Depp provided HIS evidence, the Judge DISMISSED Ms. Heard’s allegations of domestic abuse WITH PREJUDICE, meaning the Judge found the case “egregiously flawed and without merit” and Ms. Heard can NEVER bring these allegations against Mr. Depp in the future… but all she had to do was to keep talking about it as if it were real, and the gullible were duped. Victims of abuse, however, were not duped.

  9. nibs

    It is a concern that a man who has never been arrested or charged with domestic assault loses his employment because of the “stories” of one person, but a Ms. Heard who has been arrested for the domestic assault of her wife, Tasya van Ree (at the request of Ms. van Ree), and after spending a night in jail, did not even contest the arrest, has ever been considered for work in movies. It sets a precedent that if one person tells a “story” about you, you could lose your job… despite the storyteller being an internationally recognized liar (as Ms. Heard pled guilty to, in Australia.)

    1. This alone should be enough to put her away as further proof she lied

  10. Susan

    She needs to have something done. She took his reputation and career because she felt like it.. Well I pray she gets a good dose of karma

  11. .

    Please let this be true. She should be jailed, fined, sued, blacklisted, etc for all her lies and what she’s done to that man because of them.

  12. The reason she is being investigated is because she had the nerve to claim that four LAPD officers who came to her house that night were LYING when they testified they saw no damage and no injuries to anyone that would have indicated a violent fight had occurred. Amber and her friends, meanwhile, claimed that there was debris and destruction everywhere you looked, and this is CLEARLY a lie.

    I’m pretty sure the LAPD doesn’t take too kindly to someone who accuses them of lying.

    In what way is the police body cam footage “suspect at best”? It is literally a video of entering an apartment and walking out again. It couldn’t be more straightforward.

    A private investigator HIRED BY AMBER was unable to locate a SINGLE PERSON who had actually worked with Johnny, who had anything other than nice things to say about him. Now here you are, “Mr. No One Knows Who I Am, Because I Never Made It Big,” claiming that YOU know more than every other person about Johnny Depp, because you “worked with him personally”? In what capacity did you “work with him”?

    Guess what? “Knowing” the only person in the entire world who claims Johnny Depp was physically violent toward them doesn’t qualify your knowledge of this case. Have you taken any time whatsoever to research it? I’m not a fan of Disney, and I’ve only seen one of the Pirates movies. I also couldn’t possibly have cared less about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, until the audiotapes were released last year, proving that Amber Heard was abusive toward him. THAT is why I care about what happens in this case – because AMBER is the liar.

  13. Disney Sucks

    She may not have been completely truthful??? Are you serious??? SHE LIED!!!! And good luck seeing a profit on POTC 6 without Johnny Depp in it!!!

  14. Lex

    This story is nonsense. LAPD only investigates crimes that occur in LA. So they are not investigating her for perjury allegedly committed in London. At best they would investigate her for making a false police report (Penal Code 148.3(a)) which is a misdemeanor. And even if she had perjured herself in connection with a civil restraining order in LA the statute of limitations has run and it can’t be prosecuted. And LAPD doesn’t generally waste time with investigating into cases that can’t be filed.

    1. Me NotU

      I can see that reading comprehension is not your strong suit. The article CLEARLY states that they are investigating her for Perjury IN LA County. London is mentioned in passing in the context that IF HEARD were to be found guilty of Perjury, then it might allow Depp to get his retrial in London as well. You really need to take an annex course in reading comprehension.

    2. Prrr Jerry

      Wrong. Technically, the clock on the statute of limitations doesn’t begin until the discovery of the offense. If they didn’t look at the bodycam footage in her restraining order hearing and it proves she lied in court during the hearing she can absolutely be charged with perjury now. Your welcome.

    3. nibs

      Your comprehension of the crimes involved is too limited. When the false 911 calls occurred, the crime began. It led to committing perjury in their depositions, and indicates the fabrication of evidence of a crime, and culminates with the attempted extortion revealed in Ms. Heard’s Lawyer Samantha Spector’s letter of demands, sent to Mr. Depp’s lawyer, with the provision that he would acquiesce in two days, or she would go public with accusations that would destroy him.

  15. If Johnny Depp is not in Pirates or Amazing Beasts they need to just cancel the franchise!!! Johnny Depp is Prates and no one can replace him ever!!!

  16. Prrr Jerry

    Wrong. Technically, the clock on the statute of limitations doesn’t begin until the discovery of the offense. If they didn’t look at the bodycam footage in her restraining order hearing and it proves she lied in court during the hearing she can absolutely be charged with perjury now. Your welcome.

  17. Shyanne

    It’s about time the real truth comes to light! Johnny depp is innocent and has been truthful the whole time. She deserves way more than 4 years. She lied under oath, presented false evidence, attempted to defame one of the most famous actors of this time, tried to take him for all he’s worth, destroy his career?! She is the abuser. She deserves to be defamed and blacklisted from the film industry.

  18. Chelly

    I never believed her..Johnny Depp is too kind and I dont believe its for show..Hes genuine! Shes money hungry and has taken his his kindness as a weakness.. I just dont believe Her!!

    1. R

      I think that Heard should be restricted from appearing in her films also. If its true she lied and they have video backing that up then suspend her as they did Depp. I will not watch any thing she is in and as far as films Depp is being replaced in I will boycott those also.

  19. Claudette M Smoot

    Boycotting aqua man 2 and will not be spending 1 dime on anything Disney. These sad events true or not are personal tragedy. We love Jonny and his personal life should not have anything to do with my being entertained.

  20. HasABrain

    Wow. GERMANY reporting an unverified claim about happenings in LA.

    What a garbage source lol

    1. gamerman

      can you read? it says that it was in LA, and if police in other places aren’t going to uphold the law than someone needs to step in

  21. Julia Brown

    If Mr. Depp is a violent man we would have heard about it years ago.

    Rehire him immediately Disney! My extremely large family and all my friends will boycott anything your studios release.

    1. Peter Burns

      All this “me too, woke, cancel culture, man hating feminism is to blame…and the press that always makes everything a man does is bad – and everything a woman does is good is a part of it….Soon it will be illegal to be male.
      Scary time to be young and male

  22. Dave

    Pirates movie is Johnny without out him it’s a non starter for me

  23. Mary

    Without Depp in Pirates movie doesn’t make sense. HE is the MOVIE!

  24. In Disney land your guilty until you prove yourself innocent !

  25. Matt Clark

    Good throw her ads behind bars and throw away the key. Let her see how hard life is like it is for the rsat of us who actually work for our paychecks.

    Maybe there will finally be some justice for Johnny.

  26. John M

    Us men are finally joining the me too movement. There are cases when women lie, can be abusive and the courts always side with the woman. Glad to see Johnny could be setting the straight.
    Hope he’s rehired everywhere and Amber loses Hollywood.

  27. Sean O

    Why do you write things if it isn’t confirmed. Do you think stating “it wasn’t confirmed as of this publishing” dissolves you from misinformation? There is no justice for anyone since anyone can write anything anytime and trolls believe it. Depp is abusive, that’s that!

    1. Amber Heard has done so much to hurt the Women and Men who are or were truly abused. She is just destroying Johnny Depp for more money. Ms. Heard needs to be institutionalized at the very least. I truly hope that Johnny Depp gets the justice he deserves. Shame on Disney and shame on All the other corporations that decided to replace him. I wish you the best Johnny Depp

  28. Texan 111 1

    Hopefully they will investigate Johnny Depp and obvious wife beater who should be imprisoned for all of his cereal drug abuse and wife abuse. Leave Amber alone

    1. gamerman

      look dude, just read the rest of the comments, I don’t want to have to explain to you why your wrong

  29. Terese

    He’s worked hard for what he has and came a long long way, it’s ridiculous so.ethi g like this xan cause him to be fired over a one sided story that was made up clearly for clout. Ridiculous. If they don’t have him as the original jack sparrow character or the one on fantastic beasts, not only will it not be the same… I will not even watch it! I’m sure others won’t either. It ruins the movies when the actors/actresses get changed. Tbh he is one of a kind and cannot a should not be replaced.

  30. Rick

    Is this article refeencing the Radar-Online story? If so that story has been proven false. There is no investigation for perjury ongoing. At least the one that story is talking about.

  31. Aaron

    A whole article based on one article from a German newspaper? This site is garbage. I am unsubscribing. I want Disney news not culture wars.

  32. Mc

    Gotta love that article ending. “Again, nothing has been confirmed.” Great journalism!

  33. Betobrick

    Psychopath? Just for giving an opinion? Um! I wonder!

  34. Jill Patin

    Bring back Captain Jack Sparrow. I will not be paying to see some woman taking Johnny’s place, that you can chisel in stone!

  35. Hailey

    He should sue her for lost wages he would have gotten for playing those roles. Bankrupt that wench!!

  36. Frances

    I new she was lying, he is a lover not a violent man. The police and Heard should be roamed again and threaten with punishment for not telling the truth. Disney should put him back as sparrow!!!

  37. J

    Amber Heard is a proven liar and how she still has a job I don’t know, it’s crazy. She obviously isn’t a good actress at all. Another bad decision on the part of WB that has made me boycott not only DC, but all their film’s and tv shows. I hope Mr. Depp can be rehired for Pirates. I don’t think I can watch another Pirates movie without him. Definately can’t watch another Grimwalds movie without him.

  38. Amber Heard should be put under a jail!! She’s not that good an actress (I used that term loosely) to pull off a stunt like this!
    Johnny Depp has been around Hollywood a long time, an entertaining, versatile actor and I’ve never heard him being a party to domestic violence.
    To the Powers That Be – please return Depp to the movies he was so unjustly fired from and don’t listen to a two bit actress who’s acting ability runs the gamut from A to B. (Apologies to Dorothy Parker).
    Hey Amber! Karma is going to ruin your so called career!!

  39. Adrienne Protska

    Its all a bunch of B.S.I dont believe all of a sudden J.D. got a violent streak .If his past ex support him that says alot.I think a minor tussle happened and Amber blew it out of proportion.She seems like a mean person

  40. Juliana Brown

    I will not watch another pirates unless Depp is Jack Sparrow. Heard is a woman scorned. Wake up Disney. Love ya Johney.

  41. I
    honestly don’t believe that depp would actually hurt women he’s more focus on his careers and hobbies. All I know is there are some women that are bad and would do whatever it takes to get what they want and it’s not always the men that do the damage. I guess some people are use to seeing men be the bad victim when we should all be treated equal. My hopes is that Johnny Depp gets peace. Every one loves what he does. Hope to see more movies of him

  42. Jane

    I never believed he did what she said. No one else he has had a relationship with ever reported any physical issues. It wouldn’t surprise me if Amber trashed their place and hurt herself. Luckily he doesn’t have any children with her!

  43. Lisa Evans

    Women, please stop lying just because you know that a lot of the time you get away with it. We know there are some guilty men out there, but this is not one of them. Stop trying to ruin this man’s life.

  44. saj terry

    Please bring him back.

  45. Sunny

    We are against abuse but in this case it seems that Amber was the only one issuing abuse. Abusing Johnny, his career and the system. Neflix let Johnny go, too. I cancelled my subscription. Clear Johnny!!

  46. Sunny

    CANCEL your DISNEY+ AND NETFLIX subs. Vote with your $$.

  47. Heidi

    Bring Johnny back to the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Leave Depp Alone to Be the Person he wants.Heard just loves stirring the dirt on him. I refuse to watch ANYTHING she has Done. Depp: keep playing the music & the Great Acting. I Respect You & Your Talent. Use it For the Highest Good. I’m Behind u 100%! Cher K

  49. Disney, Please get Mr Depp Back! Get Rid of Lying Heard. She is not Worthy & I’m no teenager. She just has NO TALENT!

  50. Drea

    I’m glad that everything went towards his favor ❤️ and he is able to have his life back before it was ruined! She is wrong for lying and trying to ruin his dream career and image! Mr. Depp, ??

  51. Larry Buckley

    Yeah I think that if they fired Johnny Depp over this incident with his woman that she ought to be fired also it’s ridiculous the man are always getting shafted over domestic violence

  52. Raisa

    Disney will 100% lose a lot of fans if they don’t rehire Depp! What happened to innocent til proven guilty?! Hope untalented Amber rots in jail for trying to ruin him!!!!!!

  53. Carol Wade

    She ought to for lying about Johnny Depp

  54. Totally agree. Heard lied and should be charged and removed from the aquaman movie. She’s easily replaceable. I believe Depp.

  55. Lauren

    Is this random sketchy German news site the only source? I don’t believe it.

  56. Diego

    So Disney fires him for allegations that can’t be proven but James Gunn was rehired to handle GOTG 3 after actual posts he made talking about rape and underaged boys that were easily proven true? OK I guess.

  57. Nicolas

    Wow it’s funny how almost all the people that are supporting Depp are women, talk about being biased here. Just because he is good looking and you all love this actor and all of his movies doesn’t mean he is not a drunk and violent person. He takes drugs all the time. There’s video proof of that. He gets drunk all the time and has no recollection of his actions there’s video proof of that. He gets violent and throws things, and breaks stuff there’s video proof of that also. And now really the focus is the place where they were at when the incident happened is not as bad as she said it was, the focus is really that she got hit by him, that should be the focus, not because the place wasn’t as damaged as she said it was. Sorry but this like looking for an excuse to bring her down, just she is prettier than the women complaining about her, it just seems like jealousy, like most girls get annoyed when their male actor crush gets a girlfriend and all women go all crazy jealous and hate on the girl, this is typical girl hating on girl just because that girl has the guy that they would to be with and just because he is hot. And to be honest I was super skeptical and totally against Amber at first, but then I started looking at both sides of the story and looking at the evidence, and I couldn’t believe it either, Depp is the one with all the evidence showing he is the aggressive one with all the video proofs of it. Trust me guys don’t follow the trend of hating on Amber. Trust me I was very into having Amber getting fired and I really thought Depp was innocent, but you cannot deny the fact that Depp is so aggressive in those videos, and he is drunk, and throws stuff and breaks stuff, and if she had to defend herself by putting a door between them to separate each other and her pushing the door to protect herself and him getting hit by the door by that movement then so be it, she had every right to protect herself and separate herself from him by trying to close the door on him, and if he got hit by it at that then so be it, and even if she hit him on purpose most probably was for self defense after seeing those videos of Depp being so aggressive being all drunk and drugged up. Now I know why she was scared. That’s my two cents. That’s my opinion. I could be wrong, but from what I have seen in those videos, Depp shows being the total violent one.

    1. Shel

      I’m calling your bluff. If you’re reading the documents Mr. Depp was the one in the bathroom and hit by the door. What are you reading? Must be mon-ficrion. What videos did you review? Good try in twisting the facts into fiction. The documents are public information.

  58. Jason Martin

    Gotta love that Karma huh

  59. Temperance

    I say throw the book at her… Hope she serves the FULL 4 years.. One ?.. Why does she still still have a job??

  60. Amber Heard has lied throughout the divorce and domestic violence claim. Johnny Depp is innocent. I ‘m hoping that the LAPD will pursue this perjury case against Amber Heard. She needs to be taken down and the truth needs to come out. This is just what Johnny needs is for the lies Amber has told to come back and bite her in her ass. She is no good and she needs to be taught a lesson. Come on LAPD you can do it. Please bring Amber down so everyone will know what she is all about..And for Disney…bring Johnny back! You have to know the movie will be a flop without him in it. I will not go and see it. Nobody I know will go and see either.

  61. Ya know what maybe he should of smacked her. Nobody says anything about her throwing a liquor bottle at Johnny and severing his finger! I guess that’s acceptable. Well, let me tell you it’s not acceptable at all. She cry’s domestic violence, well what about him? I call that DM and total abuse. Also, nobody mentions that Amber Heard has been charged with Domestic Violence with another person. So what about that? She’s an evil person. Johnny Depp doesn’t have any prior convictions of Domestic Violence. But
    Amber Heard does. She needs her butt whipped that’s all there is to it.

  62. Barb

    Johnny should never have been fired from Disney. Amber seems to be the aggressor here. Johnny IS Captain Jack Sparrow not Margot Robbie. I hope Disney reconsiders and let’s him back in all the movies he should be in.

  63. Mary M. Kelly-Hawkins

    Reading the comments is scary. I truly believe Amber Heard led and she knows it. Shame on her. She should go to jail. As for the other people. Leaving comments. Grow up this is simply a discussion on one issue. Not a place for you to fight over other issues.

  64. Alisha

    Good! I never have felt that Johnny Depp is abusive. I think his ex threw a temper tantrum and lied her pretty little @$$ off. Karma is a B*#ch people. What you send out always comes home to you.

  65. Michelle Saavedra

    Disney has proven that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Proving True Discrimination at its fullest. But Truth Always comes out. And hope they hang THIER heads as Amber should. I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and what she did Insults us All. But being a star they are never held accountable as normal folks so I don’t expect much in this life time.

  66. Leroy S Heider

    Why hasn’t Ms. Heard been fired and blacklisted from movies and tv for perjury? Mr. Depp was fired for just an accusation. Tit for tat #DisneySucks, #BoycottDisney, #FireHeard

  67. Jeannette

    Johnny Depp shouldn’t have been fired by Disney, he’s Captain Jack Sparrow, he made a lot of money for the Disney, nor should have been fired from Fantastic Beast!
    Women lie just like any one else, and I’ve noticed just how fast the studios and the news media are so fast to condemn, to destroy someone’s career
    in these type of cases. I say be very careful when you condemn a person without investigating for the truth, because a lie can be just as easily told on you!

  68. Naaa

    Sorry for those who support Amber Heard.
    They say look at the truth, well we see the truth, but the truth is not what the court proves, the law is not always right. The fraud of Amber and his lawyers has been exposed in court.Johnny’s favor. So sorry for those who support Amber.
    They say don’t you see the day Amber filmed Johnny!
    But stop
    You amputated finger
    Fraud in court
    Amber Heard Voice Recorder
    Amber’s violence against Tasia Van Rey
    Forgetting his sister’s text in court
    Witnessing around,
    You do not see !!
    I was not a fan of Johnny before, but when I looked at the truth, I am now a fan of this man

  69. she’s going down swinging, and those idiotic throwback pics she shows.?…bye bye Amber Heard, you will not be missed

  70. Misty Hart

    I think she (Amber) should be treated just the same way we would !! I don’t understand why she still has her movie roles. It’s been proven she’s a liar and assaulted Johnny!! Where’s her domain assault charge,,??

  71. Tina Payne

    Johnny will always be Jack Sparrow. I don’t care who replaces him. All we gotta do is not go see the movie and the replacement will look quite stupid.

  72. Cj Brown

    Let LAPD do their job investing Amber Heard, because ‘perjury’ is a serious enough legal matter (any body cam footage proving that she ‘perjured’ could be the best way to overturn that ‘UK Court Verdict’).

    I wish the remaining years to be kind to Johnny Depp (he’s suffered enough personally!)

    Since Warner Bros felt it was in their best interest to pay Mr. Depp to leave the production of the 3rd Fantastic Beasts? They ought to replace Amber Heard in the Aquaman sequel in the event she is ‘legally charged with perjury’ (it wouldn’t be wise to do a Mera spin off, unless another Actress takes over the role – fair is fair!)

    As for a 6th Pirates Film? I was under the impression that 2017’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales set things up nicely for Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner (the Son of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann) along with (Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smyth (the Daughter of Hector Barbosa) to continue the Franchise. It’s not that I don’t like Margot Robbie – I do! – it’s just this would be a disservice not to pick up where the last Pirates Film left off!

    We may not need Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom & Keira Knightley – unless in flashback scenes, but it would be stupid not to acknowledge how important their Characters are, Disney!

  73. Elizabeth

    I do hope the LAPD probe her and investigate throughly. Because every time her word seems more fishy and having Depp’s carrier destroyed by a lie, it’s a b@&$h move. The truth will prevail, and surface, hopefully soon. Sometimes I think: what if all get more and more bad, his mental health suffers and he ends up doing something that he won’t come back from, all cause of a lie at the end? I just hope he’s taking care of his overall health, also her. Both need it.

  74. Michael Harrison

    when the whole truth comes out i hope the crucify that skank and johnny sues disney . i was married to an abusive woman and it about desroyed me…i don’t believe for one moment he ever laid a violent hand on her….. guess i won’t be seeing aquaman 2 it would just piss me off …

  75. She marries him for 7 months and divorces him for millions. There’s a video of a phone call where she admits to starting the fights and abusing him so at this point there’s nothing to talk about, she is guilty. Then she goes straight to Elon Musk (the richest man in the world) but yea, no gold digger here folks.

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