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The Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides fine table-service dining during both lunch and dinner and has been serving guests in the park since late 2007. The restaurant reviews incredibly well among both new visitors to Walt Disney World and those that have been visiting the theme parks for years, currently enjoying a 4.5/5 rating on Tripadvisor and 4.4/5 on Google.

Let’s take a look at some of the burning questions that guests have about the Yak & Yeti Restaurant, including information about theming, dining experience, and of course, the all-important menus in our full guide to the Yak & Yeti Restaurant.

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Where in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can you find the Yak & Yeti Restaurant?

Yak & Yeti Restaurant is located in the small town of Anandapur in the Asia land of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. You’d be forgiven for not realizing that this restaurant even exists as it blends perfectly into the land around it. For those looking for its location in comparison to an attraction, it’s just around the corner from Kali River Rapids.

kali river rapids
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You’ll pass the restaurant if you’re walking from Africa into Asia on the way to Expedition Everest.

What’s the Theme of the Yak & Yeti Restaurant?

As with any signature restaurant at the Walt Disney World resort, theming is everything at Yak & Yeti Restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with Nepalese artistic touches and has a huge selection of artifacts from around Southeast Asia. These include statues, tapestries, and gold silk puppets. You can purchase a few of your own trinkets from the Yak & Yeti Restaurant gift shop.

Yak & Yeti restaurant gift shop
Credit: Yak & Yeti Restaurant

The full story for the Yak & Yeti Restaurant is as followed:

Here in the town of Anandapur lives a rich merchant, Arjun, who has fallen on hard times and has turned his large home into the Yak & Yeti Hotel. In the center of the hotel is the full-service Yak & Yeti Restaurant, which features local Pan-Asian cuisine. The hotel is the kind of boutique hotel that wealthier adventure travelers might seek out in India. The décor, as well as the furniture, at Yak & Yeti is an amalgamation of mismatched artifacts Arjun has collected through his years of travel in Southeast Asia.

In the center of The Hotel is the full-service Yak & Yeti Restaurant, which features local Pan-Asian cuisine. The sights, sounds, aromas, and energy in the courtyard are a beacon for villagers eager to meet, eat, and socialize as they move through their day, and for travelers moving to and from their adventures. Local families have built up warangs, or food stands, around the hotel. These quick-service restaurants, or Local Food Cafes, feature Asian cuisine that guests can enjoy in the exterior courtyard. 

All told the Mystical Town of Anandapur is alive and vibrant, full of color and sound. The bustling Yak & Yeti Restaurant, Local Food Cafes, and Bhaktapur Market are bursting with people, goods, and interesting aromas. It is a place both familiar and unusual, a place for family and friends, tourists and adventurers. Above all, it is a place to immerse yourself in a culture that is mysterious, exotic, and exciting.

What Style of Cuisine Does the Yak & Yeti Restaurant serve?

The menu at the Yak & Yeti restaurant consists of many delicacies from a mix of different Asian cuisines that include flavors from China, India, and Nepal.

Meal pricing at the Yak & Yeti Restaurant

The restaurant is a great sit-down location for those on a budget at Walt Disney World. The cheapest entree sits at just $19.99, cheaper than some quick service options on property! Our experience of eating at the restaurant has always given good value for money, you won’t be leaving the Yak & Yeti Restaurant hungry!

What are the Yak & Yeti Restaurant’s signature dishes?

Every dish we’ve tried at Yak & Restaurant has been nothing short of incredible. It’s hard to pick just a couple of dishes that we’d consider to be the signature dishes. If we were forced to pick a couple then we would choose between the Bhaktapur Duck or the Lo Mein Chicken. Even going as far as to say the duck, which consists of a half duckling, plum BBQ sauce, jasmine rice, and stir-fried vegetables, is one of our favorite dishes on property.

duck at Yak & Yeti Restaurant
Credit: Ryan Ogilvie / ITM Reporter

Both the mango pie and chocolate pudding cake are also outstanding desserts and not ones you often see appear in other Walt Disney World restaurant locations.

How much can you expect to pay for a kid’s meal at the Yak and Yeti?

The kid’s meals at Yak & Yeti Restaurant are pretty reasonably priced. No matter what meal you select, an entree will set you back $10.79 and a dessert will cost $3.99.

How suitable is the Yak and Yeti for younger children?

The restaurant is an excellent location to take the entire family. Whenever we’ve been inside with children servers have been fantastic and we love the fact that there’s something a bit different for the kids to try on the menu.

High chairs are available and there’s plenty of space in the restaurant between each table to sit down and enjoy a meal with the family.

Is Yak & Yeti Restaurant on the Disney Dining Plan?

Yes! When the Disney Dining Plan is active at Walt Disney World, Yak & Yeti Restaurant is a really strong selection for a full-table service meal.

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Yak and Yeti Restaurant Menu

The lunch and dinner menus at Yak & Yeti Restaurant are largely the same. Here’s a summary of what to expect from the menu alongside pricing for each item:

Small plates

  • Pork pot stickers – $11.29
  • Firecracker shrimp – $13.99
  • Pork egg rolls – $11.29
  • Wok-fried green beans – $11.79

Shareables (meant for two)

  • Ahi tuna nachos – $18.79
  • Korean fried chicken – $14.99
  • Lettuce cups – $17.99

Soups and salad

  • Wonton soup – $7.29
  • Seared tuna salad – $19.99
  • Chop chop shrimp salad – $18.99
  • House salad – $8.79
  • Chop chop chicken salad – $17.99

Noodles and bowls

Low mein chicken at Yak & Yeti Restaurant
Credit: Ryan Ogilvie / ITM Reporter
  • Lo mein chicken – $28.99
  • Lo mein combo – $21.99
  • Malaysian seafood curry – $32.99
  • Lo mein shrimp – $21.99
  • Vegetable lo main – $19.99
  • Roasted vegetable bowl – $19.99


  • Miso salmon – $28.99
  • Bhaktapur duck – $29.99
  • Chicken tikka masala – $25.99
  • Coconut shrimp – $25.79


  • Honey chicken – $20.99
  • Korean beef – $21.99
  • Sweet & sour chicken – $20.99


  • BBQ ribs – $27.99
  • Soy herb glazed rib eye – Market place value
  • Beyond burger – $20.99
  • Kobe beef burger – $20.99
  • Teriyaki chicken – $24.99


  • House fried rice – $13.79
  • Steamed  rice (jasmine or brown rice – $5.99
  • Garlic noodles – $12.79
  • Chicken fried rice – $9.79
  • Sauteed baby bok choy – $11.99
  • Coconut shrimp – $8.99


Mango pie at Yak & Yeti Restaurant
Credit: Ryan Ogilvie / ITM Reporter
  • Fried wontons – $11.99
  • Chocolate pudding cake – $10.99
  • New york cheesecake – $10.99
  • Mango pie – $10.99

Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Yak & Yeti souvenir cup – $9.50

Choose from a frozen blend of ICEE flavors layered in the collectable character cup!

  • Berry cherry lemonade (cherry and lime juices with sprite)
  • Everest refresher (Sparkling water with desert pear, passion fruit, south seas blend, lychee, or lemon grass flavors)
  • Bottled beverages (still water, sparkling water or root beer)
  • Soft drinks (standard fountain beverages)
  • Hot teas (Bombai chai, green dragon, English breakfast, Darjeeling estate, Earl Grey, Chamomile citrus)
  • Shanghai lemonade (Lemonade with desert pear, passion fruit, south seas blend, lychee or lemon grass flavors)
  • Frozen daiquiri (Strawberry, Pina colada, wild berry or mango flavors
  • Frozen beverages (strawberry and lemonade)

Speciality drinks

Drinks at the Yak & Yeti Restaurant
Credit: Yak & Yeti Restaurant
  • Yak attack (Mango Daiquiri, Don Q Cristal Rum and Wildberry Flavors) – $12.00
  • Kiwi coconut rita (Milagro Silver Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, fresh kiwi, sweet & sour and Coco Reál Cream of Coconut) – $12.00
  • Tropical Daiquiri (Don Q Cristal Rum with choice of Strawberry, Piña Colada, Wild Berry or Mango flavors) – $12.00
  • Opici family red sangria – $12.00
  • Snap decision (Selection, apricot brandy and Crisp Apple Reàl Infused Syrup
    topped with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer) – $14.00
  • Pink Himalayan (Tanqueray Gin, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Passion Fruit and Lemon Grass Flavors, Salt Rim) – $12.00
  • Big Bamboo (Don Q Coconut Rum, Don Q Cristal Rum, Banana Liqueur, and Tropical Fruit Juices) – $12.00
  • Kiwi Kimono (Don Q Coconut Rum, Vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur, Fresh Kiwi, and Sweet and Sour) – $12.00
  • South Seas Traveler (Created by the Yak and Yeti Bartenders…Myer’s Original Dark Rum and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Monin Lychee Syrup, and citrus juices) – $12.00


  • Safari Amber Ale – $8.50
  • Orlando brewing I-4 IPA – 8.50
  • Golden Monkey – $9.00
  • Tsing Tao – $8.50
  • Corona Extra – $8.00
  • Cigar city brewing Jai Alai – $8.00
  • Kirin Ichiban – $8.50
  • Bud Light – $7.50
  • Orlando Brewing Organic Blonde Ale – $8.00
  • Sapporo – $10.00
  • Heineken – $8.00
  • Angry Orchard crisp apple cider – $8.00

Wine and Sake

  • Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio – $8.00 a glass, $31.00 a bottle
  • BV Century Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon  – $8.00 a glass, $31.00 a bottle
  • Sho Chiku Bai Sake – $7.00
  • Zipang Sparkling Sake – $13.00
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay – $9.00 a glass, $35.00 a bottle
  • Carmel Road Pinot Noir – $11.00 a glass, $43.00 a bottle
  • Hana Fuji Apple Flavored Sake – $7.50
  • Sho Chiku Bai Junmai Migori Sake – $17.00

Yak and Yeti Restaurant Kids Menu

Kids Entrees

  • Cheeseburger – $10.79
  • Chicken fried rice – $10.79
  • Grilled chicken breast – $10.79
  • Teriyaki chicken breast – $10.79
  • Stir-fry noodles – $10.79
  • Mini corn dogs – $10.79
  • Mac & cheese – $10.79
  • Chicken tenders – $10.79

Kids Sides

  • Carrot sticks
  • Fresh fruit
  • Go-Gurt
  • White rice
  • Applesauce
  • Corn
  • Steamed veggies
  • Brown rice

Kids desserts

  • Chocolate pudding – $3.99
  • Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich – $3.99

We highly recommend the Yak & Yet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and we hope this guide has sparked your interest enough that you will give it a try on your next visit to the park!

Let us know what you think of the Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the comments below!

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