Comments for Universal Park to Close AGAIN Due to State of Emergency

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    And it’s only a matter of time for it to close here and if Florida had any sense about it, it would close theirs too. Before this turns into another outbreak. We aren’t there yet, however we will be.

    1. Carl

      Enough already with the “emergencies” if you’re worried about catching it stay home and hide. Let everybody else that’s ready to go out and get back to living do that. We don’t need the government protecting us

      1. Ed

        You die first…we’ll watch from here…

  2. Victoria Bell

    Does anyone know if Japan has gotten the vaccine yet? I’m just asking, because if there’s a spike in cases, then they are in dire need of a vaccine.

    1. RobinD

      Hi Victoria – Based on information available 2 days ago, .7% of the Japanese population is fully vaccinated. 1.5% have had at least 1 shot.

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