Comments for Universal Pass Members Experience Hours of Headaches For Tickets

Universal hollywood Reopening

Credit: Universal


  1. robin

    These people had over a year to prepare for this and failed. What did they expect, why didn’t they anticipate for this? Of course thousands of pass members are going to log on for free bonus days.

    One of the many problems is that different devices don’t show the reservation link. If your device dose show, it may or may not take you to the reservation page. if it does, chances are you will not be able to process a reservation date due to website errors. After more than 12 hours 9and counting), they still haven’t fix the issues. Are they even trying? This just pathetic.

  2. Emola Gonmes

    They don’t want passholders to show, use the low numbers to pat themselves on the back for following the capacity protocols, and then tout how successful their reopening has been to lobby for larger crowds…

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