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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Although a great read, given the dense population of California and the unpredictability of Covid, it is premature to allow theme parks to reopen at this time. Yes, there is a vaccine, however it does not prevent the people who have gotten it from contracting the virus, furthermore, it does not prevent people from spreading the virus. I know people are tired, however just because there is light, it does not mean we step out immediately. A lot of countries in Europe who opened immediately after they saw a decline in cases, had to shut down again. I know none of us want that. All we have to do is be patient a little longer, without rushing to reopen entertainment venues, and only then will we not face another shut down. The theme parks are rushing into reopening. I just hope and pray that things do not get worse, which I am almost certain they will. I pray that I am wrong. For the sake of the people who work at theme parks, how can it be safe for them just so people can be selfish and go do something that is not a necessity to live? I know people have been out of work for far too long, however it’s still not safe. Anyway, I pray for humanity and that we get through this without another shut down. However, another shut down is inevitable with non necessary theme parks opening.

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