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  1. Monica

    Universal has always offered a counterpoint to more expensive Disney. They also valued their annual pass holders A LOT more this past year. With the new park coming in a couple years I expect Universal Florida to give Disney a real run for their value. This from a former Disney diehard (and former CM).

    1. Lisa Laney

      My sons & I visited Universal Studios , Islands of Adventure , Volcano Bay & City Walk during spring break & we had an awesome time , my oldest son & I hadn’t visited for at least 20 years & that was too long & when we visited my 30 yr. old son was only around 8, 9, or 10 & we only visited city walk & Universal Studios because we were only going to visit for one day & didn’t realize that Islands of Adventure was a separate park back then. It was so different this time & we loved the 4 nights & 5 days we spent on your property & at Endless Summer Dockside , we had an awesome view of the city from our room & the place was awesome , loved the beach theme & it is such a nice resort & at an awesome price ! We also loved being close to all the parks & city walk & being able to hop on a shuttle & they were very clean & everyone was wearing mask & social distancing , the shuttles were never crowded & at Endless Summer they checked everyone’s temp before we were allowed to enter the doors at least once a day & gave us a band showing our temps had been taken. I am a Disney fan also & originally we were planning on spending half our time there also but because they were booked up at most of their parks during our vacation & they weren’t offering as good of a deal as Universal was we decided to spend most of our vacation at your parks, we only spent 1 day at Epcot & a small amount of time at Disney Springs & honestly I love Universal , Islands of Adventure , Volcano Bay & City Walk just as much as I do Disney , I definitely would want to visit your parks ,Endless Summer & City Walk again , thanks for the great deals & a great vacation ! I honestly think the money we saved on the great prices of passes & our stay at Endless Summer allowed us to spend more money on other things while we were there.

    2. My name is Nicole Ann Dawaliby when will Walt Disney world reopen as well would late August be all right to go

  2. Coldo

    Well that was a blatant plug, not so much a story as an advert, cheers. Nice to see some value as Universal usually nickle and dime you to death.

    1. Vincent Petersen

      I’d rather spend my time a BGT/SWO, they actually bring value to their passes and actually appreciate their pass holders.

      1. Carlee

        Factssss!!!! I actually emailed universal about annual passes

  3. Michi

    We went to add to our cart a 69.99 Fast Pass For Universal as we added to our cart. The fast past jump to $325 Per person for a single fast pass. Admission was not included . Theme park passes we’re also a different price once Added to the cart. I spoke to an agent to make sure it was correct and yup. Almost 1500 for 4 tickets and with fast pass no hotel included.

    1. Vincent Petersen

      That is because prices vary by day and how congested the park is. It starts at 69.99 and goes up.

  4. Nomad

    The pay to skip the line passes are what makes me say this story is nonsense. There’s no value in darn near doubling your entry price to get the same experience you can get with a little planning at Disney World.

    On top of that the wait with those passes was sometimes still quite long, bringing the whole concept of value further into question. I had a pretty bad experience involving that the last time I went, and their customer service pretty much couldn’t care less about my family’s experience. Once they had our money it seemed their concern for our guest experience ended.

    This was a downright suspicious story with few details and a lot of fluff paragraphs that read more like ad copy than travel blog. Trying to pick up a little ad revenue on the dl, are we?

    1. Tim Lilly

      We go every spring and fall. Universal gives us freedom to payba little more and not have to plan our day around what when and where the parks tell us to be. We always stay at the parks which makes it better. We will usually do a Disney property 1 day out of 5 but end up frustrated every time. I love Disneys parks but they make it way to hard to just go and relax……just 1 guts opinion.

  5. We went to Universal during spring break too. It was my sons 8th birthday, and we had our 2 yo as well. We took the deal of 5 nigh, 4 days at dockside. Everything that has been said about it being perfect is what we experienced too. They also upgraded our room to a sweet! They told my husband it was because we booked so far in advance. Every one was incredibly nice, and helpful. To my surprise, It was an absolutely amazing , stress-free vacation, and because we saved so much we could splurge comfortably, and we did. It was great! Dockside is nice, they have two cool pools, the kids loved, with a bunch of lifeguards. We never had to wait for a buss, there was always one there. We got in the park an hour early because we stayed at dockside , so we took at vantage of it! No line for the Hagrid motorbike ride the first day. Oh my goodness, I loved it! We ate breakfast in an empty three broomstick one morning, and almost empty Leakey cauldron another. I learned that warm butter beer is a lot better than coffee.

  6. Vincent Petersen

    Busch Gardens/Sea World has even cheaper passes, $10 a month for their cheapest pass, and up to $36 a month for their most expensive pass. Meanwhile at Universal Studios, I still have to pay at least half the ticket price right away before I can pay monthly.

  7. Kim

    My family has been to Universal 3 times since this all started (2 Portofino Bay stays and one at the Hard Rock). As a DVC member all I can say is what a difference. Friendly, welcoming, great ideas like once a day temperature checks with bands, etc. They actually make you feel like they’re happy to be open again-very unlike Disney right now. My whole family got Annual Passes and we couldn’t be happier.

  8. Carlee

    As a universal passholder I think seaworld takes care of their passholders the best. Other than free parking, I don’t see a benefit to being a universal passholder.

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