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  1. Gliria

    What a blessing this young girl was there! How did the mother not know her 3 year old was drowning????

    1. Emma

      I agree Gliria. What’s really sad is that you see so many people that expect the lifeguards at the Disney property pools to be their babysitters instead of watching their kids. If you need a break, sit on the side of the pool, let the kid play but at least you can see what’s going on.

  2. Guest

    Having a child is a responsibly.

    “The mother saw another lady yell into the bar area that a child drowned, but didn’t think it was her’s”…

    So what was the mother doing? Clearly NOT watching her child.

    The near-by “bar area” might well be a clue to this story.

    1. That teenage girl was very brave to just to jump into action with no second thoughts!To me their would never be enough ways to thank you!

  3. John Lewis

    Great job!

  4. Bre

    Well done, Kaydence. 👏🏻 Such a scary situation.

  5. Shayla

    God bless you, Kaydence! You courageously saved Haven’s life!

  6. Bob

    Great job young lady where was the so called life guards. Disney has no swimming no lifeguard on duty I guess that doesn’t make a difference the pools are crazy area’s

    1. Tad

      If you had read the article Bobby you might have noticed the following “Currently, it is unclear which hotel in the Orlando area where this incident occurred — just that the families were in town to visit Disney World — however, according to WFLA, the hotel was not located on Disney World property.” Is reading comprehension really a lost art or can we blame it on standardized testing in our schools today?

  7. Guest 1

    Good to see their are still good people in the world.

  8. Day

    Great job Kaydence!

    The mother of the 3-year-old should have the child taken away from her for neglect. The mom was on her damn phone! What a moron! I hope the hospital contacts CPS!

  9. P Hill

    Great job to Kaydence and any others who helped in saving this child!

    From the article, it sounds like this was not at a Disney resort, but an off property hotel. All Disney hotels have lifeguards, but most others do not. Either way, the parents should have been watching the child at all times while in the pool.

    Too often I have seen parents let small children swim on their own, or with only an older sibling to supervise. Older kids don’t want to be stuck babysitting at the pool, they want to have fun too and will rarely watch the younger one closely enough.

    Children that young should constantly be monitored by the parents. A 3 year old can drown in the bath. They should never be in the water unless an adult is right next to them.

  10. Amanda

    This headline absolutely reads as though this happened on property. Burying that fact at the bottom of this article is totally irresponsible. Comments already show people aren’t reading that.

    This should be focused on an Orlando hotel and on vacation. Zero to do with Disney.

    1. Duffy

      Maybe you should go back and read it again. The tie-in to Disney is that even though this was NOT at a Disney resort both families were there to go to Disney.

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