Comments for U.S. State Dept. Issues “Do-Not-Travel” Warning For 80% of Countries

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  1. Michael

    Absolutely stupid. Obviously, CDC are idiots. We would be going if they didn’t have everything shut down and mask rules.

  2. SG

    The US is red hot too. We can’t point our finger at anyone until we get our own act together. The sad news is that we are hogging the vaccines and we’re still in the red! Go get your vaccine America. I’m a COVID Vaccine nurse, it’s available almost everywhere, relatively painless and almost 100% effective! Let’s be a world leader for doing the right thing again!

  3. Whistlestop

    Considering the US is classified as a level 4 country as well, this just seems silly. How can it be any more dangerous to travel to a level 4 country when you are already living in one. Calm down folks, calm down.

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