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  1. I do t mind 3 feet of distance but how about the mask mandate? If you have a bonifide disability and can not wear one and people are being vaccinated why make a child who can’t wear one or be vaccinated be excluded from the magic….very rare for kids to get Covid

    1. K.Evans

      I second this as I have a son whom can not tolerate a mask, he is autistic and over the age limit. I feel people whom have a medical disability need to be exempt!!

    2. CristinB

      Very rare… until it’s your kid that gets sick. Keep the safety measures until a safe herd immunity is reached. If you don’t like it, don’t go until the safety measures are gone. Like they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Disney has done well, so they shouldn’t rush it!

      1. Sue

        You are extremely prejudice and have zero sympathy for others. It is because of people like you our country went down the toilet.

  2. Many people are not abiding by the 6 foot rule, even with stickers on the ground. These are probably the same people who used to cut into lines or saved places for 5 or 6 friends. I think we need to keep ALL safety precautions in place.

    1. Sandi

      Exactly this! People are not using masks correctly (it needs to cover both the mouth AND nose). Nor are they following the 6 foot distance. If you ask them to comply they shame, bully or ignore you.

  3. Heather

    Time to relax. If you’re at a high risk you shouldn’t be at Disneyland anyway. Open things up!

    1. William M

      THIS. Good heavens why can’t people just understand this simple concept? If you’re afraid of getting sick, at risk, or live with someone who you believe falls in those categories, DONT GO. It’s pretty simple.

  4. George

    July 15.
    We have enough vaccine for every adult in the US to get their first shot by the end of May. Add a month for the second shot and two more weeks to reach full protection. That’s the middle of July.
    Drop the mask mandates an social distancing then. If your not vaccinated not our problem you had every chance.
    Look at Israel. 55% of their adult population fully vaccinated. 40 cases and 2 deaths yesterday. That’s us in 2 months.Israel is about the population of Michigan.

  5. Dorothea

    I think they should raise the age limit for masks for children for starters. Their smiles are a big Disney perk.

  6. Joyce

    Since I live here I go to the parks frequently. Lots of travelers are returning to visit and many pull the masks down as soon as no CMs are around. There’s still a lot of walking while drinking/eating. And the bottle neck areas can still be very crowded. There are those who try to stay apart on the lines, but sadly almost everyone gets too close. If they go to 3 feet, it will be like before the pandemic. I’ve also noticed that the hand washing before and after rides has decreased. Used to be you had to wait to get to the sanitizer, now I’m the only one, with people passing by. (And no, they are not using their own)
    When the cavalcades pass by, I’m always getting bumped into. No one is staying apart. I just skip it and find another area.
    As a whole, Disney has placed the rules and we just simply need to follow them.
    We’ll get through this and we all look forward to a normal magical day.
    As for kids, they still have to mask up…my grandson is autistic and I won’t bring him until things are better. And he’ll enjoy it more.

  7. Larry

    Reducing social distancing to 3 feet will allow Disney to reopen the Fast Pass lines which will be a big step in spreading out the crowd. Everyone now has the option to receive a vaccine so it shouldn’t be too long before a mask mandate is also removed. I feel Disney should be experimenting with these options now before expanding capacity levels to 50%.

  8. Sue

    Disney is WAY behind the CDC, the WHO and many other guidelines. Social distancing was reduced to 3 feet months ago, it has been proven too much hand sanitizing is not good for you and the mask NEVER did anything for anyone. The vaccine is an experiment to see how many people will comply. We have already reached herd immunity by allowing covid19 to take its course. Chances are 85% or higher you will never get it and if you do you have 97% chance you will recover.
    STOP LISTENING TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA as it is controlled by the leftist trying to push an agenda and Disney’s own Bob Iger is apart of the problem.

    1. WoW

      This is the same drivel you post over and over. According to the CDC (whom you quoted) the US does not have herd immunity.

  9. Mike

    It should end when the pandemic is over. And to be fair I adore not being smashed against people- I notice more of the details, I’m a million percent more comfortable. I appreciate and love that Disney has maintained its 6 feet mask mandate. Safety for me and for you matters, even without covid. I hope the crowds never come back to what they were.

  10. Joe

    Bring back fastpass!!!

  11. KenR

    Long past time to get back to normal. Children never should have been forced to wear a mask (that’s following the science and numbers folks). With the millions who already had, and survived Covid, along with 100 full vaccinated, and the extremely effective (and safe) vaccines available to everyone over 16, the health restrictions everywhere, indoor and out should be lifted. I should not have to dumb myself down and mask up for these people who refuse to get the vaccine. They assume their own risk and I applaud and respect their decision. But no way should a vaccinated person have to wear masks everywhere unless they personally choose to.

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