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group of kids building lightsabers at savi's workshop disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Michelle

    So, if we booked when our 60-day window opened a couple weeks ago, we will have to pay the new price? They donā€™t charge you at booking, but require a credit card hold. šŸ¤”

  2. Almog

    Iā€™m going here on September 2022

  3. KenR

    They could add 2 more rooms to build light sabers, charge $40 more and they would fill every available slot. While I was waiting to build mine, I watched at least 5 people in a span of about 15 minutes ask if they could get in to build one.

    1. The Emperor

      Wow. The Great Horned Rat needs more Warp paper BAD.
      If he had fired Krapleen Kennedy, she wouldn’t have run Star Wars so far into the ground it’s in China now.
      Also Gina wouldn’t have been fired and Disney Plus would actually have a good show.

      1. Bob

        WTH are you talking about? Talk like a human, not an idiot.

  4. rroe

    No surprises here with Disney price raising……..get used to it. If you want to attend Disney with a family, you had better be making close to a six figure salary. I’m retired here in Florida and Disney is way beyond my means. I now watch YouTube video’s as a substitute for visiting the parks.

    1. Ben Dover

      Whatever the market will bear. They look at people shelling out for pro sports full of derilects and figure Why Not? There isn’t enough spine left in the country to just stop doing what they gripe about being too expensive, is there? Big companies only understand profit and loss, and until people start voting with their dollars, why would Disney, NFL, NBA or any other organization not gouge all they can?

  5. April Campbellpbell

    Disney makes enough money. I know that they suffered a bit last year, but not compared to the rest of us. This is already an experience that most families can’t afford, they really needed the extra 20 bucks? Families like ours will never be able to afford to do this, and we’ve only been able to afford to go to Disney once in our kids’ lives as it is.

  6. Garth Sanders

    I’ve been trying to save my slave wages to go do a full experience for three years so far… this isn’t going to help me at all.

  7. Susan

    Disney raising the price doesn’t surprise me!! I think its ridiculous especially with the pandemic that some people cannot afford to feed their families let alone go on vacation to Disney. But they are not alone everyone is raising prices. What Disney needs to do is bring back some of the things that are not happening right now like open more restaurants and put the dining plan back into effect so that at the 2 month window you can possibly get a reservation of your choice. Also knowing Disney I am sure they can co-ordinate the crowds for A fireworks show and a parade!!

  8. Lucas Loyalist

    Does Disney LOWER prices on ANYTHING?

    1. SG


  9. Benji

    Well, it could be for the fact that it’s the new lightsaber revealed recently, so that would add value.

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