Comments for Why Is ‘Rogue One’ Trending NOW?

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Credit: StarWars.com


  1. EricJ

    Things trend daily on Twitter just because somebody posts a geeky fan-opinion apropos of nothing–In this case, even Will Mahoney was just retweeting GR44’s “Which is your favorite?”
    That causes enough nostalgia and GIF-posting to get Twitter’s “trending” attention, but it’ll be something different tomorrow. I wouldn’t take it as any reflection on Rogue One’s shelf-life or quality.

    (One time, “The Wiz” was trending with sentimental shots of Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, and nobody realized it was first triggered by somebody posting about the record-store chain going out of business.) 😉

  2. MuTru

    “Why Is ‘Rogue One’ Trending NOW?”

    Answer: we don’t know. Let’s paste in some tweets.

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