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Rise of the Resistance queue

Credit: Kurt Schmidt / ITM


  1. Tom

    Happened to us last week, we are locals and have been on several times so it wasn’t that big a deal, Feel bad for the first timers – told the family behind us (first timers, not locals) about the missed scenes and they were upset. If you traveled to WDW, had only one DHS park day and were psyched/fortunate to get boarding passes I imagine you’d be upset.

  2. Nathaniel M

    I’m split on this. I would be all for ditching the pre-show if it meant being able to use a regular standby queue instead of a virtual queue. On the other hand, if Disney wants to use the virtual queue, than I feel it would be better to use both preshows since you are already choosing to accommodate less people by using Boarding Groups. I am obsessed with Rise of the Resistance, although, I’ve only been on it twice. I would have been heartbroken if I was lucky enough to get a Boarding Group, only to find out that the preshows aren’t operating.

    1. Michelle McKelvey

      I’ve never gotten to ride it so I’d be upset to miss half the ride!

  3. Jon

    This breaks the Disney way rules of safety, courtesy, show, efficiency (in that order). There is a famous story of Walt and the jungle cruise when it first opened. He coached the ride manager for making the boats go faster, because it ruined the experience. This is the modern day jungle cruise efficiency vs show.

  4. Tony

    That pre-show is honestly some of the best parts of the ride! Getting off the transport and being in that docking bay with the storm troopers was amazing to not to mention the magic of the transition from transport to star destroyer.

  5. The preshow is a necessary part of the ride and it is wrong to make people miss it

  6. Ben

    The first part with the pre-show was probably down and broken. So instead of taking the whole ride down guests got to experience what was available. Otherwise all the guests would’ve been 100% disappointed because they wouldn’t have been able to ride at all.

    1. Jeremiah

      It’s not just this ride, it is park wide. They are simply not doing parts of pre-ride shows.
      Could also be due to lower employed cast members.
      Not only did they cut ppl due to covid, they also have lower employment due to artificially raising their wages.

  7. Nicole

    The entire experience makes that attraction! For true Star Wars fans, skipping ANY of the pre-show is a bad idea.

    1. Adam

      I was on boarding group 118 on 26 April and also didn’t skip any of the pre-show. The author could stand to do some fact checking.

      The ride did break down for 30 minutes while we were in line however. It seems more likely they have intermittent problems like a couple of other commentors have suggested.

      It was our first time to ride it. I do feel bad for anyone who misses the pre-show–it adds a good bit to the immersion. However, if something is down in the pre-show, I’d choose to skip to the main part of the ride any and everyday vs an undetermined wait or possibly not riding it. Even if it was my first time.

  8. Linette

    Not true about skipping the pre-show. I was on it last week and the week before and the part with Ray was still the same, the trooper room was rushed a bit but the transport was the same

    1. Tom

      Last Wednesday we were led through a door and skipped completely the Rey and transport scenes, came out a door right to storm trooper set.

      On Friday when we were on again went through the entire attraction but got backed out into the corridor at the Kylo/Hux scene, returned back to the corridor and then sent back in again to repeat the scene.

  9. Jeff

    I rode it yesterday and today and it was the complete preshow both times.

  10. Justin A Dixon

    I was on boarding group 90 yesterday April 26th 2021 we didn’t skip the pre show transport. My kids loved cast.members dressed as the empire ordering them off as prisoners. This was at 4pm on the 26th. The attraction was temporarily closed just after 1pm on the 26th though so maybe that had something to do with it but they were running the pre show.

    1. Jeremiah

      According to this article, and a few others I have read, it is a shortened version, just like on many other rides/attractions.

    2. Dan

      We were at WDW from the 18th through the 23rd of April. Hollywood Studios for 2 days. ..both days I was up early to join the virtual que. Right at 7am. And with in 10 seconds there was no availability. Really??? Come On! I know when I have been had.
      There is some pretty shakey business going on with that attraction!!

      1. JJm

        Agree, the same thing happened to me. Some people must be getting preference. Could see it happening one day but not two days.

      2. Adam

        I’m not much of a fan of the virtual queue, but its purpose is to keep massive amounts of people from congregating during the COVID-19 environment.

        The virtual queue fills up much quicker than 10 seconds…both morning and afternoon. You must start refreshing the screen a minute or two before scheduled time, and hope you get the opportunity to enter soon enough. Once you do, do not waste any time selecting who in your party wants to ride. Just take people off after the fact if needed. That last part is unfortunate, but you’ll likely never get in if you waste precious time on that screen.

  11. Kon

    I went on it april 25 and had the preshow. It would not be happy without it. I think it’s the best part.

  12. Kevin

    Since Disneyland can’t open any rides longer than 15 minutes I wonder if they are testing for time in WDW, or they are just using Disneyland as an excuse to cut out part of the ride and get more people thru.

  13. leo

    we were there last week both days we did rotr we had the preshow it was great

  14. Shannon

    We were there on April 22nd and got the pre-show. What a great ride. Wish we were able to spend more time in the room with the Storm Troopers.

  15. JJ

    Pre Show is a must! It sets the whole ride up plus some people don’t know anything about Star Wars and need to understand what’s happening once on the ride. Just another way Disney is cutting the magic!

  16. Jeremiah

    I mean, if you pay full price, you absolutely should receive the full experience. They need to have all pre-ride shows open and available if the ride is open.

  17. Fives

    For this specific ride it was probably just B-mode for if part of the mechanics of the transport weren’t working that day. Especially since others have experienced the preshow since then. Most other preshows aren’t really that important for the ride, so it’s not a big deal that they aren’t running, especially with how much they would slow down a standby queue right now.

  18. Jessie

    I’ve been on multiple times since reopening, always with full preshows. Third was probably the transport malfunctioning, and skipping that section instead of taking the entire ride down. No reason to jump to conspiracy theories about Disney cutting parts of the ride.

  19. Linnea

    I was there April 23rd and was so disappointed that we missed the pre show. I had road the ride in January with the full experience and if I was going on with someone for the first time would have probably told them to skip the chance to ride because I think the pre show is that important to the overall experience! Seeing the shuttle doors open to the star destroyer for the first time really is breath taking. I would rather wait in a longer line and get the full experience. It’s Disney….long lines are what you expect.

  20. Phoebe L Ho

    My BFF and I are going to D-land in June. She wants to go on Rise of the Resistance despite the nigh-impossible boarding group hassle and the missing pre-show. I told her that it’ll keep, it’ll be better to wait and see the whole thing since she’s never been on it before. She’s insisted. What can I do?

  21. James

    Probably just something wrong with the first part. I rode it yesterday and it was the whole experience with preshow.

  22. Joseph

    On a recent trip to WDW, I was able to ride ROTR on two separate days. The first day, they skipped the pre shows as described in the article. The second day, the pre shows we’re back on like normal. The transport likely had a technical failure of some kind. Rather than closing the entire experience, they skipped that part of the queue. A partial experience with this ride is better than no experience, in my opinion

  23. Scott Scherer

    Awesome preshow went on it April 16

  24. Shane O Laake

    We went last Monday (4/19) and scored group 11 (riding right at 9am). The ride had the pre-shows.

    By last Thursday and Friday (we had had hoped to switch to EPCOT one of the days but no park pass availability), groups 68 & 17 walked into the imperial ship.

    Defitely prefer the pre show.

  25. Mark

    I was there three days ago and got the full experience! Pre-show and all. Fantastic experience. I can stop talking about it.

  26. Mike

    Let us not forget, wdw is letting the snowflakes and freaks take over and make decisions now.

    1. VDog

      Aaah, Mike, buddy!! Where have you been! I had to get through most of the comments to finally reach the much anticipated and much expected “prick of the bunch” comment! (Cuz there’s always gotta be at least one in every bunch!) can I seriously ask you Mike, to give us a quick description of you physically, and what you do for a living, so that the rest of us here can see a shining example of what to do RIGHT on this planet?! I wouldn’t want to inadvertently be a “snowflake” or “freak” and not even know it, am I right?? Thanks buddy!

  27. Illy Djarin

    Top photo looks like the stormtroopers about to drop some sick beats. Like they found their inner Skrillex.

  28. Joe

    Your whole article is false did the ride Sunday and today and both times they had the preshow

    1. Robert

      You realize that just because it worked for you those days it might not have been happening other time right?

  29. Jose Francisco

    Most overrated ride in Disney.

  30. Care

    Rode for the first time Wednesday with the pre-show but they skipped over it on Friday. My husband was so disappointed but we’re so glad we got to experience the whole thing while we were there

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