Comments for Most Popular WDW Ride During Easter Weekend May Surprise You

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  1. Walt Jr

    Why use wait times as a metric for popularity? It obviously needs to be hourly throughput. If you have a ride that is pulling in triple the hourly guests as Slinky it is clearly more popular than a ride that has notoriously low numbers.

    1. shawn

      My thoughts exactly. Another variable to consider is each ride’s “hourly capacity”. This, coupled with number of actual riders per hour will give a much better representation. I also question the ‘average wait time’ data presented in the article; was it sampled once per hour for 8 hours? 60 samples per hour for 8 hours? I sometimes wonder if ‘reporters’ write a headline, then selectively cherry pick data designed to back in to conclusion of their choosing. For example: “Did You Hear About the Statistician Who Drowned in a Lake With an Average Depth of Two Feet?” (for those who are interested, the book HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS by Darrell Huff is a great related read.

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