Comments for New Disney Princess and ‘Star Wars’ Happy Meal Toys Hit McDonalds


Screenshot via McDonald site


  1. Kate

    Here’s a sobering thought. These pieces of landfill will still look exactly the same when your Great Great Grandchildren are buried. These chunks of plastic serve as entertainment for 0.000000064061499% of their lifetime yet their production and distribution creates incredible amounts of carbon and rubbish. That’s five minutes out of 150 years. And that’s the ones that are sold! There would be thousands of them just sent to landfill when the promotion runs out. Companies should be forced to pay a carbon tax and provide plastic recycling facilities. Nobody needs this trash that serves no purpose. The products aren’t even fun! Sorry to rant, but the environmental impact of this trash far outweighs any reward. This is why coral is bleaching! This is why the climate is changing. Disney should do better. They pretend to be environmental warriors but they create a lot more environmental problems than they solve.

    1. Susan Smith

      Why is there a nob on the bottom of snow white? It causes her to now stand.

    2. Joe


  2. Nakarita2

    It’s sad… I have been trying to get two whole set of Starwars and none so far they have non and I was told they have non available… it’s called take a chance…

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