Comments for Mickey Mouse ‘Opens Up the Gates’ at Disneyland!

Ken Potrock Mickey Mouse

Credit: Ken Potrock Instagram


  1. MrsWeasleysTwin

    So happy to see Mickey opening the gates again! Looking forward to being there in June.

  2. Kimberly

    Just got back from a week at Disney World and it sucked. Do not go while they have a mask mandate. They expect you to wear a mask outside in the heat and while standing in line for rides and you cannot even take a drink while standing in line for a ride that is a two hour wait in the hot sun or thsy will threaten to kick hou out of the park. We bought the park hopper which should be called the park scammer, as you must stay st the first park untill 2pm. A bottle of water costs $4.50, a churro $6.50 and the food we ate was disgusting. Take your kids to the beach or lake instead.

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