Dog With Mickey Mouse Ears Breaks Internet

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mickey mouse dog goes viral

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Out of the famous Fab Five of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, we all have our favorite. Out of all Disney dogs, it might be hard to choose. However, the internet is going crazy over this dog that bears a striking resemblance to the big cheese himself, Mickey Mouse that is.

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Mickey Mouse and his familiar shape is something that is iconic and recognized worldwide. You definitely know when something is Mickey-shaped. We all have our favorite Mickey shaped-treats and even Mickey-shaped merchandise. When it comes to Disney fans, the more Mickey-shaped the better. This is why this dog is making headlines with his Mickey-shaped ears.

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Credit: Disney

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This 7-year-old pup named Goma has definitely got the Mickey Mouse look. This pup might just be cuter than the Disney icon himself! Just too cute to handle! Although the pup is not officially a Disney dog, judging by cuteness she could definitely top the ranks! 

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Goma is a Maltese Papillon mix that is from Japan and already has quite an impressive following on Instagram. She graces over 100 thousand followers’ feeds! And you can even follow her as well on Instagram at @marupgoma_c. Take a look at her here, in this super cute Disney’s Aristocat bed, perfect for any Disney pet, especially this Mickey Mouse dog. 

The Mickey Mouse dog, Goma, even has some festive outfits worthy of a Disney day!

What do you think of this Mickey Mouse dog? Do you think she is the cutest Disney dog? Let us know in the comments!

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