Comments for Magic Kingdom Opens Without Fan-Favorite Rides

Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. Jim

    How is this news? Rides go down all the time? Move on to the next one and circle back.

    1. Paul

      ITM is having a seriously slow news day. You can tell when they’ve got a headline, “Fantasmic! Still Unavailable at Disney World”.

  2. Barbara Ervin

    My favorite Magic Kingdom ride is hands down Splash Mountain as it currently stands. If they go through with the ‘renewal’ it will no longer be my favorite ride. Leave Splash Mountain as it is!!! If ‘certain’ people are offended by it so wat? No one is forcing them to ride it!

  3. Barbara Ervin

    Splash Mountain is currently my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom but if Disney ‘remodels’ it that will no longer be the case. Leave my Zippity Do Dah alone!!!

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