Lilo Disneybound with Stitch Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Don’t forget to feed Pudge the Fish! He controls the weather. Now grab your Lilo Disneybound and head to the Disney Parks for a sunny, fun day!

Disneybounding is a favorite activity of many Disney Park fans. When this charming cosplay Stitch hula bag was released from Loungefly, we knew it would make the best accessory for a Lilo Disneybound. Here’s how we put this Disney-inspired outfit together.

Lilo Disneybound with Stitch Loungefly Mini Backpack

The first element of a proper Disneybound is to present the main color palette of your character. Lilo is most often featured in her red dress with large white palm leaves. Hot Topic actually printed this dress for adults last year, and we’re hoping it will make a comeback. You can always create your own with Spoonflower fabric or find a red dress and paint white leaves onto it.

lilo disneybound dress
Credit: Hot Topic

Once your main base is established, it’s all about finding accessories to bring accent your character. For instance, Snow White might have an apple, cottage bag or dwarf pins. For Lilo, we’re going with the newly released Stitch Hula Mini Backpack from Loungefly. The 3D elements like ears, leaf crown, claw, and applique skirt are perfect for a cosplay day at the Disney Parks.

lilo disneybound stitch hula loungefly
Credit: Loungefly

The inside of the bag is equally charming with light-colored lining patched with stitch figures in hibiscus flowers. You’ll have no problem finding your peanut butter and jelly sandwich hidden inside.¬† Pick this gem up on the Loungefly site for $80.00.

stitch hula loungefly
Credit: Loungefly

What is a day at the Parks without Minnie Mouse ears? This handmade Hawaiian ear set is from Etsy, offering Polynesian style with inspiration from both Disney’s Moana and Lilo and Stitch. The bow-less ears are light on your head but add a big pop of style and imitate Lilo’s flower crown from hula class.

moana polynesian ears
Credit: Etsy

A tiny enameled Scrump pin (purchase from Etsy or pin trade for your favorite) added to your shoulder brings a touch of whimsy to your look and folds in another element of Lilo’s adventure. It’s inexpensive and so adorable with her bug-egg head.

scrump pin
Credit: Etsy

Ready to try this look for yourself? Go on a short Hawaiian shopping spree and then call the professional Hula experts at Academy Travel. They will teach you the dance moves to get you to your favorites destination, whether that be Walt Disney World or the more tropical Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa. Call Academy Travel at 609-978-0740.

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What other elements would you add to your Lilo Disneybound? Leave us a comment below!

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