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stretching room elevator haunted mansion

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  1. Kosmas Kontos

    MAJOR SPOILER!!! please do not read if you haven’t experienced the ride…..Definitely not an elevator at WDW. Went on it once and the door that the cast member was supposed to shut was left open enough for me to see outside. I informed her about the door and she didn’t care. So I said screw it I want to look for myself and see if it’s an elevator. Turns out it’s not. No movement what so ever. Definitely ruined my experience and damaged my childhood.

    1. shawn

      Here’s another spoiler for you: all that macaroni and cheese you ate as a child wasn’t made with real cheese. Kinda makes you question your own reality, doesn’t it? BTW, if you end up chasing a bird off a cliff and find yourself hanging in mid-air, DON’T LOOK DOWN!!!

    2. I disclosed that this is a backstage look – some just love to know what care and appreciation the Imagineers put into the attraction. And yes, you are correct; WDW is not an elevator. I went over the differences in the article. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment! ChEARS!

  2. Donna

    Super article. Love the Haunted Mansion and it was awesome to hear how the guests are tricked and treated.

    1. Cj Brown

      Disneyland – you will feel the elevator going down (the ceiling going up just ads to it), 💜 our corridor of portraits walking to the loading area.

      Magic Kingdom – you get a Library and better themed area for loading onto a Doombuggy (Team Disney Anaheim still leaves a black wall + cobweb with large faux spider)

      1. I agree that the loading area is much more developed at WDW! I would love to see them bring more decor to DLR!

    2. Tricked and Treated! I love that so much!

  3. John Kerrison

    Not an elevator that uses chains from above- a lift that uses a screw from below that pushes up and lowers down. Found mostly in 🇬🇧 uk😎

    1. Leeann Jacket

      They have added some more special effects, so maybe it will be like that. We will see on April 30th.

  4. John Kerrison

    The stretching room is not an elevator that uses chains from above = same weight limit up or down. It is a lift that uses a screw from below to push up and lower down = weight restrictions going up.😎

  5. DianeMRL

    Yes! I knew about the elevator in DL. I have been on both attractions and Love them. Also,DL does a special switch-up with Nightmare before Christmas during Halloween. Just a reason for people to visit both parks to see all the differences!

    1. Leeann Jacket

      The only bad thing about the overhaul; is the 3 Months of downtime before & after. It’s only open half a year. Lol! 😂

  6. KenR

    The Haunted Mansion has always been a favorite and obviously remains very popular after 50 years. It makes me wonder why Disney doesn’t use some of that same type of technology used on this ride and also Pirates when they build new rides. It would cost less, take much less time and also less money. The rides they build now are awesome and filled with technology, but they take 5 years to build and cost into the hundreds of millions. And I’m still not sure they are better than the Haunted Mansion.

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