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Pluto on Disney Cruise Line

Credit: Disney via Disney Cruise Line Instagram


  1. Paul

    DeSantis probably should have looked at about 100 years of Supreme Court rulings that have affirmed the federal government’s rights and responsibilities in managing public health when interstate or international. He’s gonna lose this.

    But that’s not the point of him doing it, right? It’s about 15 minutes of showboating (pun intended) fame for his next election.

  2. Mark Kaplan

    I just came here to see how many left winged mob are hating on the Governor after he is a few legit politicians that stands between the uneducated & ignorant masses, and country run by a communistic & Marxist iron fist. It amazing how much hate there is to one or few men who has lived up to their oath of office to defend the US Constitution.

  3. steve Palmieri

    its too bad that we have to wait so long to get back to limited cruising
    Disney has a good track record of protecting there cast members and guests. So yes we think Ron is wrong. The ports rely on the cruising industry and there are thousands of people out of work that need to get back to work.
    Mark you should think of all those family’s that need this all to come back.

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