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  1. Concerned Dis Fan

    It is MY BODY and MY CHOICE so if Disney were to force people to get vaccinated or PREVENT vaccinated people it’s just as bad. They should do the same with masks because if a ride is outside I shouldn’t have to wear the oppressive muzzle all the time. There are doctors that say masks are useless so why does Disney force me to wear one? Florida governer is fighting for our freedoms on this one

    1. marcus

      Wow, you sound like you are under a LOT of duress. When was the last time that Disney forced your family to visit WDW against their free will? Personally I would love the chance at that because the only time I can ever get in is when I spend thousands for airfare, hotel and entry tickets. Please tell me how to get Disney to let me in for free!

      1. Tessa

        You gotta work there. But the price of airfare and hotel is nothing compared to the weight of being punched, yelled at spit at, sexually harassed by guests and fellow cast. I would say my body my choice but I need health insurance and a company I work for gives it to me so I work

    2. Jason

      It is your body your choice. And it’s Disney’s privately owned company you pay to enter- their choice on what policy they require.. and believe me.. they will require vaccines

  2. Jerry

    If you want the vaccine, get it! Congrats! You are protected now! The drug companies say the vaccine is 95% effective. You are protected! So why are you so obsessed with the choices everyone else makes? Why does a vaccinated person fear a unvaccinated person?

    The vaccine doesn’t change anything either. We still have to wear the stupid masks. We still have to socially distance. So what incentive is there to run out and get a vaccine that was rushed through development and no one knows what the long term side effects are going to be?

  3. Jason

    You realize that in America we have had vaccination records for decades. DeSantis can not ban private companies from creating their own company policy. Remember he would not issue a mask mandate but disney still requires it if employees and guests. It’s all rhetoric- Desantis is getting paid to be the voice of anti passport, disney is paying 50,000+ employees to get the vaccine on site: please retiree your article: It’s official Inside the magic sold out

  4. Jeter’s mom

    Hey guys! DeSantis just banned me from Florida.. oh he can’t do that.
    Your favorite cast member who was fired for violating company policy dozens of time- jete jete signing out (like and sub so I can make money from you Idiots?)

  5. Gina

    Business should not be allowed to turn away an unvaccinated person. Unvaccinated does not imply infection at all!! Airlines don’t ask to see your measles vaccination proof, your polio vaccine, etc. Covid is less of a threat; there is proof of natural herd immunity already as thousands of people are testing positive but do not get sick! That’s what immunity is people! I know people who beat Covid despite health issues and some that didn’t even get sick!! My daughter was exposed by a boyfriend and she still tested negative anyway. Give me a break, this has become over blown and is about making money forever off taxpayers with “free” vaccines, boosters, new vaccines for variants, etc. etc. It’s insanity.

    And business, like people, do not to get to do just whatever they want. That’s why laws are created. I like this governor, wish he was in my state…and I’m a freakin Democrat. Have been for decades. But not for long if they continue their fascist ways….

  6. LL

    Is the governor going to allow cruise ships to operate from his state now that they require vaccine passports??????????

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