Comments for ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Finale Is MCU’s First “Rotten” Episode

sam and bucky falcon and winter soldier finale

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Tim Gildersleeve

    this site and it’s authors are so pathetic, lol

  2. Barry

    I rather enjoyed the series. Sure, it wasn’t as creative and unpredictable as Wandavision, but what else could be? It was a pretty good limited series and a nice bridge piece to Captain America 4.

  3. KenG

    I liked both of the series but definitely WandaVsion more.
    The simple reason was WV was fun without any “social causes” thrown into it. Whereas Falcon kept throwing that into your face.

    I think a lot of viewers just want a fun series to watch that takes them out of reality all this pounding of this social issues that so many shows and series seem to have a need to do.

    Marvel is not reality, and I don’t want todays messed up issues in it!
    Just my opinion.

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