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  1. Matthew Brewster

    It is outrageous that one will have to pay over $100 to visit DL for a single day!

    1. Don duck

      Umm … that’s been the price for awhile now

      1. Gabriela sawyer

        The price doesn’t make sense to me because like who would want to go to Disneyland during a pandemic??? And they can only have 15% in so they have to like raise the prices a bit because not everyone can get it and it’s expensive to run the park. Also I feel like it’s fair because if you really going to go to Disneyland during Covid-19 you should be paying more for the luxury. Disneyland is not a place that you need to go nor that you should go during this time it is very much a luxury expense. So because it’s a luxury expense I don’t think the prices are out of hand. The people want to make their kids happy they can go to the beach where it’s free or hiking or do something healthy with their kids life and away from a lot of people. I feel like too many people think Disneyland is a must when really it’s not a must it’s just a place that makes money off of people going.

    2. Jenny Canizales

      I agree price is just outrageous. It is a luxury only the rich can pay. It is very sad to see this company taking advantage of people to make the little ones happy. There is other ways to have fun and a good time with family.
      It is very sad and a shame to do this to many families who would otherwise enjoy a visit to the Park.

  2. KevinY

    Wait is really letting people book up to June 28th already? That’s what it showed when I clicked the link in the article! So I was under the assumption it meant “60 days from now” but I guess it’s actually the first 60 days the park is open!?

  3. Sarah

    It says only California residents can buy tickets??!? 😭😭

    1. Brianna Shok

      Do we know if they will allow re-entry into a park if say we leave to dine at downtown disney, etc?

  4. Kay

    Ridiculous prices. People have been out of work. Lost their homes cars. And you want to charge that much for somebody to make the kids happy. Sorry Disneyland is not worth it

  5. Heather T

    Isn’t it still only open to California only residents?

  6. David L.

    It’s all about the money. Pent-up demand allows Disney to have astronomical prices for those who can afford it. The Walt Disney Company knew this would happen so they’re having a slow roll opening to take advantage of the demand. In other words, people are willing to pay crazy prices, so the Disney Company’s strategy is to take advantage of the fans’ hunger for this entertainment until the demand dies down a bit. Then as larger admission percentages are permitted in the parks, bring the admission prices down a bit to include those who could not afford or who were unwilling to pay the sky-high prices to slightly out of reach prices. That’s their apparent pricing scheme to makeup for their loss of revenues. So, be patient and save your money until the frenzy dies down for some admission price adjustments in a few months.

    1. Chris D.

      The tickets were $109 a person in 2017 when we visited CA. They have not increased much in 4 years! Still pretty outrageous, but didn’t raise them bc of the Pandemic.

  7. Leeann Jacket

    I have tickets. I wonder when I can reserve my days for July/August. I’m not a Californian resident. I’m just wondering if I can reserve for July/August, in the hopes that all will be welcome by then.

  8. Leeann Jacket

    Why is everyone upset about the prices? If you scroll down to the multi-day tickets; it’s cheaper, (as always.) $235.00 for 2 days is only $117.50 per day.

    1. Thomas

      yes multi day tickets make more sense !

  9. Pocho Villa

    I’m a California resident but I’m not going until the indoor rides, parades, fireworks, shows and longer opening times are back. Not worth going if most of these things are closed. I’ll go and maybe pay the higher ticket price once everything is back to normal and open. I wish they would hurry up with an announcement on their season pass. For California residents who go quite often it’s a great deal believe me.

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