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balloons at disneyland resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    I think this is very poor reporting, you say Disney has raised the prices; however, the rentals are run by an outside company called Scooterbug and they are the ones that actually set the prices.

    To my knowledge, The only local park or zoo that doesn’t use them to run thier rental program is Universal Studios Hollywood and the prices have been raised at all other locations. SeaWorld San Diego is the worst offender at almost $100 per day with no deposit refund.

    For Disney, if you need an ECV at Disneyland, I can highly recommend Select Mobility Scooters. They are located at the Best Western directly across from Disneyland and at about $49 for a single day, they are cheaper, the scooter lasts all day and is far more comfortable than the ones in the theme park. They will also deliver to all local hotels and the scooters can fit in the back of most vehicles as well as in the transit options.

  2. Norma

    Just Order online 4 blue disneyland 2021 shirt and the quality is super cheap and rough…..I’m so disappointed 😞. I.paid around 100$……

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