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  1. Christine Warren

    Why would you use a photo of a calm Asian couple for a story about consequences for unruly visitors? There is too much negativity focused on Asians which is causing an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes. Why are you casting Asians in a negative light?

    1. Rich

      No justice no peace…..nonsense

    2. rroe

      Why would you use a white couples photo for this story? Are you now casting white folks with hate crimes. See, this works both ways……please think before you react.

      1. Mark Kaplan

        Ahh yes. I haven’t heard that “always them white fokes” narrative from Disney since their sitcom “K.C. Undercover” and show sucks too. This is not the Disney I grew up with.

        1. I think because there is no Disney family influence or interest in the company. Plus the current people in charge are not the best leaders. Its all about the money.

      2. Sean Mcguire

        As long as they make accomodations for autistics and the mentally disabled as required by the ADA.

    3. Kathy

      If the photos are actors in an add, what’s the problem? What race would you rather see on their??? You say there is too much negativity focused on Asians at this time….try being black or African American.

      Your statement was so tone deaf.

      1. Vader

        I’m all for it! There have been too many instances of rude people berating cast members and antagonizing people overall pre pandemic There’s too many Karens out there who are just bitter and miserable! They refuse to follow the mask and screening rules because they think they’re some sort of special! They’re just miserable people and misery sure does love company. Best remove ‘em!

    4. Tiger Smith

      Seriously, Karen? There’s a picture of a disabled person in a wheelchair, a Hispanic Cast Member, and a white couple getting their temperature taken, and you’re triggered because Disney included a picture of an Asian couple having a good time? Get over yourself.

  2. Matt

    What Disney is doing is not right about masks. Newsom guidelines pg 7 April 2021 require face covering exemptions for guests in accordance with cdph guidelines.

  3. Cheri

    Temperature checks- What areas of the body other than the forehead?

  4. Maria

    If they do ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

  5. Stephanie Pena

    Disney is overly harassing to visitors!!! Save your money or go to Universal!

    1. Fives

      Universal parks have the same rules, idiot. All of the major theme parks want to keep their guests and employees safe.

  6. Shawn

    They are called rules. Follow them or find something else to do. No one if forcing you to go.

  7. Kenr

    Healthy people, no fever, outside in an amusement park by desire, not necessity, vaccines widely available, 99% survival rate, but still wear your mask of submission to make fraidy cats feel safer. Just dumb at this point.

  8. Paul

    Enough with the damn masks. $150 a ticket to bake in the sun and be treated like a leper, no thanks.

    1. Bryan

      Yea better to go to a Waterpark or the beach

    2. ChasUGC

      Over a year into this pandemic and idiots are still berating maaks. Yes, if you are walking through disneyland, as crowded as it normally is, and you have idiots without masks coughing in others path, and starting a chain reaction, with people walking into it, yes, it is a dangerous proposition. And please, stop the idiocy. It has nothing to do with being a “”fraidy cat”. I don’t walk outside without a coat in the cold winter. It is not fear, it is wisdom. I don’t want to catch pneumonia. Now, there is Covid-19, which is worse. So, if you like getting sick and possibly dying, have at it, Mr. Brave. Me? I’ll stay safe and wise through this pandemic. The grave contains a lot of so called “brave” people. I’m not afraid to go outside in a crowded area. I’m just smart to keep my distance from possibly sick people and I wear at least a N95 or KN95 mask. I’ve seen the videos of the brave Covid-19 victims, giving theier final video, before they died, saying theyvwish they had taken it serious. So, thank you Disney, for keeping us all safe during this pandemic.

  9. The REAL Paul

    Wear a mask and don’t harass the cast members. If that’s to difficult for you, do something else.

  10. Ed Dart

    I think it is funny that guest have to be reminded that it is not ok to scream, swear, or spit at the cast members. We live in a sick world.

    1. Meeshmoto

      Agreed 100%

  11. Michelle O

    These rules aren’t singling out anyone…they are for all. Masks are going to be around for awhile. If you don’t like it, stay home. As far as being able to ask a guest to leave because of their conduct and the fowl language they choose to use…AWESOME! Go home, learn some manners. Stop ruining things for others! Using the F-bomb in line with children is ridiculous and you look like a fool. AND while reading this article I never once looked at the “race” of anyone in the pictures Disney chose to use. GET OVER IT!

    1. Bryan

      Idiot at least tell people to go to the beach or waterpark. Where a mask is not required

  12. Seriously? Okay then, they better start kicking out and removing all of these little 15 year old girls dressing like street walkers at a family friendly park.

    1. Lisa

      Why don’t YOU stop sexualizing 15yo girls. What a pedo!

  13. Disenchanted

    Totally agree Michelle. Profanity is the language of the dim witted.
    I too payed zero attention to the race of the individuals in the photographs as I have my entire life until lately when it’s been shoved down my throat by the media and people who seem to be looking for any opportunity to point it out to use it to make their inflammatory comments.
    Thanks a lot Christine for contributing to that.

  14. Phoebe L Ho

    I will follow all the rules. I will be so happy to go back that I will be happy to follow all the rules they have.

  15. Bryan

    I haven’t been to a Disney Park in over a year . They wanna touch my money they have to get rid of the stupid mask mandate

    Anyways the beach and water parks have been 2X the fun to go compare to the tyrant rules Disney have so no I’m not going to Disney it’s a waste of my time and money for too many stupid rules.

    I miss Disneyland not Maskeyland

  16. Rhonda

    It’s all about everyone’s safety. I have been vaccinated but I still totally understand. That’s what’s wrong in this world today. No one wants to follow rules. It’s not that hard. No need to be difficult or mean in these times or ever. Just follow the simple rules and have a wonderful time. That’s what it’s all about.

    1. Bryan

      Do you want to settle for a less than ideal experience at Disneyland? I guess if you do fine but no fireworks, no parades, masks on all day

      Most people don’t wanna be paying a lot of money for a crappy experience. I guess if you don’t mind baking in an oven with a mask on all day whatever

  17. Meeshmoto

    The question is, did they deliberately put an Asian couple there for subliminal messaging that Asians are non-compliant people? Or, was it just a coincidence?

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