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Guests in Mask

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  1. Joy

    Thanks! I don’t think people need to wear masks. Many adults are vaccinated and children aren’t easily infected and if they were to get it they wouldn’t die.started school day after Labor Day and have had zero problems!!!

  2. Sylvia Honeyager Chandler

    Don’t need to go as long as you keep mandating masks..my choice my money which I will gladly keep!

  3. Sylvia Honeyager Chandler

    As long as Disney requires masks I will not be going to the parks! My choice my money! How many of you will say the same??

  4. Murphy

    2 years old is too young to require a mask. 3 years old requires a ticket. Why not move it up to at least 3? You can’t reason with a 2 year old.

  5. K.C. Cooper

    The reason why Disneyland was closed for so long (and why it has a stricter mask policy) can be summed up in two words: Gavin Newsom. Good thing he’s being recalled!

    I hope additional loosenings of restrictions happen at WDW, now that FL has vaccine availability and a liability protection law for all businesses.

  6. Mel

    It is very unreasonable to mandate a 2 yr old to wear a mask ALL day long let alone anyone. They are babies and should not be subjected to this. The change should be 6 yrs and up if masks are deemed necessary! Those Disney patrol people need to lighten up too…they act like it’s the end of the world or a crime is being committed if you even pull your mask down to drink your water for a few seconds. It’s claim to be the “happiest place on earth” is no longer!! Ease up on the ridiculous rules and bring back the happy!!!

  7. Diane Whitehurst Brown

    I won’t go until there is a no mask- if you’ve been vaccinated then you shouldn’t need a mask or worry about other folks.

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