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  1. A lot!!! A Disney vacation is the price of a used car. It’s getting worse over the years. Our last vacation (December 2020) was around $9k. We stayed at Caribbean Beach (5 adults, 2 rooms). No meal plan available. I think park tickets per day per person was more than one night at the resort. This time was bitter in that there were no perks in staying at the Disney resort except for access to Disney transportation. It took us 90 minutes to get our luggage and get to the point of setting foot on the bus. The wait for the bus was 45 minutes. People were sitting on the floor. Skyliner was a long hike from our preferred room. If we go again, I am going to have to pay more for a deluxe resort with better transportation. If you are thinking, no problem. I’ll go when Disney is having deals. Get ready for disappointment. They only have a sale on a limited number of rooms. Caribbean Beach was having a sale on pirate ship rooms (small bed, room costs more than the standard-not saving much, far away from the Port Royale), and they didn’t have many from the get go. I didn’t save one penny on my trip. Restrictions are very tight as well with their dates.

  2. Jenn

    I’d always recommend people price things out a few ways-as packages and also a la carte. Picking the right season is also crucial-peak seasons will double hotel prices. Military personnel also need to grab every available perk…hotels and tickets are very discounted for us. Valuable tip I learned too late was to book 499 days out to get my dream room/resort

  3. Morgan

    The cost of our upcoming trip will be close to 10k for resort, park tickets and travel expenses. Family of 4 staying at Art of Animation 7 days/6 nights using the Military Salute Park Hopper Plus tickets. These are 5 day tickets, so we aren’t planning on visiting the parks the day we arrive or leave. The resort family suite was booked using the 30% off promotion, which ended up being a better deal than military discount at the time.

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