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  1. RMD

    I went to DW Magic Kingdom on 4/19. “Reduced Capacity” in my view is a scam. The park was crazy busy and within two hours, any popular ride was over an hour with Space Mountain near 90 min. The kicker was no fast passes so you couldn’t manage the day very well. Very disappointed in the experience. Reduced capacity doesn’t mean what I thought it did. If they allow 50% of max capacity, was a normal busy day on 4/19 near 50% of max capacity anyway. I was shoulder to shoulder with people and some sections getting stuck in the large big down of crowds.

  2. We’re headed to Orlando at the end of June. With all the missing Magic, we decided to skip Disney and spend all our time at Universal & Sea World.

    1. Eric M

      That is a great call! Universal is doing an amazing job while Disney’s absolute arrogance in the belief that people will fall all over themselves to give them money no matter how bad the product gets more obvious with every passing day.

  3. Natalie

    We just got back and I would not recommend traveling to Disney right now! Very little Made our time there special and there were too many magical pieces missing for us! We won’t go back until it comes back to Disney the right way!

  4. Harvey

    We’d love to go but my daughter’s cognitively disabled and can’t reliabibly keep a mask on so we’re not welcome. Not sure if we’ll ever go back.

  5. Eric M

    I had a vacation booked back in August of last year but Disney’s customer service was so bad we cancelled and went to Universal instead. We ended up going to magic kingdom for one day when a hurricane ruined our beach day and the difference between Universal and Disney were night and day.

  6. M.G.

    I miss it terribly, but it costs too much to go back when so much of it is missing or different. I’ll be back when the experience is back to normal.

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