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  1. Meghann

    We were on the Tommorland Speedway several years ago and the engine died in the cart my daughter (6 at the time) and husband were in. Another rider hit the back of their cart going full speed. Causing my daughter to bang her head pretty hard. We let a cast member know, and pretty much felt like they blew us off. It was super disappointing as all of our other experiences at Disney World have been very positive. I just expected there to be more protocol around a reported injury.

    1. Jeff

      I’m sorry that happened. It must have been a helpless feeling along with staff not being caring. My daughter was 6 when we last went to Disney and I can’t imagine.

    2. Lizzy

      There actually is a protocol taught to all cast members in this situation. If anything ever happens like that again. You need to insist if they dont that the cm make an incident report

    3. Joe

      No bumping! People dont listen to cast member.

    4. David Aldrich

      It was only 5MPH, sorry you didn’t get RED carpet treatment you thought you deserved after that.

  2. Kim

    I went on primal whirl in 2018 and ended up going over the lap bar at the end of the ride. My friend pulled me back in and I displaced my scapula. When I informed a cast member I was completely ignored. I ended up popping it back in place myself, and going to the first aid center. They gave me Ice, Tylenol and sent me on my way.

  3. Tom

    Granny had to many margaritas before getting on the boat.

  4. Katygirl

    Was hurt a few years ago on the Navi River in Animal Kingdom, b4 I could sit down the guy made boat go and we hit boat on front of us hurt low back and right wrist. Filed accident report and I got in touch with the dept that handles injuries we did settle but it took a few years.

  5. Happy 2012

    Unlike all the other comments above I had a very positive experience with cast members. I was walking into the area near Dinosaur and tripped over my own two feet, yes totally an embarrassing situation. A cast member noticed me and came over right away called for a supervisor and got me some ice for my face since I banged it up some. They insisted that they take me to first aide in a wheelchair to be checked out. They checked me out made sure I was Okay and my husband and I got a fastpass.


    Cast members were very helpful and when my mother-in-law cut her wrist on the Haunted Mansion. When the “ghost” lowered the safety bar she was holding her cane beneath it, and the pressure cut her wrist. Cast members asked if she wanted first aid, and called paramedics. EMTs bandaged her wrist and told her this was considered a 911 call; they offered to take her to the hospital. I’m surprised to read that cast members have been so cavalier about much more serious injuries. We were impressed with their approach and felt they’d gone above and beyond.

  7. Nicole

    Yay, another article that’s pro government overreach. And every one is turning a blind eye….. 😡 grant it, they probably should look into updating their incident reports, but why would the government be in charge of that?

    1. Matt

      Yeah, how dare the government (The People) set guidelines on how to keep people safe. Grow up would you.

      1. Hugh Jaynus

        If you think the government is by and for the people, you’re in for a big surprise

      2. Katherine Wong

        LOL! Someone getting ill on KS is probably vertigo and puking. There are warnings on the rides for a REASON. It’s a theme park, you take a chance any time you get in a car, turn on your hot water faucet, walk down your stairs (if you have them), heck even walking or going to sleep. What can the government do? Tell you it’s safer if you didn’t exist? The majority of the comments I’m seeing are due to human error; by the person themselves or by operator error. To be fair, I have only read as far down as your comment and saw that one was a malfunction.

  8. Hugh Jaynus

    If you think the government is by and for the people, you’re in for a big surprise. Also, this is a terrible article. Do some research, maybe people don’t want their medical information going public. HIPPA

  9. Tom

    Injuries will occur at all attractions at any given time given the number of daily visitors. Have we gotten to the point where we have run out of things to write about??

  10. This article is just a deep state propaganda hit piece against Ron DeSantis, persuading for more government regulation in Florida.

  11. Jeff

    I’m sorry that happened. It must have been a helpless feeling along with staff not being caring. My daughter was 6 when we last went to Disney and I can’t imagine.

    1. Don’t Care

      You tell em Strider.. I will get Gandalf , you get Mary and Pippin and we can all
      go have a QAnon dance party.. a

  12. Debra

    I am 63 was in a scooter and the elevator door at Epcot going to ride the soarin ride I was getting off on bottom floor and the door closed on my foot and continued to try and close if I had on regular shoes my foot would have been real messed up but I had on berkenstocks and I twisted them off my feet a cast member who was in charge of the ride near elevator saw and never ask was I ok I brushed my foot

    1. Safe77

      Learn to use some punctuation, will you?

  13. Hmmm

    Umm why are they showing an animal kingdom ride if they’re reporting about epcot

  14. Peak

    I saw an overweight guy trip on the steps of Cinderella’s castle, and a cast member came over and shot him.

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