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  1. Donna

    The pass system is absolutely horrible for locals and local passholders. Spending a ton of money every month and cannot get in to any park.
    But its Disney… its how they treat locals and passholders. Unless you are staying on property, they really do not care. Its becoming more and more obvious.

    1. Carol Henry

      Their a business. Lost alot of money during Pandemic. They want people to pay for parking thats easy money to recoup. People with passes take up space that can be recouped by daily visitors. Their attendance is still limited. I use to be a local with annual pass. Im not happy either but I understand business. My money now goes to SeaWorld and other fun places. Time to adjust the norm.

  2. Marty

    I’ll be so glad to see that reservation system gone.

  3. Debbie

    I agree, I can’t wait until this system is gone. We have annual passes, but our daughter and family don’t, so when we go in October we can’t make reservations until they purchase passes.

  4. Linda

    This is such old news…these requirements have been in place since the parks reopened last July.

  5. Janet Flores

    Ridiculous! It forces people to buy a two day pass because if you’re from out of town, you cannot visit all parks in one day. It needs to go

  6. DRB

    I am a Florida resident Passholder, and have been for over 10 years. I have not had a problem getting days to enter any parks when I think I have a chance to visit Disney, I don’t live locally..maybe that’s why. I also stay on property, but I make my park reservations before my resort reservation. Maybe the local area to Disney passholders should take a breather, Disney is not just for the Locals, so be patient, allow those from afar to enjoy being able to visit the happiest Place on Earth too. The reservation system may be a pain, but it is working and allowing others a chance to enjoy the magic and pixie dust as well. Be thankful that we can still have be a passholder. Afterall, Disney does not have to offer passes to locals or any others. It’s a privilege, not a right. Happy Disneying.

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