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  1. Nancy

    Canada does not qualify for free shipping on ShopDisney. Canadians pay shipping and handling and then once the parcel arrives they pay the duty/customs fees.

  2. Dan

    Shipping charges to Canada on ShopDisney are ridiculous. Shipping costs more than most items and unlike other sites the the cost doesn’t go down when you buy more. I really hope they start offering free shipping to Canadians now that they are closing the stores. I have no issue shopping online just not willing to pay a premium.

  3. Jeremy

    Shopping online for Disney products isn’t nearly as much fun as going to a store and seeing them for yourself, nor is it remotely comparable from a general customer satisfaction standpoint. You can look and see if something that looks good actually does, or if that shirt you like has material that feels good.

    You have a choice when going to a store that you don’t have when shopping online: I want *this* one, not that one (of the same product; maybe an eye on a figure is faded, or something like that). This is reducing the magic in our lives, not enhancing anything. Anyone who has been to the Times Square store knows that it’ll be even more packed than it was before the pandemic.

    It’ll be a miserable time.

  4. Chris

    As another commenter mentioned, the free shipping doesn’t apply to Canada. Another gut punch is many items generally aren’t shipped internationally. So even if you’re willing to pay the insane S/H prices (That are usually the same price as the item being purchased) and also pay the duty fees on top once it’s arrived in Canada. You may not even be able to purchase the item you want.

    Another small note is that all the entire transaction is in USD, so we get hit with the exchange rate as well.

  5. Kathy Taylor

    I agree with a lot of the comments for those of us that live here in Canada. My family loves going to the Disney Stores either at Limeridge, Square One or Toronto Eaton Centre cause it’s the first store we always hit when we arrive. Why shut down all the Canadian stores when their the most popular ones here in Canada. If you lower the free shipping fee to spending $50 then maybe we might shop & also get rid of your duty/custom fees & maybe put a Canadian Disney online store for us Canadians.

  6. Amanda

    The Disney Store in Raleigh, North Carolina is closing on/before May 19 as well

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