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  1. Great job Disney. We’re ready to cruise here in Florida, but don’t know how the governor’s law about a business can’t require vaccine cards is going to affect the ports down here. Hopefully he’ll wise up and renact the law and let the business protect their employees and customers. We will see. Stay safe.

    1. Scott

      Your flaw would be what are you going to do about anyone under the age of 16? Last I heard CDC does not approve vaccines for anyone under that age.. so your saying no children will ever be allowed in any business? There are those that cannot get a vaccine anyways… and those who already had it and recovered from it — they dont need a vaccine..

      1. Traci Frost

        I look forward to the day we see the Disney corporation go out of business. What part of, people do not want big Pharmas’ toxic vaccines do they not get?! 80% of Europeans don’t want it either! But then thats because in Europe they do at least have media that reports half the truth! Disney have underestimated how many people won’t touch this unsafe vaccine with a 50Ft bargepoll! So they’re not going to try and be tempted to get it, by using bribary from Disney!
        Looks as if, all Disney want on their cruise ships (for now at least) are Drifters. And for those who don’t know what Drifters are, it’s people who are incapable of thinking for themselves. They blindly go along with government because they trust authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.

      2. I agree with the testing, but I do mot want to feel the
        pressure to take a shot. I know people that took the shot and got really sick.

    2. Jamie F

      You get a card no matter where you are vaccinated in every state. Most people here in Ohio are getting them laminated. Desantis stopped the card Biden wants to be able to travel anywhere & everywhere. It has everyone’s medical history on it with a QR code. Huge HIPAA violation. Showing your business like card for vaccination & scanning your info into a computer with anything medical are 2 different things. Desantis isn’t the only Governor to stop it.

      1. True but if a business wants to require something for safety and liability they should have the right. The government didn’t have the right to make you wear a mask. They asked. If the make it law it makes it a violation of freedom and they have to provide the supply. This is telling the business you can’t operate the safest way. Kinda counterproductive. What happens if the guest get infected and dies? Who will be held responsible at that point? State or business? Hmm

        1. Brad

          Mark – Does the state you reside in provide your clothes or is it OK to be naked wherever and whenever you wish? So much for government being “required” to give you the materials you need to meet various laws. 😉

        2. Sue

          No they should not. It is discriminatory at its best. Many people get hurt at all kinds of businesses and it is most of the time the person’s fault.

      2. Paul

        Wow, Jamie F., your confusion about a proof of vaccination is wildly incorrect.

        No, Biden has *not* proposed anything yet. He’s tasked a group to investigate. Period.

        Second, nothing being investigated or proposed includes having your medical history. At all. Just proof of vaccination based on block chain and other secure methods that keep all of your personal information secured.

        Third, there’s no violation of anything related to HIPAA if *you* consent to making it available. Since the government isn’t requiring it, there’s no violation. Businesses and private entities *can* require it; the supreme court has ruled on that consistently for about 100 years now.

        1. Sue

          You do not understand how HIPAA laws work then. If you are line to get into Disney, 1) the person taking your temperature has to be a medical professional and 2) if they turn you away everybody in the line knows why and that is a violation of your rights to privacy under HIPAA. The vaccine card is the exact same thing – a hug violation of my rights to privacy. The Supreme Court has NEVER ruled on anything health related for businesses expect for how businesses treat handicapped people. Disney is the biggest violated of ADA laws.

  2. SG

    So no ports of call? They’re fully vaccinated! What’s the point of cruising to…That reminds me of the poor souls stuck for weeks on a cruise ship when COVID first broke out.

  3. SCOTT

    I dont get the antigen test in the port prior to departure. And if you have a positive test you wont be allowed to sail.. If I’m remembering correctly you will have antigens in your blood for many months AFTER you have had and recovered from Covid .. and doesn’t the presence of the antigens give you some sort of immunity? Would you not also have antigens in your blood from getting vaccinated? As the vaccines are supposed to kick in your immune system to fight the virus.. or am I missing something.

    1. Scott, I’ve been working with the Disney and the CDC “guidance” since the beginning. Disney has managed to keep guests safe for quite awhile now. As for under 16, they state just a test beforehand prior to the port. The antigen is a test for seeing if you had covid and didn’t have symptoms to know it. You will have antibodies. But not to the extent of a vaccine. Actually, if were covid positive and recovered your more at risk of re-infection for at least 60 days. The main thing is you don’t feel the need to follow their rules or you don’t feel safe don’t go on a cruise. Disney doesn’t need the money, but they want to give guest a safe environment to get a little piece of normal.

      1. Eric

        This is a bit disingenuous. The office that was monitoring Covid infections at Disney World (and Disneyland) was furloughed and as of today, has not been brought back. So there actually isn’t any data on infections for guests of CMs.

        The reality is that despite what anyone thinks about the restrictions WDW has put in place, there is no mechanism for ANY Covid infections to be reported on Disney property, preventing any negative media coverage of their opening. In essence, WDC has gamed the system to guarantee that there are no Covid outbreaks at WDW since they reopened, again regardless of what you think of the efficacy of the restrictions.

        And Disney does need the money. Don’t be fooled by this Disney do-gooder bs. That’s why they’ve been charging full price for a half ass product for 10 months now.

        Lastly, the “science” presented in this post is pure CDC propaganda that doesn’t have any real basis in actual science.

        Hard truth – if you believe what the CDC has said about the virus and the shots, then there is NO way that the cruise industry can actually function again because all you will ever need for a cruise to be stuck in quarantine while cruising is one positive Covid test on board (a test, by the way, that is actually only 60% accurate because it threshold for positive is so low.)

  4. Manny

    Jamie F. – if could please stop spreading misinformation. Private insurance companies keep a data base of all your medical history and they all tied to your ID number based on the company you currently have. So please stop spreading conspiracies about big government.

    Maybe you can find another “gig” other than trolling blogs for “right wing” organization that pay you by the word to write misinformation.

    A secured database holding your medical information is not a violation of HIPPA.

    I will bet I could easily go to your doctors office and have an easier time of securing your records through social engineering.

  5. WTF


  6. Please note that this is illegal. You cannot mandate a “emergency use authorization” medical treatment. Why? None of these shots are not FDA approved. They are experimental and no experimental medicine can be mandated. It is against the Nuremberg Code.

  7. Amy

    I.e. the UK “staycation “. No way would I pay the big cruise $$$ to sail around the ocean in circles with no ports of call. And with all the physical distancing protocols, what kind of cruising fun could you expect to have while aboard ship?

  8. Keith

    Whether or not a person wants the Covid “shot” or not is up to them. If these “shots” are ‘vaccines”, then they provide immunity. If immune, then why get the test (multiple times)? Having to provide proof is an invasion of privacy. Remember HIPPA Laws?? Gov. DeSantis has done the right thing and is also pushing to get the cruise lines open again.

  9. Sue

    All of this BS over a virus that has a 97% recovery rate not to mention all the lies that are being told. If you take a vaccine, you test positive! That is how they know you have taken the vaccine. How stupid you all are. Secondly, asymptomatic people do not spread viruses unless they have symptoms! I know, both my husband and son have TB, both work in the school system, and NOT ONE person in 20 years ever got TB from them. If you had the virus you do not need the vaccine (just like chicken pox, measles, polio), but is is highly possible that you can get the virus from the vaccine (in fact polio is on the rise due to vaccination). The covid vaccine is experimental, is only for emergency use and not approved by the FDA, and completely unnecessary when there is a 97% recovery rate. The news only reports positive cases – they neglect to mention how people tested and how many were negative – that number is three times higher than the positive number. Also there are proven therapies for covid19. The entire thing is an exercise for the elite to see how many people will comply and you all are just falling for it.

    And, more importantly remember this! It was Bob Iger who said he saw a future where everyone would be wearing masks and he said that 2 weeks BEFORE anyone – including the CDC and the WHO said it was recommended. It proves Bob Iger and Disney are apart of the problem.

    1. Amanda P

      Bob Iger is as far left as they get. He is part of the problem. He knew the PLANdemic was coming and that is why he (along with 13 other CEOs) retired before they took a major loss. He was most likely at Event 201 in New York in 2019 right before C19 was released.

  10. KenR

    No thank you DCL. I’m vaccinated and even still these rules and procedures sound like a big bummer. I wonder if you have to wear a mask everywhere outside of your room? Probably given that they expect people to NOT follow the science and wear them outdoors on there park property. Nothing makes more sense then healthy vaccinated people wearing masks outside so I’m sure that’s a rule too absurd the ships.

    1. KenR

      Just confirmed it. Vaccinated guest who tested negative for Covid have to wear mask outside on their ships in the middle of the ocean. Ya, that makes sense and sounds so fun.

  11. Thomas

    Lots of strong opinions here. But I think Disney is doing the right thing. it will be interesting when cruises are allowed to sail from the U.S. Again. A friend of mine did a cruise to nowhere from Asia recently. I have pre Covid done two cruises to nowhere from U.S. ports. Fun for a few days. But I love sea days..

  12. Wanda

    Taking our rights away again. Some can’t and or don’t want the shot. Guess alot of people want be cruising or flying anymore. I’m not getting the shot.

  13. website8876

    Funny how the site isnt mentioning that everyone over the age of 10 (including vaccinated people) needs to wear masks *everywhere* outside of their guestroom, with the only exceptions being when you are actively eating (not just sitting at a table), and swimming (and only swimming, poolside still requires a mask). Want to sit on the deck 10 front with the closest person 500 feet away? wear a mask! watch a movie on the funnel vision with no one around (literally)? wear a mask! Why? because Disney science! based on complete fantasy!

  14. Amanda

    Medical professional here. I look at data all of the time. I work at a hospital in Texas. Virus has a 99.8% recovery rate. The majority of the deaths listed by the CDC had comorbidities. The number of deaths from the jab is about on par with the number of deaths of people who died FROM C19 and it is growing. The number of deaths that are not listed as “with C19” are about 6000. The hospital is encouraging us to get it, but they cannot mandate it. It is illegal. If anybody is threatened and seeks an attorney, they WILL win. The jab is experimental. Furthermore, there is litigation on the table to have the labeling changed as it is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy. Too many people are living in fear over a virus with such a small death rate. For the record, the US did not have a n increase in death toll in 2020, nor in 2021. It was on par with 2017 – 2019. What we did see is an increase in deaths from abortion, suicide, heart failure and overdose. Educate yourself on facts. The main stream media is nothing more than a fear pumping propaganda machine.

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