Would Vaccinated Cast Members Make Guests More Comfortable?

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If you look at any news cycle, it seems that the COVID-19 vaccine is almost always being discussed, as America is rapidly trying to get doses out to all of its citizens as fast as possible. And if you are a Cast Member, you not only have President Biden pushing for you to be vaccinated but also, Mickey Mouse!

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Any adult Florida resident can currently get a vaccination, but if you are a Cast Member, you have a few more choices. There is currently Disney-fied truck giving out vaccines to Cast Members who want them, which means that Cast Members don’t even need to go to a CVS to get the shot, but can do it on Walt Disney World Resort property. And they can get paid by the company to do so. That being said, vaccines are not required, just encouraged.

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Many Disney World vacationers have postponed their trips due to the ongoing pandemic, but now, as tourism in Orlando is beginning to rise, we wanted to know if having Cast Members vaccinated mattered to you as a Guest visiting and if it would make you more comfortable.

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After taking a look at the many responses we received from our audience, it seems that the vote was basically split. Let’s take a look at a couple of responses from each side as some readers gave explanations to their answers!

ITM follower Thomas (@thomaseverafter) shared that he did not care if a Cast Member was vaccinated, which was something many others noted as well:

No, it should be up to the individual to get the vaccine […]

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As we mentioned earlier, Cast Members are not required to get the vaccine, which means anyone who gets it is doing so because of their own personal choice.

Thomas was only one of many ITM fans to voice this opinion, expressing that they did not care if a Cast Member received the vaccine. Many also elaborated the same sentiment as Thomas saying individuals should decide on their own what is best for their bodies.

Now, let’s look at why some Guests do want Cast Members vaccinated and would feel safer at the theme parks.

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Anastasia (@anastasiak02) shared a great response saying she wants Cast Members vaccinated not for her own benefit, but theirs!

“Yes! Definitely, I want them to feel safe at work!”

Tara (@sweetinsahmnity) agreed that she would like Cast Members vaccinated, but didn’t stop there.

“I would feel comfortable if all Guests were vaccinated and required to have negative tests”

It seems Tara would like everyone in the theme park to be vaccinated and as safe as possible. The idea of having both Cast Members and Guests vaccinated was a pretty popular opinion, and no one said that there should be one without the other when they elaborated.

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Some readers also mentioned that they are fine either way, and it wouldn’t stop them from visiting.

That being said, considering no one said that solely Cast Members had to be vaccinated for them to feel more comfortable visiting, it seems that it is not a huge determining factor for Guests. The majority of Guests just want both them and the Cast Members to remain safe, which I am sure many of us can agree with!

What do you think? Would Cast Members being vaccinated make you feel more comfortable in the park?

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